Transforming The Open-Source Market With 'Jenkins Integration For Jira' : Marvelution
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Transforming The Open-Source Market With ‘Jenkins Integration For Jira’ : Marvelution

Transforming The Open-Source Market With ‘Jenkins Integration For Jira’ : Marvelution

TThere is no one-size-fits-all approach to being an entrepreneur. You may be a 20-year-old college student in the United Kingdom working on a large ride-sharing software for emerging regions with your friends. You may be a third-generation CEO in the United States, working to turn your family firm into a leading technology provider to the worldwide software industry. Perhaps you’re a Peruvian wheat farmer who learns there’s a global market for your products and turns your family business into a global nutrition firm.


These are just a few heartwarming tales. Even though each entrepreneur’s path is unique, the most successful entrepreneurs have one trait: they are not sidetracked by short-term constraints. Instead, they commit to a long-term strategic goal and then carry it out.


Every business is looking for ways to improve workflow efficiency by implementing an adaptable system. The workflow process has been improved thanks to automation and tech-enabled frameworks. However, we spend more time than we save due to the competitive pricing and rigorous effort required to establish a pattern. However, not all optimizations are costly or time-consuming. The possibility of integrating tools in use is one of the numerous rapid and flexible ways for optimization. Atlassian’s proprietary issue tracking platform, JIRA, is one of these tools. Despite this, it is frequently utilized and preferred by businesses of all sizes. While people are finding good value on the site, there is room for improvement.


Here’s where integrations come into play. JIRA is utilized in various integrations, each with its purpose. Jenkins and Jira integration tool is one of them, and it’s recognized for detecting build completions and job configuration changes. Even this scope, it turns out, may be re-defined! One zealous technocrat was responsible for making it happen. Mark Rekveld, a senior software engineer, designer, and solutions architect with solid experience in Open Source Technology, is the person we’re talking about. Mark delivers Jenkins Integration for Jira with customized add-ons as a fully integrated first-class solution through his bootstrapped company, Marvelution.


It All Started As A Hobby


Mark started Marvelution as just a mere hobby. From what began just like a hobby in 2007, Mark has now made it to the Top 10 companies to watch in 2022. The focus of the pursuit was to increase knowledge of open source projects and improve Mark’s overall development skillset.


Marvelution has seen a lot of projects since then, but the Jira Hudson Integration Project and Jenkins integration for Jira is their signature. Marvelution is budding as a firm with a customized Jenkins and Jira integration tool that ensures better efficiency where it’s implemented. The project has been reworked four times to remove the different scaling issues. This project is currently helping its customers in data center and cloud deployments on every scale. The success of the Jira Hudson Project opened gates to numerous opportunities, which made Marvelution a company in 2015.



The Trends


Two significant trends have boosted Marvelution in the current times. The first one would be the shift to the Cloud. There is a drastic shift of customers moving into the Cloud. A significant facilitator would be the products of Marvelution are apps for Atlassian Jira. Atlassian has decided to discontinue its Server offerings, focusing only on Cloud and Data centers.


Another trend could be the “less forgiving” trait of the users compared to the earlier times. The users expect products to function out-of-the-box even in the most specific edge-case scenarios without verifying their use case is even supported. There are still users that will go above and beyond to help Mark get the most out of the products, even to the extent of co-designing a new feature. Still, most users nowadays don’t want to put the effort in to get the most out of the products. The customers label failures as bugs even when they have misunderstood or misconfigured the solution. And a side-effect of this is that it is becoming harder to find the actual bugs from the reported ‘bugs.’


Cloud Computing At Its Core


Customer preferences in technology have shifted as a result of the industrial shifts. The solution must be fully functional right out of the box, even for a specific purpose. People collaborated with tech enablers to find a solution that worked best in their framework. But it’s now entirely backward. “Only a small percentage of clients will be eager to cooperate with you after trying your product, but they may not use it,” Mark maintains. Customers nowadays are less forgiving than they were ten years ago.


Cloud services, on the other hand, are in high demand. To stay in the game, there must be constant improvements. As a technocrat, Mark is aware of changing situations, which is why his Jenkins Integration for Jira cloud software is updated regularly. The app’s scalability has sparked interest, and it’s expected to set new standards by the end of the year.


Marvelution¬†isn’t driven by traditional R&D or analytics. It maintains an end-to-end connection with clients and strives to collaborate with them to improve the app’s features. Customers occasionally add more oversized items to their wishlists, such as support for automation rules, which will require a trial-and-error method as well as a public beta phase before becoming famous. Thanks to end-to-end transactions supported by real-time assistance, it can expand its global reach. Marvelution has done over 3000 installations for customers in over 100 countries. Many of its pioneer brands are still associated with it even after a decade.


In order to develop or update their IT infrastructure, businesses using cloud-first strategies would look for cloud-based solutions. On the other hand, the cloud-only method demands businesses to integrate cloud computing into their systems and services. Marvelution’s distinctive element is the value and prominence of the Cloud. Because of the shorter release cycle, it prefers to offer new app features through cloud-first but subsequently follows up with a version that clients may utilize on their server and data center installations.


Technology Advancement


Mark also thinks that technology has taken giant leaps because of the collaborative tools. You can work from anywhere anytime, which has opened gates for several opportunities. You don’t need to look for a job locally, which applies to companies. This gives an advantage to both sides of the employment contract. This technological advancement allowed Mark to hone his skills and work in a US-based firm. Now he knows if Marvelution is ever to expand his workforce, the contacts are ready already. Mark built a network through these collaborative tools and promoted this shift. Technological advancement has removed all the borders and created the next big thing.


COVID – 19 And Marvelution


Mark does cooperate with people on various projects and responsibilities, even though Marvelution has a fully-functional team of experts who always serves the customers of Marvelution. While Mark’s job is entirely remote, engaging with others has allowed him to build a network of individuals with specialized testing or design abilities. Marvelution is constantly looking for like-minded individuals or businesses with which to partner. Everyone in the focus group understands the task at hand and completes it. “To put it simply,” Mark says, “it just works.”


Mark benefited much from working alone on a remote framework during COVID-19. It didn’t matter to him whether he had to put in extra effort since it was all about getting the job done. Time is indeed money. And since he was technically able, it was simple for him to connect with those who could help him. To summarise, in a world where every firm was fighting to stay afloat and protect its assets, Marvelution maneuvered deliberately through the chaos.


Marvelution was fortunately lucky in the phase of COVID 19. When a lot of companies were affected and hit by the effect of the pandemic, Marvelution kept functioning like usual. Marvelution, a one-person startup without a fixed office, has certainly played well in this scenario. While other companies couldn’t support a remote working staff, Marvelution does not need to bother about this.


Marvelution XaaS In The Marketplace


The alteration in the cloud platform of Marvelution is bringing a unique take on two apps Jira and Jenkins can be integrated. Each different way to combine the two applications has its pros and cons. In 2007 when the Cloud was not a big thing, Mark still developed one way to integrate Jira and Jenkins, and when Cloud became a big thing, he adopted this also to support Cloud deployments of Jira.


Mark is not bothered by the other competitors. He believes in running his own game. All the roadmap is built either out of features that are of value or that customers have requested.


Customer Strategy


Marvelution believes in a simple customer strategy, open, honest, and transparent. Also, the size of the customer should not be taken into account while responding. The size should never matter when a customer is reaching out for support. All the customers deserve the same treatment, and the issues should be looked into according to the priority. A usage blocking issue of a small customer will take precedence over a minor feature request of a significant customer.


Words Of Wisdom By The Celebrated Founder


With this, Mark has a message for everyone out there, he says,

“Be open, honest, and listen to others, and don’t be scared to fail.” People are more understanding and forgiving if you are upfront and honest, and they will forgive you if you make mistakes. Failure is only a metric for measuring success; nevertheless, keeping failures hidden from others will have a detrimental influence on how you judge success.”


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