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Nutritional Products International

Nutritional Products International

Conceived by Mitch Gould, who is an internationally recognized marketing guru.  He has represented brands from some of the most sought after icons in the sports and entertainment worlds.  To include Hulk Hogan, Ronnie Coleman, Steven Seagal, Chuck Liddell, Wayne Gretzsky, Roberto Clemente, Jr. and Joe Theisman.


Gould used his entrepreneurship and retail knowledge to conceive Nutritional Products International, Inc. in 2007.  The vision was clear – to provide cost effective knowledge to small and medium-sized brands, both domestic and international. Given his knowledge, he understood why so many businesses struggled, even those with excellent domestic and international brands.


“I watch the latest retail and economic trends, which benefit our clients as they plan to enter the US market or expand sales here,” says Mitch Gould, Founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International.



The Founder’s Background and His Vision


The main characteristic that sets NPI apart from competing businesses is knowledge. Gould gained knowledge of the retail sector as a third-generation retail expert with more than 35 years of experience. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a marketing & sales agent for well-known companies, including Igloo, Rubbermaid, Sunbeam, Remington, Chapin, Paramount, Miracle-Gro, Native Remedies, Flora Health.


He has procured seven-figure purchase orders with buyers for large stores like Target, Walmart, Lowe’s, Costco, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, GNC, and CVS at their national headquarters.


Gould created the “Evolution of Distribution” system for NPI, which combines all the expert services needed to boost sales or introduce new brands into the USA. NPI has a seasoned team, that handles all aspects of sales and marketing.


Gould took the initiative and shortened the sales expansion or product launch process by focusing on pricing and speed to market. NPI offers a complete, one-stop solution for launching products in the United States. NPI has the ability to import, distribute and promote using its proprietary system – the “Evolution of Distribution”.   In essence, the company provides turnkey, one-stop solutions for distribution, such as food, drug, mass, convenience store, warehouse clubs, and military.


NPI effectively serves as the overseas clients’ US headquarters. Gould stated, “Our clients take advantage of all the services we offer at a reasonable price. We can assist clients in achieving their aim of selling their brands into the United States, Gould continued.


The “Evolution of Distribution” platform assists NPI clients in reducing the cost of recruiting sales representatives, administrative assistants, warehouse space, marketing, logistical and operational know-how, and FDA compliance.



The NPI Method Of Doing Business


COVID-19, which altered how retail businesses function, propelled e-commerce into hyperdrive. Although e-commerce had been growing for years, the pandemic compelled customers to make in-person purchases of brands they had previously made online. Retailers adapted with the curbside pick, next- and same-day delivery, etc. Manufacturers of brands had to compete with these changes, particularly those who offered their brands online. It was difficult for many product manufacturers to manage their supply chains.


You need to be able to meet demand if a retail store decides to carry your brands. One customer informed Gould that the bottle cap he had been using had a 9-month backorder, so he had to change it. Even if having a presence online was crucial before the epidemic, it became even more crucial during the health emergency.


Many businesses, especially start-ups, excel at creating new items but lack the personnel to market and sell them. These businesses require a team of talented and qualified employees. A skilled sales team from NPI contacts retail customers all year round. Additionally, they have a marketing group with expertise in TV, digital, and print media. The NPI team also employs an operational and logistics expert who collaborates with our overseas clients when transporting brands to the United States.


“We have the expertise and understanding our clients need to enter the American market, according to Gould. “NPI delivers and manages all facets of the product launch or expansion, making us unique,” Mark continued.



The Amazon Story


Joe Mies, the former head of Muscle Foods USA, and Mitch Gould collaborated to supply Amazon’s new health, wellness, and sports nutrition categories. Gould stated, “I heard that Amazon wants to sell more items besides books and electronics.


“I had connections in the sports nutrition, health, and wellness industries. Joe Mies, the owner of Muscle Foods USA, and I coordinated the placement of well-known brands on Amazon’s brand-new virtual shelves. In Amazon’s history, this was a game-changing moment, according to Gould.


According to Gould, the largest distributor of sports nutrition products, Muscle Foods USA, was created by Joe Mies, who recently joined the company. Joe has unparalleled experience in the field of sports nutrition. “When Joe was at Muscle Foods USA in the 2000s, we collaborated closely to stock Amazon’s brand-new health, wellness, and sports nutrition area. We loaded Amazon’s virtual shelves with a ton of premium brands,” Mitch said.




NPI Is Still Growing


In order to connect with businesses in the South Pacific Rim, NPI recently built offices in Australia and New Zealand. The multinational health and wellness businesses NPI collaborates with are located all over the world. Customers from North America, Europe, and Africa have already used their services. They are now concentrating on the South Pacific Rim.


“The marketing initiatives for our clients, which may include public relations, media outreach, TV promotion, and social media, will be overseen by experienced marketing professionals as well,” Gould continued.


Ultimately, Gould’s vision inspired him to start Nutritional Products International and its sister business, InHealth Media, a marketing firm that focuses on the fields of health, wellness, beauty, and sports nutrition.


Mitch Gould’s father and grandfather taught him about the retail sector. He represented well-known companies in his early career and marketed their brands to the major retailers of the time. He was able to improve his brand as a result of all of this expertise.


In addition to a marketing firm, an FDA lawyer, and operational and logistical assistance, NPI already has these services instead of renting office and warehouse space and hiring a sales and support team.


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