A top-rated service for registered agents in 2022 -
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A top-rated service for registered agents in 2022

A top-rated service for registered agents in 2022



By law, you must have a registered agent. There’s no getting around it, therefore the goal is to keep this load to a minimum.


For most entrepreneurs, using a professional registered agent service is the best method to find a dependable agent. They have the resources to perform these responsibilities in all states and may save you a lot of time and aggravation. However, which of the top registered agent companies should you choose? It might be tough to choose the proper one, especially when almost every service promises to be the greatest.



ZenBusiness may be the only provider that gives you the option of choosing between two registered agent packages. Their Standard plan is one of the most affordable, but it includes capabilities that no other registered agent service provider offers.


They come with a free interface that makes it simple to set up and administer your LLC. Their simple price approach starts at $49 for the base package, plus state fees every year.



Zenbusiness has been rated as one of the most effective LLC formation services for small business owners. It provides quick and low-cost business incorporation services. Despite being new to the sector, the company has developed a dedicated consumer following. It features excellent customer service and a unique dashboard that allows you to track your progress. They provide a cost-effective way to start a business while also embracing social responsibility.


Northwest Registered Agent

The business is well-known for its excellent customer service and knowledgeable employees. Entrepreneurs and business owners are given an online account through which they can access important business documents.


Thousands of clients have benefited from this company’s LLC creation services. It offers offices in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, with specialist agents providing speedy formation solutions. They will scan every document locally, according to your state, and provide data security and compliance solutions. With both online and physical addresses, the firm has a stellar track record. A number of good client evaluations attest to the company’s great customer service.



On the basis of package value and price, they are entrepreneur favorites. Thousands of consumers have benefited from their assistance with state filing during regular business hours.


Incfile has been in the business for a long and has gained invaluable knowledge with LLC creation procedures. In terms of value and affordability, it is one of the most popular agents registered. The firm includes a learning center with information on how to incorporate an LLC. Their user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for company owners to keep track of and retrieve vital papers.


The firm boasts one of the most user-friendly interfaces, in addition to its low rates. Their dashboard for registered agents is quite user-friendly, and you can simply keep track of key business paperwork.


Rocket Lawyer

RocketLawyer is one of the most well-known and well-known names in the online legal assistance industry. Along with their other online legal services, they offer a registered agent service to both members and non-members.


Non-members can use RocketLawyer’s registered agent service for $149.99 per year. A paid membership lowers the cost to $111.99 per year, although the membership itself costs $39.99 per month.


We believe that RocketLawyer should only be considered if you intend to use their premium membership for other services (such as online legal consultation) and treat the RA services as an add-on.



BetterLegal is one of the smaller law firms we investigated. They also provide a low-cost service in addition to corporate entity formation and compliance services.


BetterLegal’s registered agent service has the distinction of being one of the most cost-effective options we investigated.


Unlike other services, which cost $100 or more per year, BetterLegal’s service is a mere $90 per year. BetterLegal may be an excellent alternative for your business if you are just seeking the lowest option among professional services.


Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance, which was founded in 2012, focuses on offering corporations and non-profit organizations a variety of corporate compliance solutions. Their services are mostly aimed at larger companies with more complex compliance requirements, although they may also be employed by small enterprises.


The registered agent service from Harbor Compliance costs $99 per year and per state. Notably, if you sign up for numerous years, you will receive a 5-10% discount. If you pay for three years or more in advance, the cost drops to $89 a year, the lowest price for a full year of service among all the competitors we looked at for this ranking.


Harbor Compliance is one of the few firms that has local offices in all 50 states rather than relying on partners to do all of the legwork. On their website, they even provide the specific addresses of their offices in each state.



The company creation activities of several businesses were evaluated in this registered agent assessment. If you employ a registered agent service, the entire process of incorporating an LLC is substantially less expensive and a lot faster. Most states require organizations to engage with agents who are capable of handling sensitive papers. These agents provide online assistance in addition to a physical address to help you administer your LLC more efficiently.




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