Dynamic Leader Walking Extra Miles Making Lives Of People Easier : Amy Buynoski
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Dynamic Leader Walking Extra Miles Making Lives Of People Easier : Amy Buynoski

Dynamic Leader Walking Extra Miles Making Lives Of People Easier : Amy Buynoski

Banking companies must use data and insights gathered throughout the customer journey to create a seamless, personalized experience that increases value, improves satisfaction, and lowers costs.


Furthermore, today’s consumers expect a seamless and real-time experience across all transaction touchpoints when accessing banking services. The status quo will no longer drive consumer engagement. However, a customer faces significant challenges when filling out loan or mortgage paperwork. The entire procedure is too exhausting to continue. But imagine a world where all of this could be accomplished in real-time. Seems impossible, right?


Everything stated above is correct in the case of South State Bank Mortgage. Amy Buynoski, Vice President, Builder Service Manager, has built a team of professionals who treat their customers like family. Amy has nearly 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Even though lending has been her solo career, she has been recognized as a top-producing mortgage banker in Georgia.


“Once I got started, I fell in love with helping people and making their dream of owning a home a reality,” Amy says.



Amy: The Astounding Leader


Amy is a pillar of support for people looking to buy a new home. She goes out of her way to be professional and communicative, as evidenced by the numerous letters and emails of gratitude she and her team have received from customers after their new home has been completed.


Amy’s proudest achievement is moving her team and herself to South State Bank while maintaining a high level of service during COVID and winning the 2021 Agents Choice Award.


Amy and her team are devoted to their families. Children and pets are welcome on the premises, and the entire staff works hard to maintain a positive attitude.



Not Practice, But A Perfect Team Makes Amy Perfect


Amy and her colleagues are all female and share the same values. They go above and beyond for their clients and are there for them throughout the home loan process.


Amy Buynoski coaches her daughter’s cheer team in her spare time. Some team members are mothers and wives, while others are newly engaged.


Amy and the BuyNowTeam are devoted to their customers. They’ve been featured in Visit Roswell magazine and are members of the North Fulton Chamber, Roswell Connect, and the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association. They enjoy supporting local restaurants in Roswell, GA, when they eat out for lunch. They will bring thank you gifts to their local police and fire departments to express their gratitude and support.


Amy and her team also maintain open lines of communication with their clients. They call their clients personally to ensure that they know all of their options.


“We have very detailed emails with reminders of what to do and what not to do,” she says, adding, “To name a few, we provide them with a list of the Ten Commandments of Home Buying, whiteboard videos, and in-progress milestone emails.”



How Do Customers Feel That They Are At Home?


Amy and the BuyNowTeam get most of their clients through referrals and networking. They make it a point to stay in touch with their previous customers.


Anyone who works with Amy and her team becomes a member of the South State Bank family, and the team enjoys checking in and seeing who else they can assist. They also like to keep in touch with realtors they’ve previously worked with.


Surprisingly, the majority of clients say that working with the BuyNowTeam is simple because of their communication and guidance throughout the process.


South State Bank’s entire team understands how stressful the mortgage process can be, and the goal of the entire team is to keep their clients informed every step of the way. The clients appreciate that they can rely on Amy and her team and don’t shy away from any challenges or obstacles.



Advice For Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs


Amy enjoys making people laugh. Even though some days are challenging, Amy always finds a way to make the people around her happy. Amy will always make someone’s day, whether it’s by getting everyone to try the latest TikTok dance, dressing up as a unicorn or grinch, or treating her team to ice cream or Starbucks. Above all, she is conscious of the fact that she is a woman who wishes for every other woman to be a successful entrepreneur. So here are the three pieces of advice she gives to other female entrepreneurs:


  • Don’t be put off by the numbers or the crowd.
  • Maintain your position.
  • Take pleasure in the relationships you’re forming.


Amy’s experience has grown significantly in both aspects of her life during her career in the finance industry. Long after the next generation of young professional women has entered the workforce, she will cherish those rewards and memories.