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Anyware Solutions: A Technology Innovator With A Focus On Business Models And Go-To-Market Models

Anyware Solutions: A Technology Innovator With A Focus On Business Models And Go-To-Market Models

B Based on its unique and recognized IoT-as-a-Service technology platform, Anyware Solutions offers digital solutions in the form of home and care monitoring services to private and business customers. 


The end-to-end solution architecture of Anyware makes installation as simple as changing a light bulb and offers ready-to-use functionality as a service. It is offered in a unique B2B(2C) Go-To-Market/Business Model that enables partner organizations (health insurers, property owners, and care providers) to bundle and supply their own core offerings to their consumers with Anyware as a value-added home and care monitoring service. 


Anyware has just been recognized with the Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner Award in 2022 and a Red Dot Product Design and CES Innovation Award since the market launch in 2018. These prestigious international awards evidence a high degree of technological innovation. Still, to Anyware, technology is merely a means to an end. The true game-changing solutions in today’s digital world are not digital solutions but innovative Go-To-Market and Business Models enabled by innovative digital product design.



Smarter Living with Anyware Solutions


Anyware’s patented and award-winning Smart Adaptor is the world’s smallest and smartest lamp adaptor. The Smart Adaptor connects directly to home Wi-Fi and combines a room sensor with temperature, humidity, and activity or noise monitoring. The app end-user can get “automated routines” already set up and ready to go, such as entry detection and anti-burglar lighting, indoor climate monitoring, or frost and humidity alerts in a remote vacation cottage.


The Smart Home/Digital Eldercare Convergence


Anyware is now expanding into digital eldercare with a game-changing AI-based, ethical and non-wearable care monitoring solution. The goal for Anyware is to use helpful and supportive Smarter Living IoT technology and be the solution to dysfunctional “sick-care” systems that lack “warm hands” by empowering and enabling informal caregivers for seniors living alone (which represents every third of older adults over 65). So, they can create a sense of safety and peace of mind for their elderly parents and themselves, using digital tools like Anyware’s remote care monitoring


Anyware won a project grant from the EU and AAL Program in 2021 to research and create a solution for an aging population and caregiver shortage. Anyware has to date, secured €2.5 million in funding from private business angels and innovation grants. 

It’s evident that a fundamental aspect of solving the problem of an aging population and a lack of caregivers is allowing the elderly to stay longer and independently at home. 


Steve Jobs claimed you could only “join the dots looking backward,” and Anyware believes that we will look back in 5-10 years and see that the future of eldercare started by adopting smart homes, allowing the aged to stay longer in their own – not homes but – smart homes. 



Anyware XaaS

Anyware’s IoT-as-a-Service technology enables (health) insurers, real estate owners, and healthcare providers to develop individualized client touchpoints and upsell home and care monitoring services. 


The Anyware App unlocks specific functionality using in-app product codes, allowing customers to adapt and upgrade services as needed. The user subscribes to relevant and desired services in the app, and the partner pays as part of Anyware’s value-added “customer engagement” and acquisition strategy.


Anyware intends to disrupt and democratize the eldercare sector so seniors can live freely in their own smart homes. Most health tech on the market today is specialized and medical-grade, requiring the institutional healthcare system to supply it, and people are back to “reactive sick care.” 


Anyware will resolve this problem in the future by enabling and empowering informal caregivers with a non-medical, preventive, and non-obtrusive remote care monitoring solution that supports their elderly parents to live independently. 


The real game-changer, however, is that Anyware’s unique solution design enables (health) insurers and other stakeholders to offer home and care monitoring as a value-added service to customers with elderly parents living alone. 


The Anyware team still seeks partnerships with incumbents in adjacent industries, such as real estate and insurance, to take ownership of building digital infrastructure. This ensures end-users can experience Smarter Living benefits without becoming tech-savvy early adopters and buying technology gadgets. Anyware is ideally positioned to help these industry partners with the correct hardware and business model design. 




Anyware’s point of departure in the smart home market positions the company uniquely to disrupt the current “sick care” sector with its proven, patented, and award-winning IoT-as-a-Service technology platform.


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