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ARCONIC : leading Industrial Engineering Company

ARCONIC : leading Industrial Engineering Company

Industrial engineering has provided a systematic approach to streamlining and improving productivity and efficiency. Industrial engineering is important to both producers and end-users of a product. Industrial engineers improve processes and designs to make things more efficient. This is good for business as it saves time and money, raw resources, energy, and manpower. No matter the area of focus or specialization, the importance of industrial engineering is unquestionable. From ensuring expense reduction, increasing workplace efficiency, improving the quality of products and services, promoting worker health and safety, and protecting the environment by adhering to government regulations, industrial engineers are indeed heroes in their own right.


Arconic is one such leading industrial engineering company that predominantly provides aluminum sheet, plate, and extrusions, as well as innovative architectural products that advance the automotive, aerospace, commercial transportation, industrial, packaging, and building and construction markets.


Manufacturing State-of-the-Art Products to Shape the Aerospace, Automotive, and Construction Industries


Arconic Building & Construction Systems (BCS): It is a global manufacturer of a comprehensive range of building façade products that define skylines around the world. Wherever you look – from a door to a window, a curtain wall to a roof – you can find BCS’ industry-leading brands. BCS’ innovation helps building teams realize their vision for modern, beautiful, and high-performing buildings. Kawneer is one such system that has shaped the façade industry with innovative, high-performing building envelope solutions. Kawneer’s architectural systems combine a broad spectrum of product capability with technical expertise to deliver flexible solutions for buildings with better performance, protection, and productivity. With manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America, Kawneer is bringing next-generation façades to buildings that enhance the way they live, work, and play.


Buildings shouldn’t be boring. That’s why Arconic Architectural Products (AAP) focuses on innovation to bring an ever-expanding range of colors and designs to the composite material, pre-painted heavy-gauge aluminum, and bonded sheets. With a commitment to quality and service, AAP’s manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe serve the global market with finishes for bold building designs.


Arconic’s Extrusions Segment: It produces almost any type of extruded product, including Aerospace shapes (wing stringers, floor beams, fuselage stringers, seat tracks, cargo floor beams), Defense shapes, Automotive shapes (driveshafts, anti-lock brake housings, turbochargers), and Specialty products including drawn tubes, extruded seamless tubes, extruded hollows, extruded rod and bar, and cold-finished rod and bar. With process and product technologies that include small and large extrusion presses, horizontal and vertical heat treat furnaces, annealing furnaces, induction billet heating, cold finished draw benches, and ultrasonic inspection capabilities, Arconic is able to produce extruded solutions that can meet almost any customer specification.


Arconic’s Rolled Products: It includes products that are flat-rolled using cold rolling and hot rolling processes to produce aluminum coils, sheets, and plates that are used in finished goods ranging from airframes and automotive body panels to the industrial plate, heat exchangers, and beverage cans. The aluminum sheet is used extensively in the transportation industries and packaging, and the aluminum plate is an essential product for aerospace and industrial customers. With its commitment to operational excellence and innovating best-in-class products, Arconic delivers rolled products to customers all over the world from some of the largest and most advanced rolling mills in operation today.



The Relentlessly Reliable Leader


Timothy D. Myers is the Chief Executive officer of Arconic. From October 2017 until April 2020, Mr. Myers was Executive Vice President and Group President, Global Rolled Products, which included the Extrusions and Building and Construction Systems businesses, of Arconic Inc. From May 2016 to June 2019, he served as Executive Vice President and Group President of Arconic Inc.’s Transportation and Construction Solutions segment, which then comprised Arconic Wheel and Transportation Products and Building and Construction Systems and which segment was eliminated in the third quarter of 2019, with the Building and Construction Systems business then moved to the Global Rolled Products segment.


As the only current management representative on the Board, Mr. Myers’ leadership of, and extensive experience and familiarity with, Arconic Corporation’s business provides the Board with invaluable insight into the Company’s operations and strategic direction. His range of operational and other roles at Arconic Inc. has given him an in-depth and well-rounded understanding of the Company and its customers.