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Berger CPAFirst : Best-In-Class, Employee-First, Customer-Centric Business Helping Small Companies In Their Growth Through Continuous Process Improvement

Berger CPAFirst

Berger CPAFirst : Best-In-Class, Employee-First, Customer-Centric Business Helping Small Companies In Their Growth Through Continuous Process Improvement

Berger CPAFirst : Over the past ten years, the accounting industry has undergone a remarkable upheaval. The “paperless office” was popular among professionals in the early 2000s, and technology has advanced rapidly since then. Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, and data analytics were once frequently used in information technology organizations, but now CPA firms are adopting them. Similarly, Berger CPAFirst is familiar with these technologies and has used them, as they will explain when the business develops this feature.


For more than 30 years, the Certified Public Accounting firm BERGER CPAFIRST has offered small- to medium-sized businesses in New Jersey, New York, and Florida accounting and tax services. Simply put, BERGER CPAFIRST provides rulebook financial services to assist SMEs in reaching their tax goals.


Berger CPAFirst, one of the fastest-growing organizations in the US, was formed by CPAs Ravee Shrinivas and Ramki Sankar, both of whom have over three decades of experience.


Leadership Of Berger CPAFirst


A brilliant CPA with over 25 years of experience servicing the tristate region, Ravee Shrinivas, CPA, MBA, CGMA, practises advanced individual and business taxation in New York City. Ravee holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance in addition to his Bachelor’s in Accounting. For his clients, Ravee created the “Dashboard” idea. As a member of AICPA’s Forensic and Valuation Services division, Ravee promptly analyses his clients’ businesses and offers them clear and useful plans for their company’s expansion and cash flow.


Ramki Sankar, CPA, MBA, CMA, is a highly successful CPA with more than 25 years of consistent, unbroken work experience in corporate settings as well as public accounting. Ramki was the CFO of a multinational business overseeing seven different nations before entering public accounting. Ramki also holds an Accounting Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance. Ramki’s areas of expertise also include the analysis of financial statements, planning, standardization, and the deployment of accounting systems. Ramki is a cost accounting pro who also acts as an outsourced CFO for a number of customers, greatly enhancing their growth.


“In our firm, process automation is in our DNA. We are making a lot of effort to automate the procedures. Once common tasks are automated, we will have more time to concentrate on qualitative concerns and the proper accounting and taxation treatment, all of which are crucial for the benefit of our clients. We are automating operations using robotics, which will benefit us and the industry in the long run,” says Ramki Sankar.



Berger CPAFirst’s XaaS


Berger CPAFirst is aware that they won’t do something just because other people are. ‘Anything as a Service’ (Xaas) is well within Berger CPAFirst’s grasp, but they have purposefully narrowed their product offerings to four or five. They live by the mantras of concentration and intensive knowledge and avoid getting involved in anything they can get their hands on.


Berger CPAFirst’s staff is certain that their clients chose them because they are experts in their field and are eager to live up to their client’s expectations that the business is an industry leader.



Working On The USP For Extravagant Customer Experience


Berger CPAFirst’s USP is that they don’t make one shoe. Instead, they tailor one to each customer’s size and needs. Customization and intricacy are hallmarks. They also provide hundreds of small businesses with accurate monthly or quarterly financial accounts. Berger CPAFirst serves small businesses, from start-ups to $100 million in sales. Since small businesses are the only clientele, they must serve them well.


“A multi-product customer had no internal control systems or product costing data. We helped customers implement a “Product-wise costing system” that revealed their product economics. The customer eliminated unprofitable products, making operations profitable” says Ravee Shrinivas.


Another small client was introduced to proactive management early on. This company has grown by 2000% in five years. Berger CPAFirst established a Management Accounting & Budgeting Process in the organization and oversaw most of their financial responsibilities as an off-site CFO. BERGER CPAFIRST helped the company run efficiently by mobilizing business.


Berger CPAFirst assigns a client service person to every client, regardless of size, for a great customer experience. This expedites client inquiries.
After that, the organization gives clients cutting-edge technological platforms to read reports quickly and save time contacting or emailing.

Finally, they stay current on tax rules and other changes in their client industries. This alerts clients to upcoming changes such as PPP loans, SBA EIDL loans, ERC, etc. Berger CPAFirst’s speciality is keeping clients up to date.



Awards And Recognition


BERGER CPAFIRST received numerous accolades from the business world, including the distinguished title of “Fastest Growing Companies in America” in 2022. It has received recognition as “Best of Bergen” in a financial category from The Bergen Magazine and “Inclusive Workplace” recognition for workplace diversity from Best of Companies Group. Additionally, Berger CPAFirst was highlighted in a number of top trade publications.


They hired a third-party organization to poll its employees, and the results showed that one of their key values, “Employee First,” is true. Its Net Promoter Score (NPS) was significantly higher than the industry average. Similarly to this, their loyal customers gave them a 4.8-star rating (out of 5) on Google Reviews. Berger CPAFirst is extremely lucky to receive high marks from their esteemed clients and hardworking staff.




The client-focused business always seeks new methods to expand and offer their customers the most benefit. In order for their team members to understand and visualize the problems that clients are experiencing and come up with solutions, they are also instilling empathy in their brains. Since their employees are the key to their success, they are always looking to provide them with the greatest possible training and development opportunities.

Additionally, even though the business is very proud of its present technological advancements and automation, they are constantly investigating newer technologies and searching for ways to maximize its value

They also want to buy CPA firms as part of their plan for inorganic expansion.


“We firmly believe that we should not rest on our laurels. Numerous honours received by BERGER CPAFIRST & partners have not changed our core principles or our conviction that client satisfaction is the highest honour to strive for,” says Ramki Sankar.


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