Stepping Up in Bukayo Saka's Absence: Arsenal's Challenge Against Manchester City - Success Knocks | The Business Magazine
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Stepping Up in Bukayo Saka’s Absence: Arsenal’s Challenge Against Manchester City

Bukayo Saka

Stepping Up in Bukayo Saka’s Absence: Arsenal’s Challenge Against Manchester City

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Thierry Henry has highlighted three Arsenal players who will need to step up in the absence of Bukayo Saka, who is uncertain to play against Manchester City this Sunday.

Saka’s fitness was in question leading up to Tuesday night’s Champions League group match against Lens. Arsenal initially took the lead but ultimately suffered a 2-1 defeat, ending their unbeaten start to the season. During the game, Saka was forced to leave the field in the 34th minute due to a muscular issue and was replaced by Fabio Vieira.

Following the match, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta mentioned that Saka had felt discomfort while attempting a backheel pass. With the Premier League champions, Manchester City, set to visit on Sunday, the Gunners now face the challenge of playing without their key player. Thierry Henry has called upon three specific players to step into Saka’s role during his absence.





Henry commented, “People were discussing Rodri’s absence from the previous weekend’s match, and now it seems that Arsenal’s main man might not be available against Manchester City this weekend. It’s a significant concern, though we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.”

He continued, “The responsibility falls on the shoulders of Eddie Nketiah, Leandro Trossard, or Kai Havertz to prove that Arsenal can perform well even if Bukayo is sidelined.”

Henry acknowledged Saka’s consistent presence on the field, noting, “Bukayo has been a constant presence, and there’s always a risk of overexertion at some point. While we don’t know the extent of his injury, his absence will be felt. We must find a way to secure a victory against City, as we haven’t achieved that in the league for quite some time.”



Bukayo Saka



Arsenal faces a significant test as they prepare to take on Manchester City without the influential Bukayo Saka. The responsibility now falls on the shoulders of players like Eddie Nketiah, Leandro Trossard, and Kai Havertz to step up and make their mark in this crucial Premier League encounter. While Saka’s absence is a setback, it also presents an opportunity for these players to shine and prove that Arsenal can compete at the highest level, even in challenging circumstances. As the match day approaches, all eyes will be on how the team adapts to this situation, with fans eagerly awaiting the outcome of this much-anticipated clash in English football.





Bukayo Saka


Bukayo Saka



Bukayo Saka is a talented English professional footballer who has made a significant impact in the world of football. Born on September 5, 2001, in Ealing, London, Saka began his football journey at a young age and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the brightest prospects in English football.

Saka is primarily known for his versatility on the field. He is capable of playing as a winger, attacking midfielder, or even as a left-back, showcasing his adaptability and footballing intelligence. His ability to contribute both defensively and offensively has made him a valuable asset to his team.


Bukayo Saka’s professional career started with Arsenal FC, where he joined the youth academy and eventually made his senior debut in 2018. Since then, he has consistently impressed with his dribbling skills, vision, and ability to provide crucial assists and goals.

His breakthrough season came during the 2019-2020 campaign when he became a regular starter for Arsenal. Saka’s performances earned him recognition, not only at the club level but also with the England national team. He made his senior international debut for England in 2020, becoming one of the youngest players to represent the Three Lions.


Saka’s skill set includes excellent ball control, precise passing, and the ability to take on defenders with ease. He is known for his composure on the ball, often making critical decisions under pressure. Additionally, his work rate and defensive contributions have made him a well-rounded player.

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Bukayo Saka was considered one of the rising stars in English football, and his potential for further growth and success in both club and international football was highly anticipated. However, it’s essential to check for the most recent updates to get the latest information on his career and achievements.





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