CEOs' most trusted advisors for cultivating an extraordinary culture : Evoloshen
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CEOs’ most trusted advisors for cultivating an extraordinary culture : Evoloshen

CEOs’ most trusted advisors for cultivating an extraordinary culture : Evoloshen

LLeadership is a critical management function that helps an organization’s resources increase efficiency and goal achievement. Influential leaders clarify the organization’s mission, motivate employees, and guide them to achieve it. Understanding the role of leaders can help people contribute more meaningfully to achieving their company’s objectives, regardless of their position. The amount of knowledge and experience that a company’s leaders possess is directly proportional to its growth. They pave the way for an excellent business to become the best. Evoloshen Academy is a prime example of a world-class organization. Karin Volo, the company’s CEO and Chief Joy Bringer, is the visionary who has paved the way for this company to establish a strong presence in the business world.


Paving The Way To Build A Brand


Karin founded Evoloshen Academy after writing the best-selling book Engage! She had previously worked in Executive Search and Headhunting, and this book inspired her to begin assisting organizations in improving their culture and retaining their best talent. The main goal was to bring joy to the workplace, which Karin and her team accomplished by empowering employees to reach their full potential.


The Pandemic


It was difficult for Evoloshen at the start of the pandemic. Things began to move again after a few months. In 2020, Karin did a lot of virtual speaking to motivate and inspire employees. Because Evoloshen had the technical infrastructure, Karin simultaneously organized training for all employees of the companies. Everyone learned, connected, and grew together, which had a substantial positive impact on the organization.


Further, because Evoloshen already had online training and systems in place when the global pandemic struck in 2020, they were able to pivot and scale quickly. Micro-learning, which many people prefer to learn in small amounts of time and content, was a trend that Karin predicted would emerge. Now, they’re seeing a lot of businesses interested in taking the training that clients can use as part of the onboarding process so that new employees can learn the tools and knowledge Evoloshen has already implemented.


Why Evoloshen Is The True Choice


Under the umbrella of culture, Evoloshen has cracked the code to transform business by focusing on three key pillars engagement, purpose, and trust. They’ve also branched out into coaching and microlearning platforms for Evoloshen, as well as customized training for their clients. They are well-positioned to assist forward-thinking businesses and leaders in empowering their employees to be highly engaged, have high levels of trust, and deliver excellent results.


Interestingly, Evoloshen has been working in this field for over a decade, which few engagement or culture training firms can claim. Karin and her team are all deeply committed to trust-based leadership and assisting others in reaching their full potential. The experts are trained in Conversational IntelligenceTM and know how the neuroscience of engagement and trust affects all relationships. Furthermore, they’ve had participants from over 30 countries attend their training, and they have raving fans, so they know their training and programs work!


Evoloshen’s Services Speaks For Their Quality Of Work


Evoloshen has worked with several large consulting firms that have a unique culture. Working with Evoloshen and attending their training allowed these consulting firms to learn from and converse with colleagues they might not have had the opportunity to interact with otherwise. This strengthened their bonds with one another and the connection to the company culture of their employer.


Evoloshen Academy also noticed a significant difference when their clients invited everyone to their signature training, Ignite Your Trust Factor. EasyPark, a global parking app company in over 25 countries, for example, went a step further by collaborating with Evoloshen to create monthly leadership and creativity labs, keeping everyone connected and growing. Evoloshen then facilitated masterminding for the leaders and provided an internal coaching program so that the client could learn about coaching and apply what they had learned to become better coaching leaders. According to the Head of People Operations, this in-depth work helped their teams be exceptionally well prepared for a significant acquisition.


The Much To-Be Admirable Future


Through its network of Executive Partners, Evoloshen will continue to grow organically. At Evoloshen, they always listen to their customers, and every program they offer results from requests from clients. Evoloshen also intends to continue collaborating with great CEOs and CHROs to help them transform their companies through culture. Karin’s main goal at this point is to expand its global reach and empower people and organizations to achieve their full potential through the tools and knowledge they share.


Karin quotes, “As a global company, Evoloshen provides excellent training and services that can elevate our clients’ corporate cultures to new heights. When employees feel empowered and have the opportunity to reach their full potential, they feel better, are happier at work, and are more loyal to the company, even when times are difficult. This contributes to the company’s purpose, mission, and vision being elevated.”


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