DeliveryMatch: Easing Logistical Needs By Lowering Cost plus CO2 emission And Increasing Satisfaction
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DeliveryMatch: Easing Logistical Needs By Lowering Cost plus CO2 emission And Increasing Satisfaction

DeliveryMatch: Easing Logistical Needs By Lowering Cost plus CO2 emission And Increasing Satisfaction

CCustomers have higher expectations for logistical services and CO2 emissions. What customers demand and what businesses offer need to line up. These gaps provide a significant barrier, but if they are closed, there are several potentials for the logistic chain to contribute to increased turnover while also lowering logistical expenses and CO2 emissions.


DeliveryMatch And Its Dedicated Team


Dr. Roland Slegers founded DeliveryMatch with the mission of “enabling logistics to act as a sales engine and simultaneously as a cost and CO2 emission saver,” DeliveryMatch is a cloud-based platform for order, transport, and shipping management. With this, the company’s vision is to change the logistical processes from “push” to “pull.” For this, the ‘last mile must start with the ‘first click.’


About 18 enthusiastic professionals work daily to make the company’s objective and vision a reality for DeliveryMatch clients. No work is outsourced; all algorithms and connections with other systems are developed and maintained within the company. The team collaborates closely, utilizing agile scrum principles to produce high-quality work quickly.


Approximately 250 systems are connected to the platform, including 125+ carriers and brokers, 30 retail (webshop) and wholesale platforms, 30 ERP systems, 30 WMS systems, 10 route planning systems, BI-Tools, and tools for calculating CO2 emissions. Additionally, the software platform is accessible worldwide and used in numerous nations inside and outside the EU.


Currently, DeliveryMatch has over 900 indirect customers in addition to roughly 100 direct ones. Consumers come across a wide range of business categories. Customers are already using flows for B2C, B2B, B2BC, D2C, D2B, and combinations of these.


Serving The Trends: The DeliverMatch Style


Companies utilize a range of channels to make sales, and as the use of the internet and related online channels for sales grows, so does businesses’ ability to use various channels with increasing complexity. For this, the chain’s sales and logistical systems must be more connected, and the concepts and methods of logistics must advance quickly.


DeliveryMatch has the flexibility and standard features to fully automate complex logistical chains for B2B, B2C, and combinations of both. It provides “checkout to doorbell” operational logistic chain execution and monitoring in real-time. As a result, businesses may provide high-performance logistical services, reduce expenses and CO2 emissions, and boost sales.


The Differentiating Factor


DeliveryMatch is the only platform that offers real-time Order, Transport, and Shipping Management capabilities within one platform. Our customers may deploy and modify their sales and logistical chain automation quickly and inexpensively because of our flexibility in employing standard software and our expanded system connection catalog. Our customers can develop their own dependable and predictable business models thanks to our volume-based business approach and cost model.


Their customers may deploy and modify automation of their sales and logistical chains very quickly and inexpensively, thanks to their flexibility in employing standard software and their expanded system connection catalogs. The volume-based business model that DeliveryMatch enables its clients to develop their own dependable and predictable revenue models.


Keeping Up With The Market Advancements


Due to the growing complexity of sales channels and their logistic networks, there is a pressing demand for logistic software to support and automate these sales and logistic chains.


Real-time integration of the logistical chain “from checkout to doorbell” is necessary to make this practicable. The logistics chain integration may be significantly facilitated, and the logistics chain’s operational execution can be managed with an effective OTSMS (Order, Transport, and Shipping Management System). The Order, Transport, and Shipping Management capability must be integrated into the OTSMS platform. This will make it possible to regulate the flow in real-time from a single, quick point.


DeliveryMatch’s OTSMS platform enables it to accomplish this. The only platform that combines Order, Transport, and Shipping Management into one platform is DeliveryMatch. They began to construct the platform after recognizing the rising complexity and needs more than ten years ago. As a result, we currently have much more features than other platforms for logistical software.


The Customer Experience Strategy


By keeping all expertise in-house, DeliveryMatch can provide its clients with gratifying advice and assistance. Operators on the support staff are knowledgeable in our software and logistics and computer science. Customers are thus in direct contact with someone who can genuinely and directly assist them when they have queries or problems. 


DeliveryMatch’s opulent customer experience strategy is demonstrated by the fact that, according to a rigorous study conducted by Emerce, a Dutch Retail Magazine, this year, DeliveryMatch was named the number one shipping software in Benelux. Customers and partners that participated in the poll gave them 6.5 out of 7 stars. With a score of 5/7, the runner-up had quite a gap.


The Gigantic Future Plan


Future ideas for The DeliveryMatch include adding capabilities for monitoring fulfillment costs transport costs calculation is already included), calculating CO2 emissions, and using AI. This is already in place, but they’ll boost and enhance functionality.


They also intend to continue linking systems to the platform, often one or two connections weekly. Additionally, DeliveryMatch will continue to enhance the platform’s software. They constantly seek themes and solutions to make it better, smarter, faster, and more efficient.