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Estrada Law : Experienced Law Firm Serving Client Needs By Working Endlessly For Justice Of Their Injured Clients

Estrada Law : Experienced Law Firm Serving Client Needs By Working Endlessly For Justice Of Their Injured Clients

C Criminal and family law are the main areas of concentration for Estrada Law, a law firm in East Texas. After the pandemic in 2021, they were established. Before their founding, Edward G. Estrada, their president and owner, had worked as a lawyer in private practice for a reputable East Texas firm for 10 years until he decided to start his own firm. Mr. Estrada helped build and expand Estrada Law into the company they are today by bringing his deep ties to the community and the commercial connections he had built. The first several years of most businesses are usually difficult, but then they take off. When Estrada Law launched its office in June 2021, its ties to the community and solid business ties with other nearby companies and the courts helped the company swiftly shift into fifth gear. The managing attorney, four staff assistants, and an associate attorney are now part of the office’s personnel. An additional attorney will soon be hired to help handle the caseload.

Concurrence With Current Trends

Tyler is Texas’s fastest-growing city. Estrada Law must adapt to changing demography. Tyler will quadruple in population in five years. Tyler Smith County, Texas, will also be a majority-minority. Tyler will be majority Hispanic by 2030. Tyler has 25%, Hispanic residents. Population growth in East Texas counties is similar or quicker. They cover East Texas. Their demographics must be served.
Everyone at Estrada Law speaks, writes, and reads Spanish. They help first-generation Americans and new immigrants through Texas’s complex legal system. They translate legal documents and provide bilingual consultations. They seek to ensure their clients comprehend court proceedings or prepare them for trial. Their office works with certified court translators, immigration lawyers in other locations, and non-citizen collateral repercussions. The same law may have distinct consequences and outcomes if you are a US citizen, LPR, or foreign resident.
This scenario demands unique and specialized counsel and legal advice based on their US position. The US Supreme Court has mandated that legal advice to a client with potential collateral immigration consequences that could lead to deportation or exclusion from naturalization or admission into the US must warn the client of such risks. Failure to offer such legal advice might result in ineffective representation and sanctions against the practitioner or law office.

Advancing Through The Technology

Technology has helped Estrada Law succeed. Technology lets them multitask. Technology has increased its market presence and digital footprint. Out-of-state clients and other law firms phone them often. Business growth and profitability used to take years. The conventional word-of-mouth referral mechanism must be used to promote a great company. Clients can now write 5-star reviews on several sites for potential consumers worldwide.
Technology used correctly can boost corporate growth. As mentioned, Estrada Law prioritizes market trends and predictions—communication matters. As a business, they realize that people are calling less. Society texts continually, texting friends, family, and coworkers. They wondered, Why don’t businesspeople text? Would customers prefer texting? Voice over IP replaced their LAN line business phones. It costs less than a LAN line phone and delivers more digital services. Clients loved their text message system. Their office regularly texts for business. It promptly updates clients, answers questions, and documents interactions.

Being The Leaders In Their Domain Through Excellent Service

Estrada Law provides its clients with distinctive, individualized, and sympathetic representation. Both their employees and attorney have compassion for the clients they work with. They have either personally experienced what the people they represent have experienced, or they have a family member who has. They are in the best position to guide their clients towards the optimal conclusion since they have walked in their clients’ footsteps.
The Estrada Law team collaborates closely with regional, national, and municipal authorities. Each agency operates according to its own technique and protocol. To succeed, you must be aware of how each agency prefers to conduct business and adjust to its particular practices. The federal sector moves more slowly but in a direct and focused manner. The state sector, in contrast, moves more quickly and is responsive to changes. You must constantly be aware of legislative and judicial actions that may change and directly affect your client’s case.
Pretrial Diversion for Non-U.S. Citizens is a programme Estrada Law introduced to other lawyers in a continuing legal education seminar about two years ago. Through an out-of-court settlement with the county district attorney’s office, this programme provided a way to avoid the usual court system and result in the dismissal of a case and, ultimately, the expungement of a record. At the time, it was a great programme to help people become citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States.
The American immigration processing system did not consider completing a pretrial diversion programme successfully as a conviction when they conducted the class. The Board of Immigration Appeals decided that pretrial diversion is a conviction for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS two days after they delivered their presentation. They had to hurry and inform everyone in attendance at their presentation that a Board of Immigration Appeals Court had issued a fresh and unfavourable ruling a few days after their lecture since what was the law on a Friday when they gave the lecture was no longer the law by the following week.
A law practice differs slightly from a regular business in not providing its clients or customers with a particular tangible good. In fact, they offer a service that can be recommended to others looking for similar services. They seek to forge relationships and acquire lifelong customers. Your case’s conclusion does not mean they cease to be your attorney. They want to keep working together and ensure you return to see them for any additional legal needs you or your kids may have.


Estrada Law focuses on communication and market niches. Your business will thrive by spreading the word about your accomplishments. Your success is limited if no one knows about your great product or service.
Overall, due to growth, Estrada Law is leasing a larger office space in their present building. They expect to hire another lawyer within 3-6 months to manage their busy caseload and increase bilingual personnel to suit customer demands. They plan to broaden their legal practice to reach more clients.