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EyeMail: Inspiring Human Connections And Storytelling Moments In Email Inbox

EyeMail: Inspiring Human Connections And Storytelling Moments In Email Inbox

O  One morning Lisa S. Jones received a call that redefined her journey. Her sister informed her that their mother had passed away at home at the age of 61; it changed her life forever. It allowed her to be still and reflect on her life to reevaluate the course and purpose of her life.


The Incorporation Of EyeMail Inc.


Her new goal was to build and create an innovative business that would carry on her mother’s legacy and provide value on a worldwide scale. So, she decided to launch a communications brand that encourages connection and engagement.


To better understand the experience of getting marketing communications, Lisa signed up for 150 Fortune Brands Marketing emails and began spending hours investigating email marketing. Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that all the email experiences offered viewers a basic static image or several paragraphs of words or text with hyperlinks the users had to click to start engaging with the communication.


Due to this, Lisa realized that she wasn’t motivated to respond to a call to action. So, she thought, what if she could give email a personality? What if an email could be “brought to life” with an automatic play video in the email inbox? She brainstormed the idea, and as a result of this change in motive and purpose, EyeMail became a leading video in the email brand name.


EyeMail Inc., a marketing communications company founded in 2004, has a patent-pending technology that enables video to automatically play (for up to 60 seconds) in email and mobile devices to boost engagement and conversion. EyeMail is created agnostic and works with all email service provider systems. It delivers across all email, webmail, and mobile platforms in 15kb in size, without downloads or clicks to external websites to view the entire video.


What Makes EyeMail Inc. The Pioneer In The Industry


The email has not changed in the last 50 years. Since the first email was sent in 1971, companies have continuously reflected on how to better communicate with each other as a community. Video-in-email further enhances day-to-day email engagement with recent technology advances. The average number of seconds to capture your audience’s attention has fallen from 12 to 8 seconds. This is just one reason why the power of video in email is growing as the ideal medium to establish and retain relationships in your target markets.


Among the main areas of concentration are customer communications, event marketing, and employee engagement programs. This media is distinctive, captivating, and customer-focused. When using EyeMail, email campaigns that include video generate an average of 60% unique views and a click-through rate of 38%, as opposed to the industry’s typical email rates of 20% and 4%, respectively.


EyeMail provides a customer-focused, distinctive and captivating medium, offers a competitive edge in any industry and language, and serves as a differentiator to stand out from the inbox congestion. Accessibility and inclusivity are essential to EyeMail. To increase engagement and reach a wider audience, the team has included a closed captioning function that enables receivers to follow along with the caption words on the EyeMail video email experience, which are the factors that make EyeMail Inc. the leader in this industry.


The message at EyeMail should be seen, heard, and felt, according to their philosophy. Since its inception, EyeMail has been a pioneer and trailblazer for video development in email. EyeMail is a diverse woman-owned business with a multicultural global team dedicated to providing value and engagement on a global scale.


EyeMail collaborates with Fortune 500 companies and mid-tier, nonprofit, and emerging brands. EyeMail clientele includes Microsoft, Delta Air Lines, Porsche North America, Pepsico, Harvard Business School, Merck, Coca-Cola, Make-a-Wish foundation and supporting brands. To share insights on the product application in delivering value: One of their clients wanted to boost staff/team participation in internal corporate training sessions. 


Employees’ unwillingness to read through lengthy emails to complete training cycles was a major part of the problem. The EyeMail team met with the client to better understand their goals and objectives. As a result, the client produced several training videos under the executive team’s leadership with collaboration on the creative with specific calls to action supporting the training modules. As a result, the client boosted open rates by over 65% and tripled the completion of training activities via launching cycles with the EyeMail technology.

EyeMail has received several industry awards, including 2022 Finalist- Microsoft Diverse Supplier of the Year, Delta Air Lines Catalyst of the Year, Innovator of the Year Stevie Award, and Ten Most Disruptive Women Leaders to Watch in 2022.


The Future Of EyeMail Inc.


The EyeMail team is committed to bringing innovation and broadening its product offerings. 

In the next 30 days, EyeMail will launch the EyeMail Software as a Service (SaaS) Studio Platform, empowering customers to create an account and upload their videos and, in seconds, export an EyeMail compressed file that may be uploaded into any email service provider system. With this exciting development, there will be significant advancements for video in email and the ability to create and deliver more storytelling moments globally via EyeMail.

EyeCon, brings to life your company logo in your email signature line to be engaging and interactive, as another brand touchpoint in your company communications. To bring one’s personalized handwritten signature to life in papers and your inbox, EyeMail just debuted its Signature Collection via EyeSign.


They are now working on a Video in Text solution, with a debut slated for the fourth quarter of 2022. With the advancements of this innovative solution, text messages sent with video in mass quantity will now automatically play marketing messages and communications. With no downloads necessary, this solution will deliver an average file size of 4 to 15kb.


The widespread expansion of EyeMail’s technology in international markets is a key objective. The team anticipates that “Did you receive the EyeMail I sent you today?” will be the norm for personalized marketing communication for internal employee engagement and exterior customer-facing messaging.


To See EyeMail In Action:


Overall, the new generation of email engagement enabled by EyeMail technology is shattering the constraints of conventional emailing cycles. It offers a recognizable formula that businesses can use to extend their video storytelling to email inboxes to grab readers’ attention, keep them interested, and motivate them to take action. This will raise open and click-through rates and strengthen customer loyalty to brand products. Every interaction with another person is an opportunity to use EyeMail for internal and external communications, event planning and execution, or any other purpose.