FIEC: Helping Students and Schools Succeed Through Their World-Class Educational Consultancy
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FIEC: Helping Students and Schools Succeed Through Their World-Class Educational Consultancy

FIEC: Helping Students and Schools Succeed Through Their World-Class Educational Consultancy

SStudents study abroad frequently. Students want to study abroad despite the difficulty. When choosing a study destination, international students examine exceptional education quality, tuition expenses, living conditions, and safety.


Studying abroad allows students to experience new things and broaden their horizons. An educational consultancy organization can offer support and guidance to schools and educational agents on student welfare, course recommendations, private and public school admission, and more.


Emilia Fields received a clear message from her experience, love, and desire to pursue a career in international education consulting in 2018. She wanted to be a global strength in education. Her dream materialized swiftly. FIEC was established in one month. Emilia was excited to start a new chapter, and FIEC has thrived even amid lockdowns. Emilia is the company’s passionate creator and key consultant and loves it.


The following are the current tendencies the FIEC team has noticed in the field of education-based consultations today:


  1. The transition of students to a fresh, motivational education.
  2. Improvement of student well-being and welfare.
  3. Ensuring a fulfilling academic experience and a better future.
  4. Using specific instructional goals.


Due to the strong cooperation with several educational agencies, schools, departments of education, and parents from both domestic and international locations, FIEC is in an excellent position to accomplish these goals and objectives. The FIEC Consultancy is mindful of the practical ramifications and closely coordinates with the educational framework and policies of the government.


Advancement In Education Consulting Field Led By FIEC


With the use of innovative technology, FIEC is now able to collaborate with twenty-six nations worldwide. Technology allowed FIEC to bring the world to the Melbourne office as the company got off the ground during the COVID outbreak. Emails, Zoom, and Teams meetings, as well as the necessary and private phone calls to the stakeholders in these nations, provided FIEC with a beautiful channel of communication and a successful outcome.


The FIEC’s XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service) is focused on bringing about specific changes in market environments. They prioritize providing students with a global gateway to solutions and strategies during a period of rapid change in the global community, cutting edge and individualized consultation, extensive teaching, lecturing, administrative, and public speaking experience, and a dedication to best practices.


They like FIEC’s ideas for reaching specific goals, the committed service, and the specialized and one-on-one conversations with consumers adapted to their needs. The results are based on talking about the client’s needs, offering them suggestions for realistic projects that address their demands, and lead towards a workable and successful outcome.


The ability to function at all levels and follow the needs of educational institutions, educational agents, governmental organizations, and students sets FIEC apart from the rest of the competition.


One of the FIEC’s case studies shows how they identify and resolve challenges. Emilia has been working as a consultant for the Department of Education and Training – International Division on one of the projects called “International Student Voice.” Public and private schools participated. The program helped students lead and conduct school-based student voice projects. Students could share their successes and lessons learned as they developed student voice initiatives to encourage global learning and involvement at their schools. Staff and students liked the remarkable initiative and will continue to develop further project initiatives in their own schools in the future. The project’s international student voice elected participants had a voice on student ideas and concerns, which benefited not only the school’s student leaders but also all of staff members since they saw how the school encouraged them to connect with the school community. The project succeeded. Students learned the power of their voices and that anyone can lead in school.

 A successful outcome indeed!


The industry was significantly impacted by COVID-19. Due to the closed borders, students could not travel to Australia to pursue their studies. All areas of education saw a sharp decline in enrolment. To improve the school climate, keep international parents and students optimistic, and give them hope for a post-COVID recovery and re-entry into Australia, FIEC worked on creative techniques and projects with students and schools.


Concerning The Competent and Passionate Founder


Emilia Fields, the company’s founder, and principal consultant has vast expertise in primary and secondary and higher education and administration. She has also lectured at domestic and abroad conferences and has a thorough understanding of how schools function.

Emilia has also completed post-graduate work and research on international students.


A teacher and leader with extensive experience in education who is professional, devoted, and compassionate. A woman with strong academic credentials who strives to always advance excellence in line with the mission of the educational institution she works for. A driven, creative, and competent individual who is flexible and capable of working across the spectrum of educational settings.


The Plan Of Action For The Future


The FIEC intends to keep advocating for international education globally in the future. They also strive to improve the uplifting atmosphere in classrooms. They even want to make sure that international students feel like they belong in the classroom and the larger community, believe in their potential and put forth the effort to realize it. Also, FIEC wants students to reach their personal best and be proud of their achievements for their own benefit and the benefit of society as a whole.


Overall, FIEC is a top-notch consultancy dedicated to enhancing student voice and experience in a context that is internationally engaged and in accordance with the unique requirements of schools and students.


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