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GoliathTech: Satisfying The Rising Demand Of Customers Through Its Carefully Engineered Product

GoliathTech: Satisfying The Rising Demand Of Customers Through Its Carefully Engineered Product

AA pioneer in helical pile engineering, design, production, and distribution is GoliathTech. Their products are used in many different types of construction, including residential foundations, underpinning (foundation repair), signage, decks, railing infrastructure, agricultural infrastructure, and solar, to mention a few. Their franchisees enjoy unparalleled excellence in their goods, services, and assistance.


Helical piles are big galvanized steel screws that go deep into the ground to ensure a stable foundation. Helical piles offer a very high bearing capacity and may be installed more quickly than other foundation technologies. Utilizing high-quality recycled steel and fully galvanized 60Ksi steel, GoliathTech helical piles lower their overall carbon footprint while preserving energy and natural resources. Additionally, GoliathTech has ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications for their quality management system and environmental management system.


Maintaining Sight of Current Trends

GoliathTech has just finished construction on a brand-new, cutting-edge 120,000-square-foot high-speed production factory to satisfy the existing and rising demand. To give clients a better experience and a service that lives up to their expectations, GoliathTech has recently built a new website.


Homeowners spend money on their homes and yards in the current economic climate. The adaptable GoliathTech helical piles are ideal for various projects, including docks, fences, sheds, gazebos, carports, home expansions, decks, and balconies.


Helical piles have the major benefit of being installed with small, compact equipment with little adverse influence on the environment. Helical piles will not harm the surrounding landscape when building or adding a feature to the backyard.



The Pervasiveness of Helical Pile

GoliathTech has made significant financial and material investments in research and development to ensure that they provide the best product available on the market. It has created a broad range of items to provide a wide range of products to enable any endeavor.


For as long as anyone can remember, concrete foundations have been the preferred choice in the construction industry. However, helical piles can replace concrete foundations and have several advantages. GoliathTech has been at the forefront of educating everyone in the business who doesn’t know what helical piles are about and how to use this foundation technique.


2020 was a very successful but challenging year for GoliathTech. Due to COVID’s travel restrictions, many individuals have chosen to spend money on their houses, backyards, gardens, and swimming pools, which is fantastic for the building industry! Because of the current market rates, many people are improving their houses rather than buying newer or larger ones.


Serving Clients with Excellence

The customer needs come first at GoliathTech because they are so customer-focused. In addition to having the best product available, GoliathTech can build any product specifically for any project or structure. The business continually studies market trends to ensure its consumers receive cutting-edge goods and services.


The helices and tubes are shielded from degeneration over time. They are also filled with polyurethane, which prevents the cold weather heaving. High-quality recycled steel is used in GoliathTech’s fabrication. This decreases the overall carbon footprint and conserves energy and natural resources. GoliathTech has many patents, demonstrating its dedication to providing clients with the most outstanding product.


In Utah, the USA, a wetland that served as a haven for migrating birds had helical piles from GoliathTech erected to construct a wooden boardwalk. Despite the limited access, the screw piles for the boardwalk were built in about a week. The site could only be reached by the lightest of equipment, and the helical piles were set directly into soft soil and even in water. Due to environmental restrictions, the sort of machinery that could be used and the type of foundation that could be constructed were both restricted, making it a complex undertaking. The soil conditions were remarkably soft and liquefiable. The optimum alternative for this kind of project and site was determined to be helical piles!


Under The Hat: The Feathers

GoliathTech has won numerous awards for its fantastic goods and intensely customer-focused business model, including the Franchisee Awards 2022, the Best Businesses in Canada – Canadian Business Review Board 2021, and others. Top Low-Cost Franchises – Startup Entrepreneur, Franchisee’s Choice Designation – Canadian Franchise Association, Franchise 500 Top Low-Cost Franchise, Franchise – Entrepreneur Magazine 2019, Top Emerging Franchise – Gator Franchise 2020 Top 100 Franchises – Entrepreneur Startup, The 10 Best Franchises to Open, Insights Success Magazine Fastest Growing Franchises – Entrepreneur Magazine, the Top 200 Global Franchises, Certificate of Excellence – 30 Great Places to Work, Top 500 Franchises, Top 55 Franchises – Entrepreneur Magazine 2018, Top 10 Best Value Franchises – Entrepreneur Magazine, and 50 Best Workplace of the Year – The Silicon Review Top franchise opportunities in America: Entrepreneur Magazine.


If past performance indicates the future, GoliathTech will undoubtedly continue to expand. GoliathTech is actively expanding across Europe and continually observing market trends to continue inventing.


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