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GreenPro Capital Corp: Providing Financial And Business Services To Business Through Unique Approach And Innovative Technology

GreenPro Capital Corp: Providing Financial And Business Services To Business Through Unique Approach And Innovative Technology

GreenPro Capital Corp: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from many industries and nations can access a variety of financial and commercial solutions from the worldwide conglomerate GreenPro Capital Corp. Gilbert Loke and Dr. CK Lee, both qualified accountants, business owners, and investors with years of experience in finance, business, and technology, formed the company in 2013. The two founders’ shared objective for GreenPro Capital Corp’s creation was to help SMEs, which conventional finance institutions frequently underserve, to monetize, capitalize, and securitize their company values through innovative and cost-effective financial and business solutions.


Since its founding in 2013, GreenPro Capital Corp has been one of the fastest-growing professional corporate advisory organizations. Its team of specialists has dealt with both regional and international issues. They take pleasure in helping their clients to capitalize on their principles by offering specialized expert advice.


Asset protection & trust services, wealth management, financial reviews, and cross-border public listing are all offered by GreenPro Capital, an integrated corporate consulting service provider. The company was listed on the OTCQB of the OTC Market in the US in 2014, and subsequently uplifted to Nasdaq in June 2018.



Moving Forward Through Technology


The need for scalable, adaptable, and accessible digital financial solutions and services is growing in the current environment. Given its concentration on digital financial technologies, including blockchain, fintech, and artificial intelligence, GreenPro Capital Corp is well-positioned to meet these developments. The company’s products are developed to give SMEs access to reasonably priced funding, quick and effective payment processing, and accurate financial reporting and analysis.


The financial and business sectors are undergoing a rapid technological transition, and GreenPro Capital Corp is leading this change. The business can now provide cutting-edge financial and business solutions that are quicker, more efficient, and more secure than conventional financial and business services because of its adoption of cutting-edge technology like blockchain and artificial intelligence. Additionally, these technologies have enabled GreenPro Capital Corp to lower operating expenses, enhance transparency, and expand client accessibility.



COVID-19’s Effects


The COVID-19 epidemic has had a major effect on every business in the world, including the financial sector and industry. By utilizing its digital skills to support online transactions and enable remote work, GreenPro Capital Corp has overcome this obstacle. In order to help its clients, to manage the financial ramifications of the epidemic, the firm has also offered advice and support.


Corporate Values


In Greenpro, we always strive for our “8”R values, as follows:


Righteousness: Maintaining our moral integrity means acting and behaving in a way that is ethically appropriate or right.


Relationship: Create and maintain positive relationships with the clients who have trusted us to meet their requirements and achieve their objectives.


Reliability: Gaining the confidence of customers who, in the end, believe that we are dependable individuals and a trustworthy business with moral character.


Result-Driven: Deliver the results that our clients, team members, partners, and investors expect at all times by being result-driven.


Responsibility: To achieve strong business performance, corporate social performance, corporate citizenship, and corporate social values, we must be accountable for our behavior.


Resilient: Build, develop, and expand our company into a reputable one for our current and future stakeholders. Function without any problems.


Reputation: Build a solid capability and system to endure changes or unfavorable events that may occur in our company environment while maintaining our ability to survive and operate without difficulties.


Realistic: Deliver expert advice, opinions, and conclusions that are realistic to our stakeholders while maintaining a high standard of accuracy, dependability, integrity, and honesty.



The Marketing Dynamics are Changing


The XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service) platform from GreenPro Capital Corp is revolutionary in the market since it gives SMEs access to a variety of customizable financial and commercial solutions. The platform makes a variety of financial and business services available to SMEs in one location, including crowdfunding, digital asset tokenization, business incubation, trust and asset protection, financial planning and wealth management, family office services, merger and acquisition services, business valuation, internal control, and legal services. This platform makes it unnecessary for SMEs to coordinate with different service providers, which helps them save time, cut costs, and increase efficiency.


The emphasis placed by GreenPro Capital Corp on innovation, accessibility, affordability, and efficiency sets its solutions apart from those of its rivals. The company offers scalable, versatile, and adaptable solutions that are created to address the needs of SMEs specifically. In order to guarantee that its customers obtain the greatest financial and commercial solutions and satisfaction, GreenPro Capital Corp also provides individualized customer assistance and consulting services.



Rightly Serving The Clients


A new business that was having trouble getting financing from conventional financial institutions was one of GreenPro Capital Corp’s clients. The company sought assistance from GreenPro Capital Corp and was able to achieve crowdfunding through GreenPro’s Equity Crowdfunding platform, XaaS platform, which assisted them in raising the necessary funds. Another client was a small company that was having issues with bookkeeping and accounting. Customized accounting solutions from GreenPro Capital Corp helped this client improve the operation of their organization by streamlining financial reporting and analysis as well as management skills.


GreenPro Capital Corp’s customer experience strategy aims to provide each client with individualized, trustworthy, and effective financial and commercial solutions. The company’s solutions are created to address the requirements of each client specifically, and its customer support team is on hand round-the-clock to offer support and direction. Customers of GreenPro Capital Corp benefit from better financial reporting and analysis, greater access to cost-effective finance, and lower operating expenses.





Future objectives for GreenPro Capital Corp include increasing the number of financial and commercial products available on its XaaS platform. The company is also looking into new markets and alliances to expand its reach and offer SMEs more comprehensive services. In order to keep ahead of market trends and offer its clients the best financial and commercial solutions available, GreenPro Capital Corp is also committed to continuing its investment in cutting-edge technologies.


With a focus on individualized service, cutting-edge technology, and social responsibility, GreenPro’s distinctive strategy offers financial and commercial services to companies, eventually maximizing the value of their client’s companies. Over 110 people are employed by Greenpro Capital Corp., a Nasdaq-listed company (Nasdaq: GRNQ), throughout Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Thailand. In Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Thailand, GreenPro Capital Corp offers a variety of regulated financial and business solution services. The company is eager to expand into the CIA Regions, which include China, India, and the ASEAN Regions and is predicted to have a combined population of 3.5 billion people.