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Remembering Matthew Perry: Hank Azaria’s Heartfelt Tribute to a Hollywood Friendship

Hank Azaria

Remembering Matthew Perry: Hank Azaria’s Heartfelt Tribute to a Hollywood Friendship

Hank Azaria, renowned for his iconic role in “The Simpsons,” recently delivered a heartfelt video message in the wake of the tragic passing of his long-time friend and five-time Emmy-nominated actor, Matthew Perry, on Saturday. Azaria recalled their enduring friendship and the unique bond they shared from the moment he set foot in Hollywood.

In an Instagram video lasting nearly four minutes, Azaria reflected on his early days as an aspiring actor and his initial encounter with Perry. Azaria warmly reminisced, “Matthew was the first friend I made in Los Angeles. I was 21 when I moved there, and he was just 16.” Together, they worked on a pilot named “Morning Maggie,” which regrettably never made it to the screen. Nevertheless, their connection deepened, evolving into a brotherly bond. Azaria expressed, “We shared many moments over drinks, laughter, and mutual support during the early stages of our careers.”


Hank Azaria


Their on-screen collaboration transpired in multiple episodes of the immensely popular TV series “Friends,” where Azaria portrayed David, a scientist entangled in a complicated relationship with Lisa Kudrow’s character, Phoebe Buffay, over an extended period.

Azaria also commended Perry for his extraordinary comedic talents, both on and off the screen. He noted, “Matthew’s humor was not limited to his on-screen performances in ‘Friends’ or his other projects. He was an absolute genius in person, weaving humor seamlessly into conversations. Most evenings spent with Matthew ended with uncontrollable fits of laughter.”

While paying tribute to his dear friend, Azaria acknowledged the formidable challenges Perry faced in maintaining his sobriety. He described the heartache experienced by many of Perry’s close friends as they witnessed his struggles. Azaria candidly shared, “I genuinely cherished our friendship. Yet, like many who were close to him, I felt that we had lost him to the grips of substance abuse long ago. As he documented his life in his autobiography, the extent of his suffering was profoundly distressing, affecting him physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically.”


Hank Azaria


Azaria also revealed his personal journey to sobriety and how Perry played a pivotal role in guiding him through the early stages of recovery. He remarked, “From a perspective of recovery, I’ve been sober for 17 years. It’s essential for me to express that it was Matthew who accompanied me to my first AA meeting on that transformative night. Throughout my initial year of sobriety, we attended meetings together, and his unwavering support, wisdom, and kindness played a significant role in my recovery journey. I sincerely wish he could have found the inner strength to consistently walk the path of sobriety.”



All in all


In this blog, we delve into the profound and enduring friendship between Hank Azaria and the late Matthew Perry. Hank Azaria, known for his iconic role in “The Simpsons,” pays tribute to his “first friend” in Hollywood, Matthew Perry, who tragically passed away.

Azaria shares personal anecdotes, highlighting their journey as aspiring actors and their shared experiences on and off the screen. He also reflects on Perry’s remarkable comedic talents and the challenges he faced in maintaining sobriety. This heartfelt tribute celebrates the unique bond between these two Hollywood legends and their influence on each other’s lives.

Through Azaria’s heartfelt tribute, we gain insight into their shared experiences, mutual support, and the impact they had on each other’s lives. It celebrates the genuine camaraderie they shared in the competitive world of Hollywood and underscores the challenges of maintaining sobriety in the entertainment industry.


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