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HBM Talent & Management: Your One-Stop Solution For Talent Management Needs In Entertainment Industry

HBM Talent & Management: Your One-Stop Solution For Talent Management Needs In Entertainment Industry

S Sophia Felix established HBM Talent & Management because she became aware of her model friends’ many requests for business help. She wanted to establish a secure setting where her skills might advance careers and thrive. Sophia eventually acquired well-known clients to grow her business. She currently works with professional actors, musicians, business people, and influencers.


The entire HBM team hopes for prosperous connections with their clients, enabling them to operate as a unit to secure larger contracts and projects, produce larger internal productions, and expand their philanthropic efforts to benefit more communities.


Talent Management Industry And HBM’s Role In It

Everything in the talent management industry is advertised online. It is possible to collaborate and develop a team across the globe. Thanks to technology and app-based communication, Sophia has access to talent in LA, NYC, London, and Canada. Instead of needing to travel to a casting call, talent can now send their reels, comp cards, and resumes to Sophia directly for consideration online.


HBM Talent & Management uses their platform to effect change by giving back to its communities. HBM Talent & Management donates its services to several charitable organizations, especially those that support underprivileged children. By cooperating with other organizations on projects that will raise revenue, they are also generating new employment opportunities for women and minorities. Sophia believes it is crucial to prioritize her clients’ careers and provide market value by conducting business on her terms. Sophia is quite happy with how the entire team has changed the market because it is tough to succeed in the entertainment sector.


What Makes HBM Unique?

The majority of clients struggle with branding and publicizing their goods or service. Management, marketing, public relations, and special events are HBM’s areas of expertise. So, for instance, a client needed help with her skincare business. HBM provided social media and website content, established her Instagram page, conducted a PR campaign with articles and customer testimonials, and conducted a custom photo shoot to promote her product. Sophia enjoys working one-on-one with her clients and talent on branding because most only require additional direction and a game plan to feel more confident and blossom to their full potential.


The difference between HBM and its rivals is that a potential client will pick HBM over the others because of their professionalism, promptness, and connections. Sophia has connections with successful executives, models, actors, makeup artists, photographers, and videographers who can complete the task. She excels at negotiating on behalf of clients and managing expenditures within their budgets. Clients pick HBM Talent & Management for many reasons, including saving them time, stress, and money.


Also, most clients that work with HBM Talent & Management are heavily involved in the projects, and Sophia also gives them weekly status updates. By replicating the content created by the HBM experts and Sophia’s relationships, they can leverage the solution. She also keeps in touch with them after they have finished their task because she wants them to return for more projects. Sophia genuinely cares about providing customers with a professional and enthusiastic experience. She always ensures that they finish the project and HBM’s customers have a positive conclusion and experience, even if things may take longer or not go as planned.


How Is HBM Using Technology To Develop Its Business?

Understanding social media and the latest technological developments is crucial since it helps people sell themselves and successfully execute tasks for customers who employ businesses. By taking on partners, subcontractors, and helpers to make sure they are marketing themselves in the best way possible, Sophia set up HBM Talent to be able to adapt. Most of her customers claim to have found HBM Talent on social media and have been drawn to her image and way of life. She takes pride in their positive reputation and capacity to change course to follow and even pioneer new trends as a result.


Sophia And Her Achievements

A self-made Latina business owner in the entertainment industry, Sophia Felix is a multifaceted agent. She launched HBM Talent & Management to provide clients with an exclusive and secure atmosphere where they could flourish and use their particular abilities to create a tailored path to success. She is passionate about advancing the careers of models at every step, providing them with fresh possibilities to realize their full potential, and assisting brands in identifying the best talent to help them develop their creative voice in a significant and lasting way. Sophia is also the Co-founder and President of the International Cannabis Consulting Business Women’s Association (ICBWA), a non-profit organization empowering women in the cannabis industry.


Numerous prestigious organizations have recognized Sophia with honors, awards, and nominations, including the 2020 ABC 10News Leadership Award, the 2018 Latina Corporate Executive of the Year nominee & Honorable mention by Latina Style Magazine, the 2017 California Hero award presented by Senator Joel Anderson, two Telly Awards, and recently  Woman of The Year 2022 nomination from San Diego Magazine.


The long-term strategy for HBM Talent & Management is to create and produce more expensive projects internally. Sophia is also giving the general public and proprietors of non-entertainment-related businesses the chance to employ HBM as their consultant. On their website, www.hbmtalent.com under the Consulting page, they can schedule an appointment with Sophia and her business.


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