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IPzen: The All-In-One, Easy To Use Trademark Portfolio Management Solution In The Cloud

IPzen: The All-In-One, Easy To Use Trademark Portfolio Management Solution In The Cloud

M Most businesses right now are adopting trademark management software solutions more rapidly as more sophisticated technologies develop. It is anticipated that numerous organizations will rely on the newest cloud-based technologies to safeguard their intellectual property assets strategically within the coming two to three years, if not already.


The development of solutions to secure the protection and administration of IP has been prompted by the exponential growth in advanced technologies and this is rapidly becoming a requirement for all businesses. These substantial breakthrough developments, provide quicker and easier commercialization for the whole administration of intellectual property assets, allowing for both in-office and remote operations.  In a nutshell, IPzen is a cutting-edge platform that is accessible anytime, and from anywhere.


Founded in 2007, Harbor Technologies is a software solution publisher and developer lab focusing on creating software solutions for companies and consulting groups. With a sophisticated Trademark Portfolio Management module to manage the whole life cycle for Intellectual Property assets. Harbor Technologies offers solutions for law firms, specifically for Intellectual Property law firms.


For law firms and corporate organizations, the cutting-edge SaaS platform “IPzen” solution was created by professionals in the field of intellectual property law.


IPzen users have benefited in several ways, including lowering the workload associated with managing the entire intellectual property process, freeing up the bandwidth of their router networks for other high-value activities, managing customer relations, managing sales, and working more efficiently with teams and management. Additionally, it makes daily tasks easier to manage by ensuring deadlines for renewals, affidavits of use, and all other parts of managing portfolio files that need to be met.



Unique Sales Point of IPzen


If there is ever a crisis in the zone where the production servers are located, the “other” confirmed backup zone strategy is alerted, and the platform goes immediately into effect, allowing access to the IPzen platform from the backup zone.  This is due to the technology of the software, platform, or infrastructure environment.  IPzen is developed on a real-time platform that with cloud technology, allows access to be available 24/7.


IPzen was created exclusively by IP professionals and attorneys for lawyers and is available 24/7 from anywhere worldwide, reducing business impact risks and enabling users and organizations to conduct operations and adhere to work schedules as needed. In this way, and due to this backup strategy, IPzen, to date, has never faced significant difficulties.


One of the easiest-to-use legal management software programs available today is IPzen.


With an integrated smart invoicing system, a deadline tracking module, and a payment follow-up solution, IPzen is an all-in-one software solution that manages the entire intellectual property life cycle, including managing trademark portfolios, domain names, watch services, social media, and watch services. To assist you in managing your daily work-based activities, IPzen provides a dashboard and workflow scheduling module that are simple and easy to use.


The practical solution for helping IP lawyers handle trademarks and cover all facets of safeguarding intangible assets is IPzen. All issues are pursued, including clearance, evaluation, counseling, legal defense against allegations of trademark infringement, anti-counterfeiting efforts, and enforcement. IPzen is a profitable and effective solution that meets all the needs of IP legal professionals, allowing them to manage their job activities more easily by having everything they need in one place.



The World-Class Services Offered By IPzen


IPzen is aware of how challenging finding the ideal solution may be. To make it simpler for you to manage your work life anywhere, at any time, and at a reasonable, flexible price, the IPzen team has created an adaptable, user-friendly, “all-in-one” online platform that links all necessary elements together in one location to follow each file.


International legal experts favors IPzen for all of their IPR management requirements.


  • Easy to use: Anyone with rudimentary or basic computer knowledge can utilize IPzen.
  • Time Saver: With redundant duties now being automated, IP experts can focus on the most crucial tasks that will tremendously advance their businesses while saving time.
  • Cybersecurity Management: The IPzen platform was developed with security at the forefront of the development process cycle in light of the current uptick in cyberattacks and threats. Advanced SSL encryption, automated backups, and around-the-clock server monitoring guarantee that data and sensitive information are always secure.
  • Financial Monitoring and Dashboards: With ongoing monitoring and alerts when certain thresholds are met, IP professionals can quickly and effectively view specific financial indicators and KPIs of their firm, enabling users to produce precise financial forecasts.
  • Flexibility: a completely developed and “real-time” tested portfolio-based IP system that allows you to meet all your requirements in one location.
  • Module-based platform: Modules can be utilized by corporations, start-ups, and non-legal organizations to handle their work files and daily operations effectively and with accuracy.


You can have more time to operate your business and spend quality time counseling or corresponding with your clients by using automated software to handle tasks for the whole IP lifecycle efficiently.



Build your company and success with our technologically advanced and inventive platform.


We understand how organizations, our own clients, and their clients, need to be on the pulse to ensure full “head-to-toe” client satisfaction in ensuring the best solutions possible to meet their business needs.


As an example, we had a situation where one of our clients really needed to know how to navigate invoicing for their clients, so we took this possibility and developed a savvy “invoice” module as an addition to the overall platform to aide and resolve their problem. We got straight to the issue and developed an add-on “Invoice” module for the platform.  Now invoicing is an inclusive part of the IPzen platform for everyone.  The client, since this evolution, is now singing praises for the effectiveness of this additional module.


The team has also set up the IPzen platform solution to allow businesses to manage their trademark portfolios internally.



The Prospects For IPzen


IPzen debuted at INTA in San Diego in 2015.  “This is a revolutionary and evolving company to harness a smarter and more efficient way of helping organizations creatively develop their brands” according to INTA, a global association of brand owners and professionals committed to promoting trademarks and related intellectual property (IP) to encourage consumer trust, economic progress, and innovation.


The platform, which has a welcoming and expanding workforce, has been created with flexibility as technology advances, making it simple to use and manageable throughout the whole lifecycle of managing intellectual property assets.


Our IT team is constantly improving the IPzen platform, and the community of users benefits from these advancements at no additional cost to the trademark portfolio module, invoicing module, security, and all the other features offered by the product.


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