Here's why fans of The 1975 think new music is coming next month -
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Here’s why fans of The 1975 think new music is coming next month

Here’s why fans of The 1975 think new music is coming next month

IIt’s been two years since The 1975 released 2020’s Notes on a Conditional Form, and fans are predicting the band’s follow-up could be on the way sooner than you think. 


The rumors all started Wednesday (June 1) when Matt Healy and his bandmates posted a cryptic update after wiping their Instagram account. “Your new album. Your new era. Your old friends. 1975,” reads the caption, alongside a dapper photo of the foursome posing in simple black suits.


However, with no explicit announcement or release date revealed in the post, most followers could’ve shrugged the tease off that something was coming, they just didn’t know when. But then, an eagle-eyed fan came across an enigmatic poster in New York City that seemed to hint at something even more concrete.


In stark black and white, the flyer reads, “1975…July 7” above a seriously elongated photo illustration of Healy with his fists raised in the air. The band’s website is listed at the very bottom in small white lettering, which directs fans to the same image of the frontman and a link to join their mailing list. (Billboard has reached out to The 1975’s reps, but we have yet to receive a response.)


Last year, Healy also teased that new music from Drive Like I Do — his pre-1975 band — would be coming “pretty soon,” explaining, “there’s the old music, there’s a little bit of new music – I’m not going to make a fanfare about it,” though the promised tracks have yet to surface.


Check out The 1975’s latest post and the fan-spotted promo materials below.


Source: Billboard News