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PEX: Serving The Global Clients With The Right Choice Of Payment Processing Services

PEX: Serving The Global Clients With The Right Choice Of Payment Processing Services

T The payments/cards sector is constantly changing, and the environment is changing quickly. What is clear is that mobile wallets are growing in acceptance. In fact, compared to last year, 45 percent more consumers say they will use a mobile wallet to make a payment in 2022. PEX is well-equipped to offer clients these kinds of solutions.


Established in 2008, PEX Ltd. is a global provider of payment services with headquarters in Mauritius. PEX employs a practical strategy to address the specific payment issues posed by the rapid growth markets. As a full-service payment processing company accredited by Visa, MasterCard, and UPI, PEX provides banks, the retail sector, and financial institutions with complete EVM solutions, as well as a wide range of digital payment solutions like mobile payments, e-commerce, tokenization, contactless payments, issuing debit and prepaid cards, etc. PEX also offers high-level expertise in all areas of digital payments.



Revolution In The Payments Sector


The payment industry, as a whole, is on the verge of a revolution and will profit from digitalization, disruptive technologies, and the adoption of FinReg-compliant solutions. Due to the restrictions of conventional financing, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options will continue to expand, and financial institutions working in cooperation with fintech companies will follow this trend.


As more central banks adopt central bank digital currencies (CBDC), it will become easier to safeguard and stabilize the payment systems. This is especially true in light of the collapse of several cryptocurrency exchanges, which caused billions of dollars in market losses for ordinary investors.


PEX is positioned to take advantage of these fresh opportunities as an innovative firm. They are also forming partnerships with other fintech businesses to offer these solutions to clients.



Bringing About The Change


Banks and other financial institutions may provide their customers with the best cards and payment products thanks to PEX’s comprehensive turnkey solution. PEX has developed a SaaS platform that offers a comprehensive selection of issuing and acquiring solutions, including issuing debit, credit, and prepaid cards and processing for online and mobile purchases, ATM and POS acquiring, and more. Their clients use the payment platform to offer their customers solutions that are affordable. Additionally, it allows banks to collect transactions from point-of-sale systems, ATMs, and multiple e-commerce platforms and offer their clients a single-channel experience. Modern technology ensures that PEX’s clients get the most benefits for the least amount of capital outlay.


Once customers have a relationship with PEX, they do not need to hunt for another payment provider. The business offers a platform from which clients can gradually expand their services to clients per their needs. Customers of PEX receive the kind of service they deserve, which includes an omnichannel banking and payment experience.



Rightly Serving The Clients


Every industry has issues, but you must ensure that you promptly address your client’s concerns and have an appropriate follow-up. It would be best if you also stayed in touch with your clients. The staff at PEX constantly seeks to enhance their services and welcomes client feedback. Once a project is operational, PEX executives meet the clients, speak with them, and attempt to identify the problems. This procedure is underway. Innovation is critical in our industry, where things practically happen daily. As a result, everyone on the team needs to be able to keep one step ahead. PEX strongly emphasizes serving its current clients to enhance and uphold its image in the market. PEX does its best to keep its customers satisfied.


Compared to other companies in the market, PEX’s main point of differentiation is that most of its executive team are all former bankers with 500+ years of combined expertise in this sector and a solid combination of IT and business knowledge. Before this, they had important management roles in banks. This makes sure that projects are understood and completed in accordance with company requirements by utilizing technical solutions that are both affordable and efficient. As a result, this offers our customers speedy time to market solutions.


One of PEX’s clients intended to promote financial inclusion among its customers by offering a practical payment alternative. However, when the client went to the bank, they suggested using a solution branded with the Visa or MasterCard logos. The approach, especially for financial inclusion, was not cost-effective because of the interchange expenses. Therefore, PEX created an end-to-end mobile money solution for the customer using cutting-edge technologies. The client is now testing the service in one country with plans to roll it out in other nations later.



Customers On the Front Line


Once a project is live at PEX Ltd, the customer service team (CX) arranges monthly governance calls with the customers and stakeholders to gather accurate input and guarantee that they receive good service. The CX staff also helps the customers by calling them monthly or fortnightly to review tickets and get updates on issues reported through the ticketing system. A monthly call is also helpful for discussing fresh concepts and chances. PEX offers first-line assistance by email, phone, or ticketing around the clock for business and technical issues. To be able to give our customers the best service possible, there are three working shifts.


PEX has an Escalation Matrix set up for any issues that need to be escalated requiring immediate help. The customers are informed of regular updates to the same.



Future Driven By Mission


The goal of PEX is to lead the way in payment sector advancements. The BNPL, contactless, and tokenization solutions will be created internally. The PEX team will establish new alliances to provide clients with specialized solutions and will also look into alliances for cross-border payments. Looking ahead to what the company’s future holds, the team at PEX will continue to provide award-winning services, ensuring they meet the client’s needs and go above and beyond their expectations.


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