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Policy Wisdom: Understanding and Analyzing Public Health Policies and Helping Organizations for a Healthier Tomorrow

Ana Rita Gonzalez

Policy Wisdom: Understanding and Analyzing Public Health Policies and Helping Organizations for a Healthier Tomorrow

W When virtual work was not popular or mainstream in 2010 Policy Wisdom LLC (PW) was established (conceived) as a 100% virtual business. Since then, the company is committed to advancing public health policy globally and works as a strategic partner with companies, organizations, and governments. PW has successfully completed 585 projects in more than 152 countries to enhance the general public’s access to health products and services. PW is supported by a 100% multi-cultural and multitalented virtual network of more than fifty professional consultants across various continents. The company collaborates with its clients using an evidence-based approach and methodologies to identify, design, and support the implementation of effective strategies to improve access to products and services that are beneficial to the well-being of individuals and society.



Public Health Policy Advancement and Wise Policymaking


Technology is omnipresent, and policymaking is no exception given that scientific knowledge is applied to maintain consistency and achieve measurable goals. PW has developed, tested, and validated over thirty approaches to ensure that scientific information and evidence are used to promote health policies that advance public health. In this regard, PW is a leader in the field of policy shaping.


According to public health expert, CEO, and Founder Ana Rita Gonzalez, the key market trends are as follows:


  • Policies are necessary to create access to healthcare and equity in health;
  • The speed of scientific discovery makes it extremely difficult for nations to assess which innovations to adopt; and
  • COVID increased citizens’ awareness of the link between public health issues and the detrimental effects on society, their families, and the economy, as well as the necessity of advocating for their right to health.


Businesses continually innovate to keep up with policy challenges, developing new goods, services, and strategies to meet population needs.


One factor that has helped Policy Wisdom maintain its leadership position in the field of public health policy is that its deliverables adhere to a consistent methodology and reliable data. It enables its clients to compare a particular issue in one nation to the same issue in another nation or across regions. The second factor is the ability of PW’s global team to connect the dots between the gathered and evaluated facts and the creation of strong strategic suggestions to promote health policies.



Policy Wisdom and Their Specialized Customer Approach


PW is solely dedicated to shaping public health policy They are fully devoted to this subject and completely absorbed in it. Its global team works tirelessly to become a genuine partner and an extension of its client’s businesses. PW encourages continual communication and alignment through their partnership approach to foresee and handle their health policy concerns.


Advice is strategic, culturally relevant, and supported by data. The Policy Wisdom team is multicultural, has a broad range of education and experience, and comes from various cultural antecedents. As a result, their deliverables are pertinent and helpful in addressing the possibilities and challenges their clients confront worldwide.


Each solution is offered in a manner that is specifically tailored to meet the goals of the client. The PW team structure enables project development teams to retain constant, open communication while being efficient due to its 100% virtual model. Excellence and promptness are key values at PW. It is very typical to hear clients thank them for their flexibility and partnering style and for performing above and beyond their expectations.



Successful Solutions Supported by Research and Only Research


The main challenge is ensuring that government customers adopt policies that are the most efficient means of resolving a health issue, problem, or unfairness. One of PW’s client nations had to deal with the issue of childhood obesity and a lack of exercise in a culture where financial incentives were ineffective. In order to address this, Policy Wisdom investigated the best practices for reducing childhood obesity in other nations and assessed which could be more successful in this one. They offered twelve policy solutions to address the issue, which may be put into practice over two to three years. One year after the policies were implemented, improvements started to appear.


Identifying and engaging correct business partners is also key and fundamental in achieving success in policymaking, including advocacy groups. Often, the main difficulty for patient and illness advocacy groups is establishing credibility by accomplishing three things: adding value, praising what governments have done, and requesting more benefits for the individuals they represent. While acknowledging government-produced breakthroughs, advocacy groups fighting a particular type of cancer found themselves unable to convince governments of their importance and be seen as active participants in the political process. Governments were unsure of the subsequent policy changes that would influence them at the same time. PW created a scorecard platform that enables advocacy organizations to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments already made and to effectively explain to the government the next steps that must be taken, tying them to patient needs.


Notably, using empirical data to assess the effects of public health policies presents the biggest barrier. The team at Policy Wisdom is researching the most effective methods for gathering information and analyzing it to come up with solutions that will be used as inputs for their strategic suggestions.


Overall, Policy Wisdom was built using a virtual by-design business model from the beginning. In terms of education, experience, culture, and language, their staff of consultants is diverse. This increases availability, agility, and flexibility globally and gives PW’s work various views. When combined with the depth and breadth of their tools, services, and methodologies, their team’s professional and cultural variety results in a special emphasis and approach that can change with the environment.


In such a changing world with so many health challenges, there is a need for leading and uniquely tailored companies like Policy Wisdom to keep consistency, and change the world one public health policy at a time.


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