CobbleStone®: Helping Clients With Automating Contracts Through Auto-Redline, VISDOM® AI, And Over-The-Top Innovation
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CobbleStone®: Helping Clients With Automating Contracts Through Auto-Redline, VISDOM® AI, And Over-The-Top Innovation


CobbleStone®: Helping Clients With Automating Contracts Through Auto-Redline, VISDOM® AI, And Over-The-Top Innovation

F For more than 20 years, thousands of users in the public and commercial sectors have trusted CobbleStone Software as a visionary pioneer in corporate contract lifecycle management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing software solutions. CobbleStone offers cloud-based and deployed SaaS contract management solutions that include contract and vendor tracking, customizable email alerts, calendar notifications, contract workflow management, strong security options, contract authoring with dynamic clauses, revenue/cost management, full-text indexing and searching, vendor/client ratings, document version control, custom reports, electronic signatures, and smarter contracts with artificial intelligence.


In order to maintain SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance for the highest level of security, CobbleStone Software – which hosts over three million contract transactions and billions of dollars in contract value – continues to be a leading CLM software provider. Leading research organizations, including Gartner, Forrester, Dunn & Bradstreet, and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, have praised CobbleStone Software, a federal GSA vendor.



Walking Step To Step With The Industry


CobbleStone is driving the AI revolution in legal technology. To streamline source-to-contract lifecycle management in legal operations and procurement, they innovate VISDOM, CobbleStone’s proprietary AI. To enhance contract oversight, proactive opportunity identification, and risk mitigation, VISDOM analyzes internal and external paper contracts.


For VISDOM to recognize newly presented clauses from CobbleStone Contract Insight users and provide matching analysis based on sophisticated machine learning and many clauses, CobbleStone started their million-clause program in 2022 – intending to feed VISDOM one million clauses by 2023. By automatically integrating clauses from customers’ authorized clause libraries, CobbleStone’s Auto-Redline ensures advantageous clause language.


Customers can use IntelliXtract to search their contracts for important terminology, legalese, clauses, and other legal data. To help people manage contracts, VISDOM’s Theory Calculator provides on-screen recommendations and automated data analysis.



On A Mission To Innovate


CobbleStone offers the most cutting-edge, economical, and user-friendly contract and procurement management software to enable employees to deliver their best work. Using artificial intelligence in CLM technology, CobbleStone Software has a history of providing organizations with contract management software that offers capabilities and flexibility that set the industry standard.


The development of the solutions costs millions of dollars, many hours, client input, and “know-how” from the industry. Unmatched contract lifecycle management software features may be found in CobbleStone Contract Insight®. The key is thinking strategically, being responsive, and comprehending organizational governance.


With IntelliSign®, their in-house developed eSignature solution that may reduce send-to-sign time by 20%, CobbleStone has considerably aided businesses from various public and private sectors with remote operations during and since COVID-19.


Contract intelligence can use natural language processing to extract, pre-process, and automatically fill in key contract data. Companies continue using CobbleStone for source-to-contract lifecycle management despite changes like digital transformation, remote work, etc.



CobbleStone SaaS


The most recent version of CobbleStone Software, CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise 22.1.0, provides a new perspective on contract lifecycle management. Contract managers with a highly intuitive user interface may have a wonderful, low-friction, adaptable, and flexible contract lifecycle management experience. Intuitive contract data extraction summaries with VISDOM contract AI, an easily navigable and expandable core user interface, a visually engaging contract record details experience, a dynamic progress bar to digest page content as the user scrolls, automated contract redlining for improved drafting and negotiations, proactive field recommendations for powerful contract metadata management, and a robust user information and account menu are just a few of the user-friendly CLM tools that have arrived with this new release.


The user-friendly and highly flexible CobbleStone Contract Insight contract management software does not require an IT administrator or other technically skilled administrator, unlike many other solutions. To ensure that users have a thorough understanding of the system per their assigned roles and the capacity to customize the solution to match an organization’s unique contract demands, CobbleStone Software offers a variety of customizable training alternatives.


CobbleStone Contract Insight is available both as an iOS and Android mobile app and as an online immersive software management solution.



Making The Work Easier For Clients


CobbleStone Software has boosted income, cut costs, saved time, and reduced risk for thousands of users across a variety of industries.


A Texas county, for instance, required consolidated contract management software since grant deadlines and expiration dates were not met. They had struggled for years to satisfy contract deadlines. Poor departmental communication and slow approval procedures made meeting county deadlines more difficult. They required a central location where they could store and manage all of their contracts.


The Texas county received assistance from CobbleStone in developing drill-down reports and its Contract Report Card System. Now, CobbleStone Contract Insight is always able to give a summary of the contract situation. County agencies received contract knowledge and obligations via CobbleStone Contract Insight. The contract system has reduced the number of expired contracts and made handling them by departments simpler, improving vendor responsibility and the caliber of County services.



Customers At The Forefront


CobbleStone prioritizes its customers. They provide existing and potential clients with the best contract lifecycle management software. CobbleStone is aware that every customer has particular needs. CobbleStone collaborates with clients to identify the ideal solution for each special circumstance. They review client touchpoints frequently to identify areas for development and implement them.


CobbleStone Software President Mark Nastasi says, “The company also hosts a number of conferences, webinars, training sessions, masterclasses, and other fun learning and networking events for its clients throughout the year. These conferences and workshops address CobbleStone Contract Insight procedures, ad-hoc reporting, system dashboards, document templates, and best practices for CLM. Because we follow through on our commitments, our customers have unprecedented devotion to our brand.”



The Future As Seen By Mark


Around 700,000 clauses have already been added to CobbleStone. CobbleStone is working on adding a mind-boggling 1,000,000 clauses to VISDOM AI, creating a robust database of real-world clauses for machine learning. About 140 conventional clauses and numerous atypical clause categories created to meet the needs of particular industries’ contract management software will be included in VISDOM’s knowledge base. VISDOM will essentially be a client’s access to an automated legal expert.


CobbleStone has unveiled CobbleStone Auto-Redline in addition to its million-clause project. With this innovative new solution, clauses from organizations’ approved clause libraries can be automatically added, guaranteeing that favorable clause language is used.