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Executive Global Transportation Services: Delivering You The World, One Load At A Time

Executive Global Transportation Services: Delivering You The World, One Load At A Time

In order to keep moving forward in the difficult economic climate, Dr. Graydon founded his transportation company, Executive Global Transportation Services, Inc., during the recession and market crash of 2008. As with the beginning of all of Dr. Graydon’s successful firms, he aimed to comprehend the goods transportation sector from every angle. He worked as a company driver for trucking companies and toured manufacturing facilities to learn about their issues, everyday operations, and even how to use forklifts. Following these first-hand encounters with the goods sector, Dr. Graydon solidified the cultural foundation of Executive Global Transportation, a culture that not only honors and respects all responsibilities in the transportation sector but also comprehends each role as an actual first-hand encounter. Executive Global wants to deliver an unrestricted, genuine customer care experience to every sector of the transportation business.



About The Company And Its Services


As a transportation brokerage, Executive Global Transportation Services coordinates shipping for a range of clients across the country. Their corporate office is in Casselberry, Florida, and they have been in business since 2008.


They provide convenient and dependable shipping choices for a wide range of businesses and people with their diverse line of services. The organization’s committed staff of logistics professionals can take care of your logistics needs due to contracts with a national network of reliable carriers. They deliver nationwide or internationally, even to remote or isolated regions, and they specialize in special shipments and specialized routes. The staff will be pleased to set up a shipping solution for your unique requirements.


The company, which has two commercial recording studios, also offers professional musicians a range of services, including Artist Management, Performance/Tour counseling, and contract negotiation.


Dr. Wiley K. Graydon, IV, the founder, has compiled his successful business tactics and practices into a comprehensive program for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. Additionally, their Master Mentor Programme is unmatched in the industry and offers resources that are truly life-changing.


Executive Global has the capacity, knowledge, and connections with heavy-haul carriers to handle your heavy-haul shipments. They coordinate the pickup and delivery of several items as well as the transportation of single or multiple parts. They also transport huge loads and superloads to and from any state in the continental United States, Mexico, or Canada.


Additionally, the organization is now able to meet all freight transportation demands by providing door-to-door intermodal rail service thanks to its direct arrangements with the railroads.


Customers can choose from a variety of distribution, storage, shipping, and fulfillment services offered by Executive Global. They provide full-service supply chain management and have access to warehouses all over the world.


Additionally, Executive Global provides businesses with end-to-end ocean freight management systems that enable effective cargo tracking through real-time tracking and SKU-level visibility of all shipments. They have a staff of logistics professionals who can assist you in making future plans and navigating the intricacy of the supply chain.


Finally, award-winning Executive Global Artist Management is a company renowned for its custom-tailored services and personalized artistic experiences. They provide artistic solutions for every event anywhere in the world, with their extensive roster of virtuosos, including special attractions, music, dance, family entertainment, and arts education. In conclusion, the Executive Global team embraces the chance to collaborate with clients and embodies the power of the arts every day!



Brand Positioning In Light Of Current Trends


The freight business has always been a dynamic sector that frequently precedes either economic downturns or economic upturns. Having been in the business for 15 years, Executive Global Transportation Services believes that offering excellent customer service is the most reliable indicator of ongoing success. They give their clients rapid responses to requests and are available 24 hours a day, including holidays, thanks to their creative placement strategy of 6 committed agents for every 15 consumers.


Although there are many unknown factors in the freight sector, thanks to the development of transportation management systems, or TMS, the Executive Global Transportation Services team can use assisted forecasting with artificial intelligence to clearly and precisely forecast where prices are headed. Executive Global takes pride in being easily accessible to customers as a boutique freight agency, giving market insights and technologies that have been examined through experience and understanding to benefit the consumer.



Getting Past The Obstacles


Executive Global has excellent facilities for its professionals at its headquarters in Casselberry, Florida. But professionals have long had the option of working remotely from home. The business stood by its clients during the epidemic to provide support and ongoing commitment to service throughout the difficult times of the pandemic.


Customer service is the main focus of Executive Global. They can swiftly address clients’ inquiries and requests thanks to their groups of six professional agents for every few customers. They are constantly accessible, quick to respond to inquiries, and offer quick and accurate answers.



Assisting Clients In Jumping The Cord


Over the years, Executive Global has assisted countless clients. One such customer required the transport of about 45,000 tons of compost goods from a far-off location. Executive Global suggested and set the most efficient transport alternatives that could move the most goods at the lowest cost. Executive Global’s expertise and experience in the transportation sector allowed for the quick and cost-effective shipping of the compost.


With their clients, Executive Global Transportation Services has had great success. They build relationships with customers by staying in touch regularly, providing feedback on the state of the market, and providing excellent service.


The company’s tagline is “Delivering You the World One Load at a Time.” By providing customers with ongoing market updates and insights, they hope to provide them with more knowledge and visibility about the transportation of their goods. Additionally, they maintain open lines of communication with customers and keep them informed about the most recent technology available to carry their products effectively in any market circumstance to improve service and visibility.





Customer service is always in demand, and bringing expertise, experience, and open communication into the mix completes the process of winning and success. The Executive Global team firmly believes that success “knocks” on the door of companies that are authentically devoted to their customers.


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