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Logix BPO: Creating A Sustainable Business Process Outsourcing Ecosystem


Logix BPO: Creating A Sustainable Business Process Outsourcing Ecosystem

L Logix BPO began in an extreme financial crunch, just like many other enterprises. The company was established at a co-working space on Australia’s Sunshine Coast to foster a fun and effective work environment for potential team members. The Cultural Goals of Logix was one of the first documents made. The company’s founding principles, vision for the teams, values for the culture, and how these cultural objectives would ensure that partners’ investments in Logix were secure and that staff retention was strong were all outlined in this document.



Putting Oneself On The Map


The BPO sector had a revival after the COVID-19 outbreak. Since they struggled to adjust their personnel to work-from-home situations, some well-known BPO businesses went out of business. Still, many new BPOs emerged in an effort to take advantage of the suddenly accessible market share. These new BPOs, of which Logix was one, started out in work-from-home settings and based their organizational structures around work-from-home teams just like Logix. The team had to add office teams as Logix expanded, and the switch from work-from-home infrastructure to work-from-office infrastructure is far simpler than the reverse. As one of the fastest-growing RPO companies in Australia and the UK, Logix has now established itself with the world’s top BPO brands.


Within Logix’s operations, technology is crucial. As a cutting-edge BPO business, they naturally innovate regularly, and this includes both internal business procedures and the technology that supports their workforce despite the fact that technology has contributed to Logix’s success. The Logix team believes that the company’s great cultural values, fair pricing, open communication with partners, and “never say die” mentality have contributed to Logix’s success thus far. To ensure that their partners always have real-time visibility into their remote teams, Logix employs state-of-the-art technology stacks. These stacks also protect partners’ data and uphold privacy, and they include HR, operational, and marketing software that can compete with any product on the market.


Therefore, from a purely business standpoint, COVID-19 was not harmful to newly established BPO companies that aimed to increase their market share in a highly competitive industry. In light of the new norms of work-from-home and hybrid team structures that COVID-19 brought to light, Logix BPO was able to aggressively gain market share and hold onto it in the face of tough competition. Anthony Godley, the founder, and CEO of Logix BPO, saw COVID-19 as an opportunity when preparing to launch the company. While the pandemic was a truly terrible event that affected many individuals and businesses, it also provided a unique chance for new businesses to flourish, provided they were bold enough to take advantage of it.



Creating Transformation Via A Unique Consumer Strategy


The BPO sector is established, and skilled remote teams are not a novel concept. While Logix is one of several well-known companies with extensive BPO experience, COVID-19 fundamentally altered that industry. The introduction of cloud computing revolutionized how organizations store data and work in the years leading up to COVID-19, which only increased the effectiveness of remote teams. While Logix BPO uses a whole cloud computing approach, the teams work from a cloud tech stack, with a sizeable portion of that team effectively utilizing remote work arrangements. They do have physical servers that provide data backups.


As mentioned above, Logix BPO gives its partners access to the most talented individuals, including those who are sincere, devoted, and driven to advance their careers. Because of its exceptional culture, Logix has extraordinarily high retention rates across all of its teams. They only use the most reliable tools, software, and technology to ensure effective workforces, data protection, and live visibility on distant teams. An astute business owner should consider Logix BPO when considering creating remote teams.


Finding qualified sourcing and recruitment professionals in local talent pools is a common pain point for the partners in the business’s RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) side. By bringing in highly trained, fluent English-speaking workers at a fraction of the cost of recruiting local resources, if they can even be found, Logix, which works with numerous recruitment agencies globally, overcomes this problem.


Of course, providing excellent customer service is crucial to Logiz as a company. By integrating Customer Relationship Management into the remote teams, they guarantee that clients have a wonderful experience with Logix. Winlove Tabamo is dedicated to creating successful teams and contented clients. She oversees customer relationship management for all of Logix’s teams. They produce effective workforces who are content, work in a culture that rewards success, and have excellent retention rates, all of which guarantee pleased clients for Logix.


Anthony Godley (CEO) Geraldine Castillo (Executive Assistant)

Anthony Godley (CEO), Geraldine Castro (Executive Assistant)





Since Logix is a company that is continually inventing, the Logix BPO operations in 2024 will undoubtedly change significantly from the Logix BPO of the present in various ways. Any improvements made, however, shall be for the better and solely focused on delivering the core corporate values of Happy Teams & Happy Customers. The teams will expand, the technology will adapt to ever-changing needs, and the team at Logix is certain that both their teams and partners will continue to be satisfied. Through 2023, Logix plans to open several new offices in the Philippines and a new office in Nottingham, UK.


Every company considering outsourcing, using remote workers, or using a BPO/RPO must look beyond cost. In this sector, going with the cheapest option will end badly. Businesses thinking about hiring remote workers are advised to search for companies that cherish their employees, have good employee retention rates, and take data security and privacy seriously. Simply search for Logix BPO.


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