TeleRay: Simple, Reliable, And Fast Company Solving Healthcare Problems Through The Use Of Extraordinary Technology
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TeleRay: Simple, Reliable, And Fast Company Solving Healthcare Problems Through The Use Of Extraordinary Technology


TeleRay: Simple, Reliable, And Fast Company Solving Healthcare Problems Through The Use Of Extraordinary Technology

T TeleRay is an innovative firm focused on developing communication technologies around radiography as the main diagnostic tool. They are the first to incorporate telehealth and telemedicine into the process of seeing photos during both live and recorded sessions. TeleRay will keep integrating new tools and technologies into the platform to serve its customers better.


For platforms for telehealth/telemedicine and DICOM exchange, TeleRay is a top software developer and systems integrator. They offer the most affordable, feature-rich telehealth platform on the market, improving workflow and resulting in improved outcomes. The software also allows for the live transmission of other modalities, including ultrasound, to virtually place a qualified doctor in space. Their remote control equipment enables control of a modality from any location. This aids in education, radiology protocols, servicing, virtually hiring trained technicians, and more.


TeleRay Record converts any video or photographic system, including endoscopes, microscopes, fluoroscopy, surgical recording, and more, into universal DICOM for archiving and sharing. Schedule an online demo for a thorough explanation of the most cutting-edge healthcare data and sharing platform in the world.



Positioning The Self In Market


Radiology is expanding quickly across the globe. Examining what is going on inside the body is what diagnostic imaging is about. Stethoscopes used for external listening will become obsolete as the use of ultrasound in primary care, point-of-care settings, and emergency services increases. Together with independent practitioners, practice groups, and the biggest institutions in the world, TeleRay can support these use cases. TeleRay can assist in facilitating safe and appropriate connections as the need for healthcare communication increases.


The modalities have also advanced significantly. Modern diagnostic techniques for some disease states include some newer modalities with image sizes that are volumetric in scale, such as 3D tomosynthesis mammography devices and sophisticated PET/CT imaging. Advanced capabilities to move data and consult are provided by communication tools, internet speed, streaming, and mobile. The TeleRay team has developed technology to move these huge studies rapidly and securely while enabling users to access images and results on any device at anytime, anywhere on the globe.



Work Ready At All Times


TeleRay saw the explosion of telehealth with the expansion of TelaDoc and Zoom as COVID promoted remote communication. There will be no going back to the old healthcare communication methods after this seismic shift. If a provider doesn’t offer telemedicine and more convenient ways for patients to receive their own data and images in the future, patients will switch providers. And how did business manage to get beyond this major obstacle? The TeleRay team advises a potential customer struggling to make a transition that they only need to modify existing technologies rather than embrace new ones. The same kinds of technologies are already being used by these experts and patients in both their professional and personal lives.


Healthcare must adjust to the new methods that their customers—specialists, referring doctors, and patients—are being served. TeleRay has created a platform that provides facilities with all the resources required to service these stakeholders and enhance their data movement and communication capacity.



Bringing Real Change With Happy Clients


The industry-leading TeleRay has a highly complex communication platform that does a lot without making its users aware of it. Users can communicate face-to-face, add callers, write and update reports, send and receive images and data, including reports and findings, broadcast live imaging from a modality, and use many other problem-solving tools.


Users of TeleRay appreciate how many problem-solving tools the company offers on a single platform for a low price. Some of these problems don’t appear to exist and are accepted as status quo. Images that cannot be used or restored, necessitating repeated scans, are serious issues. Re-scanning patients in CTS, MRIs, etc., costs the healthcare industry billions of dollars and causes overexposure to radiation, delays in therapy, and in rare cases, fatalities.


As previously said, sharing useless data and images can cost healthcare billions. Many customers of TeleRay, have had problems with getting images into their PACS (image storage system for hospitals) so they could be seen. Sometimes they couldn’t due to the images being proprietary. After installing TeleRay’s platform, they were able to upload all of the images to the PACS because the data had been normalized. Moving images and data from point A to point B is one thing, but if you can’t use it, you have not achieved anything.


Customers of TeleRay frequently experience issues with compliance, pricing, and reliance on numerous vendors. TeleRay can serve as their remote IT department as a single source with a broad platform that could replace numerous vendors. People wind up enjoying a far better time for much less money. In addition, TeleRay provides customers with $2,000,000 in indemnification in the event of a breach. Due to TeleRay’s security architecture, they have never had a breach.





TeleRay also anticipates further expansion, particularly on a global scale. They never stop developing new technologies and see a chance to expand their mobile capabilities into the bush and rural health to serve an incredibly underserved patient population. The TeleRay team can make the idea of a “doc in a box” a reality. They think that technology can help with a lot of issues, particularly in healthcare communication and data sharing.


TeleRay solves a major issue in many sites by making the site compliant. Most sites are non-compliant in some element of their communication and sharing. As an example, Zomm claims to be HIPAA compliant, they are in some areas, but still would be considered non-compliant exposing the site to potential fines.


TeleRay is widely recognized as the most reliable and advanced platform on the market, with multiple filed patents at the best value. With more than 3000 users, along with 70% of the top 50 medical centers including Cleveland Clinic, Cedars-Sinai, Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, Northwestern, Shriners, Barnes-Jewish, Beth Israel, UPMC, UPENN, NY Presbyterian, and many more.


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