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Xebia: Operating Worldwide to Provide Innovative IT Consultancy Through Over 5500 Consultants


Xebia: Operating Worldwide to Provide Innovative IT Consultancy Through Over 5500 Consultants

XXebia has created digital leaders worldwide since 2001. They help the top 250 companies in the world innovate, use cutting-edge technologies, and implement profitable business strategies with locations on every continent. Xebia has many service lines to meet digital needs. These teams specialize in Software Development, Agile, DevOps, Data & AI, Cloud, Security, Microsoft Solutions, and Quality Assurance. Xebia Academy enables modern organizations to function more successfully, swiftly, and efficiently. Xebia continues to expand through a buy-and-build strategy, and partners with leading  IT companies to gain a greater foothold in the digital space.


Xebia has offices worldwide in the US, UK, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Columbia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UAE, Canada, Poland, Spain, and Australia.



Positioning in the Current Technological Scenario


Our mission can be captured in one word: Authority.


Always one step ahead of what businesses need, we turn the latest technology trends into advantages for our customers.


With every company attempting to be digital-first in its approach, end-to-end digital transformation is currently a crucial target for organizations across industries. For organizations to succeed and expand in today’s marketplace, the necessity of innovation and technological adoption has been emphasized over the last few years.


With more than 20 years of experience bringing change to leading businesses, Xebia assists its clients in advancing along the digital adoption process. They achieve this by preparing businesses for the digital shift. For instance, adopting AI will make it easier for firms to implement change. Additionally, they use agile technology to fuel enterprises and provide exceptional levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Building and sharing digital skills is made possible by a culture of continual learning.


Assisting customers in becoming digitally literate also entails assisting them in integrating cutting-edge digital technologies into their already-existing systems of practices and cultures. So, each client story includes a variety of digital journeys leading to better solutions.


Other specialized businesses that have joined Xebia’s successful journey and operate within the Xebia network, include Appcino, coMakeIt, g-company, Oblivion, PGS Software, SwissQ, 47 Degrees, and Netlink Digital Solutions. Xebia has launched specific labels, such as GoDataDriven, Binx, Xpirit, Qxperts, Stackstate, Instruqt, and Xccelerated, complementing their organic growth. Together, they make up the group Xebia.



Traveling Miles for Client Satisfaction


Xebia believes an organization can succeed with the correct marketing tactics and activities. Its marketing efforts emphasize technology advantages, domain expertise, sales, and promotion. Xebia excels in all digital domains and is a trusted partner from strategy to execution. Realize the power of DevOps, Agile, Data and AI, Cloud, Software Technology, Low-Code, and the Microsoft stack with Xebia’s authority across services.


Because of their expertise in Appian and Outsystems, Xebia has always tried to serve new markets to make Low Code more accessible to clients and prospects. Xebia’s accelerator-driven methodology shortens installation time from day one and increases ROI while improving multinational clients’ low-code Appian and Salesforce journeys from conception to delivery and post-delivery.


Xebia has delivered over 1000 enterprise solutions to over 86 delighted clients in various industries and has a 100% client retention rate. They are the most esteemed partner on Appian AppMarket for their innovative solutions.



Growing Through the Shifting Coding Model


IT and business collaborate during sales and delivery of low-code purchases. Each location has a great Presales and solutions team to help business decision-makers. For best fit, each presales bid team contains a full-time Bid Manager, Business Analysts, Solution architects, and UX designers.


Software factory & quick delivery framework (STAAR) as a service excellently supports low-code platforms like OutSystems/Appian to supply high-solutions with changeable roles and talents at a fixed/T&M price with a controlled scope or managed T&M. Clients pay the agreed fee for the project and have full information on resource and expertise distribution. Real-time dashboards and status information help them grasp project phases. Xebia’s quick delivery architecture aligns with the low-code platform’s team and services to create an automation engine for optimal benefits.



Customer Experience Strategy


Seven of the top 30 banking institutions, three of the top five airlines, the healthcare industry, cruise lines, and many more have undergone a digital transformation with expert support by Xebia. They have provided architectural advice to some of the biggest global banks, assisting them in transitioning from monolithic to more manageable microservice architectures. As many as 50 international banks have experienced such transformation. They have the expertise that local IT service providers use to bring in a wealth of international knowledge that is also valued by the local clientele. In-depth client requirements analysis and the provision of solutions to propel a firm are both part of the Xebia services. They also offer cutting-edge technologies and training services to maximize a business’s potential.


Being leaders in solutions built on Low Code platforms shortens the entire sales cycle, boosts conversion rates, and simultaneously increases ROI for the customer. This is a result of Xebia’s leadership in the community and the authority of Low Code Solutions.


Appian and Outsystems are the company’s trusted global partners and resellers. Xebia is the preferred delivery partner for many large businesses worldwide due to its longstanding partnerships with the top low-code platforms.



Vision for Low Code Application Development Services


Xebia specializes in low-code services. Since 82% of firms struggle to hire and retain developers, the development lifecycle must be accelerated, and app development democratized to digitalize commercial processes rapidly. Low Code accelerates app creation by 62% and feature implementation by 72%, making it essential to the growing digital disruption affecting all enterprises.


Xebia believes low code will complement traditional development to help developers meet today’s development speed requirements. Adding intelligence to low-code apps will expand their possibilities as low-code AI matures.





All in all, one of the goals that Xebia has set for itself in the next two years is to have 10,000 consultants. During the past 20 years, the company has expanded brick by brick, and its staff now numbers 5000+ consultants worldwide. The team is actively seeking to expand its footprint in North America.


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