Innovation Excellence Award 2023 Vol 3 - Success Knocks | The Business Magazine
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Innovation Excellence Award 2023 Vol 3

Cover Story.

Independent Mobile Security Vendor Providing Unique Data Protection Software with the Greatest Levels of Customer Satisfaction

After a successful startup and exit with software company Conceivium Business Solutions, founder Jonas Gyllensvaan took a role as consultant to the acquiring company Fixmo, a mobile-device infrastructure management solutions provider. Gyllensvaan noticed an increasing market need for a more straightforward, easier-to-deploy solution that safeguarded personal devices on corporate and governmental networks with the rise of BYOD in the early 2010s. SyncDog, Inc.'s secure mobile container as a service served as that solution. In order to safeguard mobile devices across the BYOD spectrum, SyncDog created a comprehensive, integrated modular solution that incorporates the following: