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Innovation Vista: Helping Small And Midsize Enterprises Develop IT Capabilities To Transform Their Businesses

Innovation Vista: Helping Small And Midsize Enterprises Develop IT Capabilities To Transform Their Businesses

I  It is evolving more quickly than ever, and small and midsize businesses are frequently unsure about how to adapt and how to create a vision for technology. Alongside its terrible health & economic effects, COVID has significantly impacted customers’ technology expectations of their product & service suppliers, and the pandemic expedited the adoption of numerous new technologies.


To help them navigate this fast-changing landscape and meet these rising customer expectations, organizations seek technology consulting (IT consulting) to help enhance their IT platform’s functionality, stability, and/or performance. The top IT consultants assist their clients in using the best set of currently accessible technologies to address business issues and seize business opportunities.


An organization may also seek innovation consulting, a specialized form of management consulting, to find and develop new ideas for products, services, supply/delivery chains, and/or its entire business model. The greatest innovation consultants combine their own innovative ideas with the most promising suggestions made by the personnel and leadership of their clients.


One firm established in 2019 combines the services of IT consulting and innovation consulting,  offering C-level IT leaders to small and midsize organizations. Just in the past few years, many technologies have matured and become feasible and reasonably priced. Innovation Vista concentrates on providing its clients with knowledge about these new possibilities and working with leadership to ascertain how technology might advance or completely revolutionize the organization’s business model. Specifically, Innovation Vista offers these IT strategy & leadership services to small and medium businesses:


  • IT Platform & Process Assessments
  • Tech Strategy roadmaps
  • Board/C-suite IT advisory
  • CIO advisory
  • Digital Transformation
  • Virtual CIO services
  • Interim CIO services


Two main characteristics distinguish them from competitors in IT & innovation consulting: first, they match their consultants with clients based on industry experience in the client’s sector as well as their technical expertise; second, they bring a track record and a special framework to identify ways technology can have a “top-line” impact on the client’s revenue and market share.



The Process And The Efforts


Working globally across all main verticals via white-label partnerships and direct-to-clients, Innovation Vista combines the strengths of innovation consulting and technology consulting. They enable many clients’ IT departments to generate income and become profit centers by developing IT and digital capabilities. Thanks to these capabilities, some clients can upgrade their business strategies and disrupt their sectors.


Unlike most of Innovation Vista’s rivals, they don’t have a “bench” of consultants that they place like square pegs in round holes. Instead, they have a network of over 300 proven, experienced C-level IT leaders from which they can select the best fit for each client’s industry, strategy, and culture in an affordable consulting relationship that uses their expertise for the most strategic IT architecture and process decisions. This represents the largest pool of talent of any of the IT consulting firms focused on C-level services.


Each engagement has different specific goals, and different businesses have distinct demands; however, on behalf of all their clients, Innovation Vista is continuously researching ways to “Innovate Beyond Efficiency”.



Achieving Results Through Innovation


Innovation Vista has experience working with a variety of sectors of varying sizes and has successfully resolved challenging issues that their clients were encountering. Most of Innovation Vista’s clients begin with an IT assessment to receive the professional’s opinion on their organization’s technological platform. Following that, they often engage Innovation Vista for assistance in putting the advice into practice. These engagements can take the shape of an Interim CIO, Virtual CIO, CIO advisory services, or Board/C-suite tech strategy consulting.


Innovation Vista helps companies, and their results speak for themselves:


  • $1,300,000,000 new client revenue from IT & Analytics.
  • $1,100,000,000 in IT-driven efficiencies.
  • 26 Assessments & Strategic Roadmaps.
  • 21 M&A transactions & startups guided.
  • 46 C-suites/CIOs advised.


When you’re ready for your IT to be an accelerator for your organization, to go beyond “keeping the lights on” to powering your growth, you should consider Innovation Vista as a consulting firm focused on this very goal.



The Founder And CEO


The CEO and Founder of Innovation Vista is Jeff Roberts. Jeff has been recognized for his work in IT leadership over more than 25 years as a five-time CIO, a former finalist for Enterprise CIO of the Year, and now as the head of Innovation Vista since 2019. He has led IT in scores of successful M&A transactions, steered Digital Transformations in numerous industries, and turned around numerous underperforming IT departments. He has also transformed multiple IT departments into profit centers. Jeff has given interviews about innovation, IT consulting, and digital transformation on television and in numerous podcasts, magazines, and journal articles.





We find Innovation Vista’s model both powerful and intriguing.  By structuring fractional engagements they are enabling small and midsize enterprises to have access to top-flight experts for innovation strategy & IT leadership – experts who would otherwise be outside the budgets of these clients. This “leverage on expertise” continues to pay dividends for their clients, helping them build cutting-edge IT capabilities and even restructure their business models to compete with much larger competitors.  But you’ll hear Innovation Vista talk far more about their business results than about technological achievements; for them, if technology isn’t driving revenue and cost savings, it isn’t fulfilling its full potential in this new Digital Age.


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