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Easyrain: Innovative Company Focusing On Road Safety, offering Hardware, Software And Cloud Solutions


Easyrain: Innovative Company Focusing On Road Safety, offering Hardware, Software And Cloud Solutions

Easyrain, an auto-tech firm specializing in road safety for human-driven and autonomous vehicles, was established in Rivoli (Turin, Italy) in 2013. It has extensive experience with hazardous wet roads, aquaplaning circumstances, and other grip-related problems. Easyrain has developed a complete ecosystem of safety solutions over the years, which includes:


  • The first active safety solution to regain grip in wet, hazardous wet, and aquaplaning conditions is the AIS (Anti-Aquaplaning System).
  • Digital Aquaplaning Information (DAI) is a virtual sensor that detects hazardous wet road conditions and aquaplaning situations.
  • Cloud platform for off-board analysis on road safety: ERC – Easyrain Cloud


They offer OEMs hardware, software, and cloud solutions that may be used separately or in combination to increase vehicle safety on slick roads and finally regain traction in the event of aquaplaning.



Trends In The Market And Easyrain


A significant transformation in the automobile sector is being driven by autonomous driving and digital services. The Italdesign Climb-E concept car, an autonomous vehicle that foreshadows future mobility and will be displayed at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, features AIS, DAI, and ERC technologies to improve road safety also when autonomous driving is engaged. The solutions Easyrain is creating now will impact tomorrow’s safety.


Additionally, Easyrain is developing new 5G cloud-based solutions to enhance driving safety on low traction surfaces like aquaplaning, snow, ice, potholes, and gravel. Easyrain’s transition from a hardware-focused company to a full-range hardware, software, and cloud business enterprise will be fueled by V2V, V2X, and smart cities.



Stepping Away From the Crowd


The AIS hardware platform, the DAI software, and the ERC data platform comprise Easyrain’s comprehensive, modular ecosystem for road safety in poor grip circumstances, which is a first for the automotive sector. No other businesses have a product selection like Easyrain. They offer AIS, the first safety system in the world that does not act on the car but instead alters the asphalt conditions before the wheel goes over them. They have a wealth of experience in low grip conditions. AIS is currently the only system of its kind.


To remove the excess water on the road, AIS uses tiny injectors that are hidden inside the bumper to spray a small amount of water in front of the front wheels. This allows the tyres to regain contact with the road and restores the functionality of the anti-lock braking and stability systems, which would not otherwise engage due to the wheel floating.



Easyrain’s customer service strategy


When the Easyrain team first meets a consumer, they never try to sell them anything; instead, they inform them that Easyrain is a firm with a mission to save lives and make driving safer. This is how Easyrain approaches its clients. From the team’s perspective, the greatest method to offer Easyrain is by informing clients that lives would be saved. They adhere to this vision because, for a business in car safety, it has been demonstrated to be the correct one from the start. If Easyrain had mishandled the market as a start-up, they are confident they would have already folded. As previously indicated, the Easyrain team overcame resistance to starting a company in the R&D sector.


Easyrain is a start-up company with products still in the development phase; its technology has not yet been commercialized. However, they recently organized test drives with automakers, culminating in November’s Easyrain Experience at the Applus+ IDIADA Spanish proving ground. These drives with OEMs demonstrated the system’s effectiveness on various vehicles, including sedans, station waggons, and SUVs. The AIS test was contrasted to the deployment of stability and braking control systems in response to the participants’ enthusiastic comments.



The Future in Your Hands


Easyrain is using new algorithms to detect loss of tyre contact on snow, ice, and slick road surfaces to make driving safer when grip is scarce. Along with these new algorithms, Easyrain has started developing software that can identify incorrect symmetry in a car setup, which is crucial for enhancing vehicle safety, cutting CO2, and preventing unexpected tyre wear. With the help of this software, new safety features will be activated, and a new generation of ADAS systems will be able to adjust the level of driving assistance per the condition of the road.


Along with the software, Easyrain is also advancing the AIS hardware system, which is anticipated to hit the market in the middle of 2026. Industrialization of the first active system to prevent aquaplaning is underway, and new components are being researched to decrease weight, size, and cost. These parts were developed with Tier-1s, and Easyrain worked closely with them throughout the development and production process.


At the same time, basic research has started on a brand-new hardware item to advance road safety in low-grip conditions. Not just on highly wet roads but also in the event of loss of control on ice and snow, the objective is to regain grip. Easyrain wants to create vital safety systems to help Europe reach its 2050 objective of having no traffic fatalities.


Overall, Easyrain is a cutting-edge business committed to improving vehicle safety on wet roads and eventually regaining grip in the event of aquaplaning. It provides OEMs with hardware, software, and cloud solutions that can be used separately or in combination to improve vehicle safety on wet roads.


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