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Serving the Clients With Digital Transformation Solutions Through ServiceNow: EXTERPRISE


Serving the Clients With Digital Transformation Solutions Through ServiceNow: EXTERPRISE

R Regardless of the industry, digital transformation should be one of the top strategic business priorities for organizations to remain competitive. Customers and employees anticipate contextual experiences throughout their interactions with the organization. Organizations are developing more technologies than ever before and evolving into digital solution firms to achieve such seamless experiences in a hybrid work environment. Businesses are swiftly learning that they need to create proactive, cross-disciplinary digital teams out of their hitherto divided IT, HR, legal, marketing and other departments.


The organization will benefit from switching from stiff old systems to flexible digital platforms. Exterprise has teams in the US, India, and Central America and is a certified pure-play ServiceNow Consulting and Implementation partner. Exterprise can provide cost-effective solutions around-the-clock thanks to resources that are proficient in a variety of ServiceNow applications and are located in different time zones. Prabhu [PK] Karunakaran formed Exterprise in 2015 to increase the productivity and cost-effectiveness of US-based firms by expanding their operations/service delivery to teams in India and Central America. The combination of off-shore and near-shore delivery capabilities offered by Exterprise allows for consistent and cost-effective services.


The company name “Exterprise” and the slogan “Extend your Enterprise” both represent this. Over the last seven or more years, the team has expanded to approximately 420 professionals worldwide.



Exterprise: The Company


The solutions and services offered by Exterprise are made to lessen their clients’ resource and financial pressures by lowering costs, boosting efficiency, and maintaining compliance. Exterprise’s multi-shift operations enable clients to receive support around the clock and assist them in upholding Service-Level Agreements (SLA). Customers may plan and manage their budgets transparently with the support of their flexible financial models, such as FTE-based pricing, hourly pricing, fixed project fees, and transactional pricing (per unit).


Exterprise believes in protecting consumer data privacy, particularly in highly regulated sectors like healthcare, finance, and oil & gas. Through rigorous annual independent CPA verification and validation of control activities and processes, Exterprise’s SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, and HIPAA certifications assist customers in developing trust and confidence in Exterprise’s control procedures. Only with their cutting-edge physical and digital security infrastructure is it feasible to maintain certifications.




Advancing In the Market


One single platform that improves efficiency through digital transformation can aid employees, customers, and assets for various enterprises. Happy, productive workers improve client experiences and boost revenue. Monitoring hardware, software, and enterprise assets efficiently create

operational excellence. ServiceNow’s NOW Platform offers enterprise-scale solutions to several industries, boosting employee, customer, and asset efficiency. Its IT Service Management product automates essential service procedures to assist IT staff in addressing issues faster. At the same time, its IT Operations Management and Asset Management solutions proactively monitors asset performance to prevent disruptions. Customer Service Management gives agents the information they need to handle issues and rapidly identify possible concerns. Automated solutions to typical client questions also boost employee productivity. Field Service Management gives field workers the same functionality. Intelligent workflows can streamline staff onboarding and service delivery.


The Workplace Service Delivery system streamlines work and allows employees to self-service their HR needs. According to an IDC analysis, agile companies retain employees 34% better than competitors, helping them meet talent needs in the war for talent.






Enterprise has a four-point plan to assist companies in succeeding with their Digital Transformation journey:


  1. Digital Determination:


Organizations must ensure that the company’s leadership team is fully dedicated to the digital transformation process. Exterprise offers to consult and advise services to ensure the leadership is committed to moving forward. Effective workshops with key stakeholders in many departments will be conducted to comprehend the current situation and issues and to undertake a readback on what a digital transformation on the ServiceNow platform will look like. Exterprise will make its best efforts to secure customers’ commitment to budget and resources.



  1. Digital Transformation:


After obtaining the executive sponsors’ commitment, Exterprise methodically launches the digital transformation journey. Here are the key actions:


  • Discovery and inventory of core processes across business units (IT, Customer Service, HR, Legal, Finance etc.)


  • Deep dive into existing technologies/solutions and look for consolidation and reducing the technical debt.


  • Look into automation and integration opportunities. How ServiceNow can connect to different lines of business applications like ERP, CRM, Messaging, DevOps, Cloud etc.


  • Create a strategic roadmap – what ServiceNow solutions can add value for various departments.


  • Arrive at the budget and timeline and get management buy-in.


  • Define critical success factors to measure and evaluate success.


  • Set regular cadence with key team members.



  1. Digital Confirmation:


While carrying out the digital transformation process is necessary, adhering to the established digital standards is even more crucial. Key indicators like MTTR, CSAT, NPS, and others must regularly be reviewed and improved upon. It is important to consider both hard and soft dollar savings and intangible benefits. The executive team will be assisted in understanding the value of the ServiceNow-based digital transformation path by digital confirmation.


  1. Digital Domination:


Following the preceding three steps, firms must continuously implement a continuous process improvement strategy to improve the experience for employees and customers. Two significant version upgrades per year are part of ServiceNow’s commitment to expanding its platform and product portfolio. It is crucial to explore newly introduced features and functionalities and use them to improve business procedures. Exterprise will keep track of new releases and inform customers about what’s coming, why it will be good for them, and how organizations would be better able to rule the digital space as a result.


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