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Tejas Software: One-Stop Destination for All your Fulfillment Solutions.

Tejas Software: One-Stop Destination for All your Fulfillment Solutions.

IIt is more important than ever for organizations to comprehend and fully embrace the opportunities cloud technology may open, with global “whole cloud” investment expected to exceed $565B by 2021.

Tejas Software is one such business that has opened the possibility of making e-commerce accessible. It is a global corporation with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, founded in 2000 by Sampath Kannan. Tejas offers state-of-the-art omnichannel supply chain solutions for retailers all over the world. The product suite consists of Order (TOMS), Warehouse (TWMS), and purchase order (myPOmanager) management solutions. It has a long history within e-commerce and offers complete solutions that are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective, providing 100% efficiency at every stage of the fulfilment cycle. Tejas Software team takes great pride in overcoming difficult and significant fulfillment hurdles to support business growth. This is the “Mantra” and the first goal of Tejas Software.


The business easily and seamlessly collaborates with other platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, and many more. At Tejas, we are aware of the difficulties that can arise from using different business intelligence, accounting, inventory, warehouse, and e-commerce systems. To counteract this, the team is highly skilled in integrating new systems, building customized solutions, solving complex problems, and providing high-quality deliverables to boost business profitability and overall growth.



A Widening of The Avenues


Having started with innovation at the forefront, their initial collaboration was with the American company “What’s Cooking Software.” supplying them with a full suite of end-to-end fulfillment solutions.


To date, Tejas Software currently has 65+ employees operating in the US, UK, India, and Mexico. They are consulting partners with Salesforce and Microsoft. The company’s fundamental values offer a sincere, open, and above all, trustworthy service.



Similarity To Current Trends


More retailers and companies are utilizing AI tools to assist with consumer engagement. For retailers operating in a competitive environment, customer retention and loyalty are becoming increasingly important. Consumer buying habits are changing due to evolving technology, including how and where people prefer to make purchases. Additionally, consumers are choosing to choose to shop through more channels, including interacting with in-store digitalization. For retailers to offer the very shopping experience, omni-channel retail will also need to adapt and optimize its operations sections of the business quickly


Tejas software continues to innovate providing sustainable solutions that go above and beyond the client’s expectations.



Adapting To the Pandemic


Offline merchants have been compelled to reconsider their business models because of COVID. To stay in business today, you must have an online transactional presence. Delivering products to consumers has presented its own set of difficulties. In this instance, Tejas did not dread the pandemic but produced something that could benefit a bigger audience. During the epidemic, Tejas unveiled TOMS Lite, an Order Management Solution specifically tailored for businesses that are at the infantry stage and emerging. This solution removes the burden of controlling the sales cycle and inventories.



Tejas Innovates


Tejas manages a Cloud-based SaaS product, created in-house that can be tailored to meet the client’s business needs. Since no two clients have the same problems, the adaptability and flexibility offered are perfect for many retailers. The product development team is constantly pushing the boundaries in creating state-of-the-art solutions. They are SOC 2 Type 2 qualified and part of their internal KPI’s include C-Stat reporting covering both Products and Services.



Customer Experience Strategy at Tejas


A famous international Music band interacts with its fan base on social media by releasing new items frequently and providing subscriptions. The business had a blend of requirements including unique inventory regulations and product fulfillment processes.


The current OMS was generally restricted to what the company could accomplish. Having spent money on a third-party subscription technology that did not work well with their website creating downstream fulfillment when the company’s newest initiative, subscriptions, could not be supported by the current OMS.


The merchandising /management team was desperately looking to automate and optimize operations.


The solution required was an end-to-end automation system that would efficiently manage and monitor all orders, including order tracking history, subscriptions, and purchase details for their database of devoted followers.


The engagement began with the successful adoption of the Tejas Warehouse Management Software (TWMS) system for order, data processing, inventory management, and warehouse management operations. The fulfillment time was reduced by concurrently developing complicated capabilities, including bulk printing pack sheets and labels and print automation with customized configurations. The output from the implementation was so successful, the client decided to install the complete Tejas product line, including the TOMS and myPOManager solutions, after swiftly realizing the advantages of TWMS.


Having grown organically throughout the years, Tejas Software’s overall goal is to expand its standing and recognition globally.


CEO Comment:

“Tejas places high values on innovation and transparency. This value is delivered both in our products and services, as well as how our organization operates in line with our SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation”.


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