It's a PITA Working on Her New Music: ‘I'm Gonna Give It to Ya, OK?’ -
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It’s a PITA Working on Her New Music: ‘I’m Gonna Give It to Ya, OK?’

It’s a PITA Working on Her New Music: ‘I’m Gonna Give It to Ya, OK?’

OOn Tuesday (May 17), Cardi B hopped on Twitter to address her fans’ complaints that her new music isn’t coming fast enough for their liking.


“I seen a lot of y’all talking sh– like, ‘Oh she doesn’t feed us…,’” she said in a voice note recorded for the Bardi Gang. “So when I put what I’m put out, I’m talking more about it because clearly, I can’t talk about it now. But I really had technical difficulties with my latest project. I had not one, not two, but like three technical difficulties on the music that I’ve been working on that … had to be done and taken care of before I put it out.”


The rapper continued, promising: “When things come out, that’s when I’m talking about it. It’s nothing, like, major or crazy. Yeah, we’ll figure it out ’cause I know, I know, I know, I know you guys want that and I’m gonna give it to ya, OK? OK.”


Indeed, it’s been more than four years since Cardi released her debut album Invasion of Privacy, which went on to become the first female rap album to be nominated for album of the year at the Grammy Awards in 2003 and won the trophy for the best rap album. Meanwhile, her last one-off single was “Up,” which climbed to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 following its February 2021 release.

Since then, the superstar has collaborated with Normani (“Wild Side”), Lizzo (“Rumors”), Summer Walker and SZA (“Still Over It”), and newcomer Kay Flock (“Shake It” with Dougie B and Bory3000).


Source: Billboard news