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KraftPal: Making Planet Safer & Cleaner By Designing, Manufacturing, And Marketing Super Lightweight Corrugated Cardboard Pallets


KraftPal: Making Planet Safer & Cleaner By Designing, Manufacturing, And Marketing Super Lightweight Corrugated Cardboard Pallets

KraftPalSeveral factors are helping organizations lessen their environmental impact. Companies are in search of using sustainable raw materials and lowering transportation emissions which can lower their transport cost. The circular economy paradigm, which maximizes product and material used to minimize waste and pollution, is growing. Corrugated cardboard pallets, which are 80% lighter than wooden ones, help companies lessen their environmental impact by 80% per pallet.


100% recyclable, biodegradable corrugated cardboard is renewable. Corrugated pallets are clean, lightweight, hygienic, residue-free, and easy to handle. They reduce transportation pallet costs without any additional investment into internal or external logistic system and are more cost-effective than wooden pallets, saving firms money without logistic system upgrades. Companies can also promote sustainability by adopting one-way corrugated pallets.


In the middle of the Europe, there is a small country called Slovenia, where KraftPal Technologies was born. An innovative business to disrupt supply chain bottlenecks, KraftPal specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing super-lightweight corrugated cardboard pallets. They want to help supply chains and logistics ease the bottlenecks while adhering to sustainable development principles. In order to bring its products closer to businesses looking to cut their pallet costs, and fuel consumption, generate additional savings through the supply chain, and reduce their carbon footprint by 80% per pallet, the company plans to establish 60 local manufacturing production facilities throughout the world (US and EMEA). Thanks to a recent investment from Pasaca Capital for 124 million dollars worth of investment which was second biggest non IT investment in Europe.


The three main issues of load-bearing capability, effective mass production, and transportation costs that have previously impeded the deployment of cardboard pallets have been satisfactorily addressed by KraftPal. The business has created a production method and architectural design that allow it to mass-produce pallets with a high load capacity of up to 4.5 tonnes of static load.



Advancing Through The Use Of Technology


The pallet manufacturing sector has benefited from a number of technological developments recently. KraftPal Technologies has automated pallet production, which creates corrugated pallets in a matter of seconds. The Palletonator creates up to 22 variations and five standards (US and EU) sizes, allowing for free customization to fit the demands of the business. These innovations have increased production process precision and efficiency, decreased material waste, and enhanced supply chain traceability.

It’s safe to state that cutting-edge technologies have significantly influenced the successful operation of businesses in this sector. KraftPal can make high-quality, ISPM 15-compliant pallets more quickly and cheaply with investment in new technology, keeping them competitive in the market.



Navigating Through The Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains, lowered consumer demand, and closed non-essential enterprises worldwide. Pandemic impacts vary per industry. Since mills shuttered, nails and wooden pallets are scarce. However, increasing demand raises commodities, transportation, and other prices.


KraftPal adjusted its operations, researched new technology, and changed its business strategy to overcome these obstacles. The 5th Generation Palletonator has over 15,000 high-tech components and is entirely automated, and can produce 1.5 million pallets per year. KraftPal will deploy 60 of these machines worldwide (beginning in California, Finland, and Austria in 2023) and generate 90 million pallets per year by 2026 to decrease supply chain bottlenecks and save 80% of carbon emissions per pallet.



The First And Last Destination For The Clients


The technique used by KraftPal is distinctive in that it produces corrugated pallets in large quantities using just one machine. The customer always receives a product of the same hygienic quality and exact specifications, wherever they may be in the world. This makes the changeover decision easier, enabling a more effective and streamlined manufacturing process. Additionally, KraftPal’s pallets are an environmentally responsible substitute for conventional wooden pallets because they are built entirely of recycled materials.


In addition to being 80% lighter than conventional pallets, KraftPal’s pallets are also easier to handle and carry. They are a more dependable solution for businesses because of their durability and ability to bear enormous weights of up to 4.5 static tonnes.


Overall, KraftPal stands out from its rivals in the pallet market thanks to its unique combination of affordability, effectiveness, sustainability, and durability.



Understanding KraftPal’s Impact


The pallets made by KraftPal offer an 80% improvement in shock absorption over conventional wooden pallets, making them better suited to transporting produce, including fruits, vegetables, berries, and even potato chips while minimizing damage after delivery.


Additionally, they altered a spacer pallet for one of the companies, which illustrated best practices in temperature- and humidity-controlled air freight transportation, lowering the company’s transportation costs and carbon impact.


Depending on how sophisticated the logistics system is, a company’s decision-making and transition process can take anywhere from six to twenty-four months. To ensure their success and make the process as easy as possible for corporate personnel, the team at KraftPal is eager to share their knowledge and mentor them along. Before moving on to commercial qualification, when the KraftPal team discusses issues, including obstacles and solutions, they start with use case qualification, where they talk about where they can bring the greatest value.


They discuss how the pallets fit into internal and external logistics systems during the technical qualification. Following that, product validation addresses how to make the switch from conventional wooden pallets to KraftPal corrugated pallets as smoothly as possible. Trading terms, orders, and deliveries are the process’s last steps. The major objective of KraftPal is to transform the world with its clients, one pallet at a time.





Every year, more than 5.8 billion wooden pallets are needed for usage in the global economy, with one-third of those pallets being discarded. This is a troubling issue that will cost future generations much by causing a high use of important and rare wood resources. Fortunately, disposable corrugated pallets from KraftPal are a good substitute for wooden pallets one-way and should be used instead. This business will provide future benefits to its clients, including lower pallet costs, increased supply chain cost reductions, working with a single global partner, and decreased environmental impact. There was just one planet and one kind of pallet for a hundred years. KraftPal now has a practical, long-lasting answer that can improve the planet—a board pallet with corrugations.


The World Packaging Organization selected the award-winning KraftPal innovations as a 2021 Worldstar winner. In the second quarter of 2023, KraftPal intends to construct a pilot plant in the United States. The location will be in California’s Los Angeles region. After the Design Center starts operating on American soil, this will be the first production plant. You can reach or, the US’s head of sales, for additional information.