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Mammogen: Transforming The Women Healthcare With Extraordinary Leadership

Mammogen: Transforming The Women Healthcare With Extraordinary Leadership

This new wave of start-ups and entrepreneurship has taken over the world, and women are leading the charge with confidence. Women around the world are making significant contributions across multiple sectors like education, healthcare, and research. Thanks to such inspiring wonder women, more and more of them are fighting their way to make it to the top.

One such inspiration is Elizabeth (Liz) Cormier. She is the CEO of Mammogen Inc., a company within the IV BioHoldings ecosystem. Her intro doesn’t end here because she is also a partner with Marty Keiser, the founder of IV BioHoldings.

Elizabeth is a true believer in destiny but believes in controlling it herself and taking charge. She describes being an entrepreneur as one of the most challenging and fulfilling decisions of her life. Because of her entrepreneurial spirit and resilience, she is now an inspiration to others and has made a name for herself worldwide.



Why Mammogen?


Elizabeth always wanted to contribute to the well-being of people both physically and mentally. Also, she wanted to revolutionize the health and wellness industry for women.


Within the IV BioHoldings ecosystem, Mammogen is one of three firms. IVBH envisions, builds, and develops first-in-class bio-platform companies that revolutionize illness detection, diagnosis, and treatment. From R&D to company creation to productization to commercialization, IVBH’s novel and distributed-company platform is defined by speed, efficiency, and risk management, made possible by advanced data science, exponential technologies, powerful partnerships, and over 60 years of combined multi-disciplinary expertise.


She believes her propensity to challenge the status quo constantly has helped her pave the way to the top. Thanks to her resilience, dedication, and hard work, she received an award for Biotechnology CEO of the year by Business Worldwide Magazine.


The Journey So Far


Elizabeth began her career at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research as a medicinal chemist. While she was still in the early stages of her oncology research career, she created compounds that would ideally become the next big thing. But she yearned to be closer to the patients, to feel and witness their responses. As a result, she transitioned to the commercial side of the industry, focusing on the launch of new products, the creation of new markets, and the formation of new businesses, which led her to lead Mammogen.


Elizabeth considers running Mammogen and its sister companies as CCO of IV BioHoldings, one of the most prestigious achievements of her career.


With a clear vision and extraordinary mission, Elizabeth is building this company to change the healthcare industry for all women around the globe. The fundamental ideas on which Elizabeth has based the vision of Mammogen Inc. are customer-centricity and healthcare awareness. She has done it by utilizing cutting-edge technology, innovating on traditional models and focusing on the patient experience.


The company has worked with various organizations and partners, achieving great success in building its market thus far. Mammogram’s breast portfolio, currently in clinical development, consists of two paradigm-shifting liquid biopsy tests that are meant to get the right woman to the right intervention at the right point in her breast health journey.   genTRUTM-EDT (Early Detection Test) is a simple blood test that helps women detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. It is aimed at women who are not eligible for a yearly mammogram (women aged below 40 and 55 and older). The second product is aimed to reduce unnecessary breast biopsies is genTRUTM-PID (Post Imaging Detection Test). This post-imaging detection test will help rule out women who do NOT need a breast biopsy out of these cost-incurring and stress-inducing procedures.



Impact Of COVID-19 On The Global Healthcare Industry


We all have suffered due to the pandemic of COVID-19, and the healthcare industry was no exception. Companies, providers, and patients suffered mainly because they were unprepared for this scale. But just like any other situation, the pandemic has had some silver linings. Because of this global catastrophe, people became more aware of mRNA and PCR.


According to Elizabeth, the general level of awareness around mRNA as a modality and PCR as technology is beneficial to Mammogen because all of their products are based on mRNA and PCR technology. Using this combination, the company is creating a portfolio of products that can offer best-in-class performance while building cost-conscious products that can scale in global markets.



The Future Ahead


As the CEO of Mammogen, Elizabeth plans to revolutionize women’s health by spanning the gap between science and advocacy. Mammogen’s primary focus is clinical and community development, building a company that genuinely spans this chasm for the first time ever.


Elizabeth plans to do this by innovating products, campaigns, and patient tools to address unmet needs in the continuum of care.


A Valuable Piece Of Advice For Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs


As a global healthcare leader, Elizabeth always believes in “Trusting Your Gut,” the most significant piece of advice Elizabeth wants to give to aspiring women entrepreneurs. She believes that if you have an idea that can be executed, you should never let the noise get in your way.


With this, Elizabeth’s cherry on the cake is her beautiful advice


“You should always work hard for your dream. Always keep learning, innovating, and implementing to achieve great success; however, you may define that. Never  underestimate the power of multitasking because as women, we are simultaneously good daughters, sisters, mothers, partners, and friends, so why wouldn’t you translate those learnings to being a successful entrepreneur too.”


Overall, Mammogen’s mission is to develop products that address the critical needs at the intersections of diagnostics, medicines, and technology in women’s healthcare. Mammogen’s tests are being built to be the most effective complement to existing treatment paradigms and reliable technologies. Most importantly, Elizabeth and Mammogen will not stop until they are undeniably the first company to approach women’s healthcare with the most comprehensive mindset, addressing clinical, social, and wellness needs simultaneously, truly unlocking precision medicine in the most powerful and meaningful ways.