New Page in Digital Healthcare
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New Page in Digital Healthcare

New Page in Digital Healthcare

The recent bouts of digitalization in the healthcare industry, to a major extent, have accelerated the value-based care delivery model to prominence even more. This move to value-based care and the ongoing digitalization has also popularized the use of mobile devices in healthcare settings. How? From diagnosing illness using wearables to using ingestible sensors for remote monitoring, care providers are harnessing the power of mobile applications and associated digital tools in every possible way to improve patient care outcome. The recent study by the American Medical Association further corroborates this. It is found that nearly 9 in 10 healthcare professionals today are witnessing a clear advantage after using mobile health tools for delivering the right care to the right patient at the right time.


Despite this understanding, healthcare providers are often finding themselves between a rock and hard place when it comes to ensuring the interoperability of their mobile devices in different settings and for different unique requirements.


Enter NewPage Solutions.

As a leading digital and connected health solutions provider, NewPage helps healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences organizations enhance their digital capabilities and improve care delivery models even further with cutting-edge mobile applications. “To this end, we have recently developed a digital health solution platform called Accel that acts as a silver bullet for meeting the current digitalization requirements of the healthcare industry,” says Syed Arshad, CEO of NewPage. Accel leverages the clout of AI, ML, IoT, and cloud, among other digital technologies, to provide the medical fraternity (healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences organizations) the capability to connect genomic data with EHR records and add a layer of advanced data analytics on top of it. As a result, these entities now have the means to manage the continually growing volume of genomic and EHR data while driving a plethora of data-driven digital healthcare functions.


Under the Hoods of Accel

Notably, the foundation of Accel was laid during one of NewPage’s partnerships with a biopharma company. The client needed a common platform to build their mobile applications. While working on the platform, NewPage received a similar request from another client to build a similar mobile application. “And we realized, we can address a variety of current market demands with minor changes in the initial platform,” says Arshad.





Subsequently, NewPage worked on the platform to add adjacent functionalities on top of the initial version. Moreover, the platform architecture was designed to accelerate the onboarding of new clients by reusing technology components and processes that were pre-built, tested, and proven during NewPage’s prior client engagements. This endeavor eventually led to the inception of Accel. “Our innovative platform is currently at an industrial capacity, and we are planning to roll it out in the AWS marketplace in the coming months,” underscores Arshad.


“Our goal with this platform is to offer our customers a solution that is 70 percent pre-built, upon which we can customize the remaining 30 percent based on clients’ specific needs,” Arshad adds further. “In fact, from strategy and service design to software development and user experience, we are ready to help our clients with all their needs.”


While Accel can be used for multiple use cases, Arshad notes that one of the common applications of the platform is for developing patient engagement solutions. Recently, a leading multinational biopharmaceutical company was looking to understand the efficacy of their renal cancer treatment methods. The client, therefore, needed to increase the clinical adherence of its treatment method among patients. This was when the client turned to NewPage’s Accel platform. The pharmaceutical company used Accel to develop a mobile application that served as a resource for patients and their caregivers to manage the treatment of advanced kidney cancer, which, in turn, ensured an increase in clinical adherence. Not only did the app have a quicker turnaround time, but it was also a cost-effective solution. Today, the app allows patients to record their general health conditions and side effects on the app, which are directly monitored by their healthcare providers. At the same time, the app also helps the patients set medication reminders and keep track of upcoming medical appointments. Patients can even share reports containing dietary information with their healthcare providers, allowing providers to more closely monitor treatment and increase the overall medication adherence among patients.


With our Accel platform, clients could start at level five of digitalization rather than having to start from scratch.
At this juncture, it is needless to mention that such an innovative and all-around platform enabled NewPage to play a critical role during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic as well. As many healthcare, biotechnology, and life sciences companies were looking to rapidly digitalize their operations, they found their holy grail in NewPage’s Accel platform. “With our Accel platform, clients could start at level five of digitalization rather than having to start from scratch,” mentions Arshad.


Moving ahead with such an innovative platform, NewPage is now determined to help even more healthcare and life sciences companies around the world with its platform. “We believe that our platform holds the capacity to serve as the backbone for the next iteration of digitalization in the healthcare sector,” underscores Arshad. “And in the coming months, with the help of our novel platform, we will be focusing on bringing forth more healthcare innovation on-demand,” concludes Arshad.