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No-Code Cloud Based Digital Process Automation: One Paper Lane

No-Code Cloud Based Digital Process Automation: One Paper Lane

“One Paper Lane is a no-code cloud-based digital process automation and collaboration platform that enables your business to improve productivity all the way through the front, middle, and back-office enabling a digital-first customer experience.”



The main motto behind adopting business process automation in your enterprise is to simplify and improve the workflows across departments and business units significantly. This, in turn, will prove beneficial to you by saving cost and time and enabling productivity. Every known BPA solution will somewhat reduce the money and time spent on completing a business process. The BPA tools that are hosted locally will require huge investment, continuous maintenance, and installation time. Cloud-based solutions are ready to use, and all you have to do is signup to the Platform, configure the processes, and get going. When you invest in a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to invest in equipment or heavy legacy software or systems. Furthermore, you don’t spend on upgrading any software or hardware.


When compared to legacy systems, cloud business process automation provides better results, and there’s a company leading the market, called One Paper Lane, which has been making a significant impact in this segment. One Paper Lane (OPL) is a cloud-based, no-code enterprise digital automation and collaboration platform headquartered in New York City with offices and clients across 6 countries including AsiaPac. One Paper Lane sells a simple subscription solution to a complex set of problems – and it works. The company’s technology – called ONE-Platform – helps businesses make tedious, inefficient processes smart without asking users to change the way they do business or learn new behavior; it’s rapid deployment. OPL is a productivity unleasher – a workflow disrupter that helps businesses work better without being disruptive to business. OPL’s proprietary algorithm and rule-based SaaS engine empower businesses to automate vital processes and workflows through the front, middle, and back-office in real-time, from any device. With OPL’s web or app-based user interface, users can configure their own digital business environment, automate any business process, and quickly add functionality and scale as necessary, all without needing to write a single line of code. Businesses of any size across any industry can use ONE-Platform to supercharge their business processes. Most choose to digitize workflows in functional areas like finance and financial processes, compliance, procurement, and human capital management, but the possibilities are effectively limitless. Customers include both small and large Private Equity Firms, Banking and Financial Institutions, Insurance, Retail, and Hospitality Companies.


When it comes to specific industries, OPL often works with – and offers packaged or configurable templated processes for – financial institutions (from retail banks and credit unions to alternative asset management and private equity firms), which have highly specific and complex regulatory requirements, as well as non-profit organizations, which need to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible and doing more with less. One Paper Lane gets businesses up and running quickly and provides the flexibility to succeed.


Industry Research shows that the low code- no code market will top $21B in spending by 2022.



Gaurav Mirchandani is the CEO and Founder of One Paper Lane. He spoke more about the company in an exclusive interview with Success Knocks Magazine. Below is an excerpt.



1. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your cloud-based offering, you’ll need to have a suitable (i.e. large) amount of bandwidth. How do you deal with this issue?


We have the bandwidth – both in terms of technology and people – to ensure that customers get the optimal experience from using ONE-Platform. First, we host all customer environments in the AWS cloud, which means customers have access to effectively unlimited bandwidth and scalability. This is a unique position in the no-code application business optimization space, where many companies give customers no choice but to use their own cloud infrastructure or ON-Premise solutions. Second, we operate across six countries, with an operation center of excellence in Bangalore, India, and additional offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia focused on the full range of disciplines including engineering, client success, and research and development. Our platform is rapid deployment therefore, businesses can select any process in their environment to digitalize and scale.




2. There are concerns with valuable and important data being stored remotely. What security measures do you implement?


Our customers benefit from the most robustly secure cloud infrastructure available. Security measures include single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and cloud security monitoring to ensure data integrity and the highest level of encryption. Security is also part of the rationale for why we chose to work with AWS. The security of data stored in the cloud is a solved problem, particularly with a market leader like AWS. The power of the cloud completely eclipses any potential benefits – from a security standpoint – of on-premise storage solutions. We are wholly committed to ensuring the security and integrity of customer data and also take customer privacy extremely seriously: our employees never have access to customer accounts or any customer data.



3. There are other major players in this segment. How do distinguish your services from the rest?


We are unique among our peers for a number of reasons, primarily in that no other workflow automation software offers a single platform to solve any business process problem one could feasibly imagine – with no programming expertise required whatsoever. ONE-Platform is a true no-code, rapid deployment process-agnostic (sometimes referred to as ‘wide deployment’) technology platform that allows customers to build an efficient digital incarnation of their business, one process at a time, with workflow templates or with custom configurations.

When using OPL, automated workflows map directly to existing customer processes – improving them significantly without the need to change the processes themselves, and putting control of the configuration directly in the customer’s hands. No specialized programming expertise, training, or reliance on consultants is required. The Platform also employs a proprietary algorithm capable of digitizing documents and processes of any format in real-time. Beyond the proprietary technology stack, the company also stands out for its value proposition. First, One Paper Lane is not recouping massive investments sunk into AI or robotics research for its product. ONE-Platform is powered by proven technology, applied more thoughtfully, which means customers are not footing the bill for OPL’s R&D.

Second, all subscriptions to ONE-Platform are billed by the process – not by the number of users, admins, or type of license – meaning that customers will never have to cut corners, and they can build out their digital workflows one at a time, at a pace that makes business sense. While we do not have competitors in a number of spaces, including DIY workflow automation, low/no-code app development, wide-deployment applications and pay as you go licensing, no other company offers all of these through a single, easy to use and completely configurable platform, that is completely process-and-vertical-agnostic, and no other platform can be up and running as quickly and seamlessly. In a real sense, we give our customers the power to change everything about the way they work – without changing anything.



4. What are the anticipated future trends in the SaaS segment?


The future is going to be about remote work, automation, and no-code development, but the COVID-19 crisis of 2019-2020 accelerated these trends. Businesses are grappling now, in real-time. Remote work is here to stay, and the technology that empowers teams to collaborate more effectively is being forced to prove itself today. We’re not talking about simple video conferencing here, but the management of real, complex multi-layered organizational dynamics – the nitty-gritty of actually running a business – which has to be possible (and effective!) from anywhere, by anyone. A big wave of automation is also rushing in, as society navigates the risks of congregating groups of people in the workplace. This will have dramatic implications for the shape of the market and the economy as a whole, and it will need to be managed to ensure that business and their people benefit moving forward.

This is why, in the SaaS segment, no-code is so critical: it represents the democratization of software engineering, making complex app and workflow development and automation accessible to people with no formal programming experience. No-code was the next hot trend anyway, but recent events have made it especially critical. It’s also really important to be aware of the real, tangible difference between a “low-code” and a true no-code platform. This difference can mean thousands of hours, and many more dollars spent deploying and managing it. Businesses and their employees need to be empowered with the right tools to ride these waves, to be as flexible as possible, and to apply themselves to rapidly evolving tasks and necessities in the business environment.




5. What are your trajectories for the next 5 years?


We are already well on the way to being the largest cloud-based no-code automation platform focused on the mid-market, that is, companies of approximately $200 million to $10 billion in revenue across virtually all verticals in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. It’s hard to overstate the opportunities in the no-code and workflow automation software. Market research estimates the combined market at more than 30 billion dollars over the next five years.

We see a large trend in the financial services and fintech space. OPL is ready to deploy to help companies automate financial processes across the organization.

This immense value is likely already growing and moving up closer to the present owing to the trends of remote work and automation. When you factor in how quickly customers can be up and running– and how quickly the results become obvious, it’s easy to understand why customers choose us over competitors, and why they keep adding new processes, departments, and business functions to their environment. As long as we continue to deliver transformative impact to customers, helping them grow, we will grow along with them. Given the company’s position, offering an ability to scale, the sky’s the limit.



Meet the leader behind the success of One Paper Lane


Gaurav Mirchandani is the Founder and CEO of One Paper Lane (OPL), a cloud-based, no-code enterprise digital automation and collaboration platform. After starting his career at rice water house Coopers, Gaurav followed his entrepreneurial calling to the front lines of New York’s gritty tech scene, where he spent more than a decade as an investor and advisor to startups doing innovative work in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space. Gaurav’s exposure to the trends driving the evolution of SaaS gave him deep insight into the struggles of businesses navigating the transition to a digital economy. Gaurav decided that he wanted to take the leap to bring this platform from a vision to reality when he established One Paper Lane in 2016. The Company has been thriving in the years since, as customers have discovered, they can put the growing pains of digital transformation behind them and unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and profitability using a platform. Looking ahead, Gaurav has plans to make One Paper Lane the engine of digital transformation for companies around the world, and to provide a platform for everyone, from startups to the largest Fortune-500 companies, to manage their digital operations.

“We enable businesses to re-imagine processes, collaborate seamlessly, and enhance customer experience and productivity.”