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Ollenburg: Delivering Award-Winning Executive Consulting, Employment Law, And Entrepreneurial Ventures Through Innovation Of Excellence


Ollenburg: Delivering Award-Winning Executive Consulting, Employment Law, And Entrepreneurial Ventures Through Innovation Of Excellence

Ollenburg LLC offers executive consultation, particularly in the areas of employment law, cutting-edge innovation, and leadership science. Once created, their customized programmes—which are initially developed in a C-suite or business owner think tank—facilitate company-wide policies and practices through technology, regulations, and fresh curriculum deliverables.


About The Founder


Ollenburg LLC was Jessica Ollenburg’s first chance to design her profession. She achieved important achievements due to family duties, which may be irreversible. Jessica co-founded, was CEO, and was a senior Human Resource Services management consultant for 35 years before founding Ollenburg LLC four years ago. HRS, founded in 1983, pioneered HR management and research with over 1500 field staff and thousands of employer clients in over 100 countries. Technology and innovation led from the start. Jessica and her team created a hybrid and remote work for several firms with 100,000+ employees. They led the industry with technology and behavioural research. They invented tools and customized them for customers.


Because she knows programming and hardware, Jessica’s perspective grew before the team had software to produce software and before she had websites to design websites. She counters, “It can’t be done”, with her stubbornness.


Jessica’s husband, John Ollenburg, joined her firm five years ago. They founded Ollenburg LLC to provide executive coaching, hold business companies, and help clients succeed.



Navigating Through The Changing Landscape


Change Management dominates Ollenburg’s caseload. Trends include employee behaviour, employment laws, remote work, leadership, written policies, curriculum development, and technology innovation. Business leaders turn to the company’s four decades of early-mover status, pioneering, and lightning-fast research when assessing their response to new circumstances and change. Technology helps Ollenburg LLC compete, manage work, and legal records, assess needs, and teach. Ollenburg LLC excels. They fulfil referrals. Believe them. Trust them!


Technology innovation has helped Ollenburg LLC succeed. They build, monitor, and beta-test technology while comprehending business science, operational efficiency, human behaviour, and employment laws. Ollenburg LLC produces technology that pushes cognitive ability without straining capacity as AI replaces human judgement. The team believes technology can mimic, if not improve, human cognition.

When introducing new technologies to clients, learning styles and trainability are considered. Ollenburg LLC advises before major changes.


Ollenburg LLC executive consultancy became corporate leaders’ COVID-19 “Batphone” 24/7. Due to their exceptional attention to study, swift reaction, and decades of applied learning results, they proved again their determination to be among the first experts on a new subject by working around the clock in different time zones.



Working To Make The System More Robust


Ollenburg LLC creates unique technology for competitive advantage. They study and optimize time and resources. They test and confirm discoveries internally before presenting a customized, improved model to their employer clients. Their technological design has driven a 300+% revenue increase, destroying the competition.


HRIS, factory automation, and CRM buildouts are common deliveries. Ollenburg LLC focuses on speed, correctness, interface without rekeying, legal risk management, mental compartmentalization for capacity, and executive advising in policy/practice design. They help clients choose key vendors. They then work with those suppliers’ tech developers to create a customized interface or specifications for efficiency and flexibility. The team sets parameters throughout development because changing them after data collection is difficult. Ollenburg’s scientifically based practices lead to superior solutions.



Being The Changemakers


Ollenburg LLC excels in client success. They understand the technology and see the wider picture. Too many cookie-cutter programmes are illegal and unsuitable for the company. Why copy your competitor’s approach? That’s why Ollenburg LLC’s employer clients soar beyond their competitors.


Ollenburg speaks out when clients miss opportunities. They’ve developed technology platforms to boost a company’s competitiveness. They use Appreciative Inquiry to find an employer’s distinctive greatness, then customize technology to highlight and optimize it. Because of an information gap before Ollenburg, many cookie-cutter solutions are not properly customized.


The USPTO labels it the first payroll > timeclock > labour distribution automated interface. Most employers worldwide love this “Auto-Kost” from Ollenburg. Later, they created a successful HRIS programme from scratch and built it to stay ahead of the market. Redesigning software for fiscal prudence, legal risk management, and mental health has been Ollenburg’s latest challenge. It’s shocking how many HRIS platforms don’t comply with DOL rules. Illegally documenting or sharing protected material might result in 5-7 figure fines. Ollenburg LLC eliminates this risk and creates improvements that accelerate entry, cross-check accuracy, and reduce redundant entries through interface communication.


Technology has increased performance measures, opening up business analytics opportunities for Ollenburg. They assisted clients in scientifically validating pre-employment evaluation results to on-the-job predictability and performance appraisal scores. Technology-based tools taught them about employee motivation. The law applied math and behavioural science provides stability. Ollenburg examines next-level user profiles, learning styles, and work behaviours in client case studies. For future demands, they create reporting functions and nimbleness. The technical design work has just been presented to the government as a roadmap for faster and more accurate statewide professional licencing.



Speeding On The Achievements


Ollenburg’s immersive zen website, Zenquest.online, is being relaunched as a larger version to calm and refresh people throughout the epidemic and social instability. Their podcast “The Zenquest of Leaders” has some great guests and will record soon to celebrate accomplishment and answer “How Do YOU Zen?” Ollenburg, advocates of the human spirit, need to make zen a verb to refuel.


Whiskey-Dude.com highlights partner John Ollenburg’s 15-year career in wine and spirits, including the living-breathing science and art with some of the world’s best winemakers and distillers. Further, their popular background check company, Lawfulchecks.com, uses speed, technology, and legal expertise to filter reports for just job-related findings.





Staying relevant is thrilling. Ollenburg’s experience and dedication are unmatched. The organization can anticipate user needs due to decades of expertise measuring and studying trainability and work behaviours. They can deliver cutting-edge, cost-effective innovation thanks to decades of experience designing business-efficient technologies. The team advises business leaders on strategic innovation design. They function best when brought in at the strategic design level and advocate an endpoint user vision to position the platform for immediate demands, fluid adaptation, and competitive edge. Since they’ve worked with all main HRIS platforms, they may be called in to explain technical details, especially when bridging solutions into a new interface.


All in all, innovation drives success and competitiveness. Ollenburg LLC can develop technology by adding the best human judgement. They create custom, agile, and successful programmes that improve jobs and success. The organization may expedite development by laying the finest basis for future change when they see where technology will take them.


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