PRO Unlimited Enhances Its Industry-Leading Direct Sourcing and Worker Experience Solutions
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PRO Unlimited Enhances Its Industry-Leading Direct Sourcing and Worker Experience Solutions

PRO Unlimited Enhances Its Industry-Leading Direct Sourcing and Worker Experience Solutions

PPRO Unlimited, the integrated workforce management platform provider, announced the acquisition of WillHire, a leader of direct sourcing, worker experience/candidate engagement, and talent pool solutions. The addition of WillHire to DirectSource PRO, which PRO launched in April 2021 in partnership with Eightfold.AI, further enables organizations to source the best talent through one centralized platform. DirectSource PRO drives unprecedented efficiency, cost savings, and an enhanced worker experience for white-collar workers, and now for light-industrial, blue-collar, and shift workers. It also enables artificial intelligence-driven diversity and inclusion via Eightfold.AI.


The need for employers to curate and scale talent pools to enhance the quality of candidates, speed recruitment processes, improve direct worker relationship management and engagement, and save billions by direct sourcing has never been higher. And, as the war for talent intensifies in every job category, the need to do this with one direct sourcing system of record has never been more mission-critical.


To address this demand within the contingent workforce industry, PRO will integrate WillHire’s cutting-edge features into its direct sourcing and worker experience solutions. This includes the ability to attract talent from over 2,000 diverse, organic, and premium talent-traction channels online. WillHire also expands and deepens PRO’s already robust curation service capabilities. This helps organizations more effectively and efficiently grow their private talent pools for all job categories.


Additionally, PRO will leverage WillHire’s self-assessment technology, which helps clients increase the value of their talent pool and reduces time to hire by 50%. WillHire enables companies to achieve higher applicant conversion by using the power of their brand, and seamlessly integrating into top online sites with engaged, accurately matched talent.


“The growth of contingent workforce programs has been accelerated and modernized by remote work, globalization, and COVID. This segment is now 40% to 50% of the entire workforce; over $5 trillion in annual spend; and becoming highly dependent on data, technology, analytics, and worker experience management,” said Kevin Akeroyd, CEO at PRO Unlimited. “Due to these industry shifts, organizations are seeking multiple ways to strategically use their brand to attract, engage and source top talent while achieving cost savings. This acquisition continues to optimize our direct sourcing and worker experience solutions by offering clients an even more holistic and robust offering.”


“Our primary objective has always been to help enterprises transform their talent ecosystem to make talent a competitive advantage,” said Praneeth Patlola, CEO at WillHire. “PRO Unlimited was undoubtedly the only choice when looking for an organization to deliver our direct sourcing solution to the contingent workforce management space. We are thrilled about the opportunity to have PRO integrate our cutting-edge direct sourcing solution into DirectSource PRO.”


This acquisition marks PRO’s continued investment in DirectSource PRO. Since the solution was announced in March 2021 and went live in April 2021, PRO has seen over 40 of the world’s largest companies adopt it. These organizations span multiple industries including enterprise technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and financial services. To learn more about DirectSource PRO, contact


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