Progressing ahead Concrete Blonde Consulting
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Progressing ahead Concrete Blonde Consulting

Progressing ahead Concrete Blonde Consulting

“Remember it’s a marathon and not sprints so make sure you are taking care of yourself and also taking time to recharge your batteries or you’ll burn out.” Says Lindsey Myers, CEO of Concrete Blonde Consulting as advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs.


Lindsey Myers initiated her illustrious journey in the PR industry by working in a boutique PR firm in East Hampton, NY. Eventually, started her own business by compromising her comfort zone, learning new things, basics of business, gaining tremendous experience, and started building her professional network.




At the outset, she aimed to build a large firm with employees in an office setting. But gradually she found the freedom of working solo, ability to choose her own client, handling independent contracts, higher profit margins, traveling more often, exploring her subjects, lifestyle changes made her more passionate and a motivated entrepreneur. Lindsey also acclaims the advancement in technology and social media that have contributed to her present elite position in the industry. As not all newspaper had their websites, blogs and even podcasts didn’t exist at the start of her career.


Prevailing Over The Hurdles


Initially, the company has also faced challenges relating to posting content on their platform violating their terms of service offending communities which they prevailed over by communicating with the stakeholders ensuring their awareness of the happenings. Progressing ahead Concrete Blonde Consulting also had fruitful events where they launched a vegan meat line of tacos attracting local foodies and influencers bringing large success in various locations of Brooklyn and New York City. Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before and we should not regret mistakes instead learn from them is what has laid a powerful bedrock for the company. Stepping outside your comfort zone will inevitably lead to failure at times, but dwelling on it will help you move forward. And forward movement is what enables you to progress believes Lindsey Myers.


Propositions For Aspiring Businesswomen


The CEO’s deliberation for aspiring entrepreneurs specifically women entrepreneurs is to create an inner circle of mentors who they trust who they can reach out to advice at critical times. Decisions impacting their business will enhance their value incredibly that will entail assistance of team with lawyers and accountants to help with the basics. “Knowing your worth and creating boundaries that ensure you will not be taken advantage of by anyone” and also “Cash flow is sanity, profit is vanity. Structure your business to ensure that when tough times come, you’re able to weather the storm “is what she suggests for aspiring women entrepreneurs.




For Concrete Blonde Consulting’s radiant tomorrow Lindsey Myers grails in expanding their classic PR service in the field of politics, sustainability, healthcare, technology, aerospace, and sports that will set new trends in the industry.


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