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Rimage: Committed to Continuous Improvement and Advancing Solutions to Meet Real-World Business Challenges


Rimage: Committed to Continuous Improvement and Advancing Solutions to Meet Real-World Business Challenges

Rimage has been a leader and innovator in creating and developing solutions for digital data delivery and archiving for the past 40 years. Founded in 1978, IXI Laboratories marked the start of Rimage with a device that diskette makers used to test each 8-inch floppy diskette before sealing the flap on a plastic sleeve. At that time only 80–90% of diskettes passed certification, making IXI’s certifiers an essential and in-demand solution.



Technology Evolution Drives New Advancements


When the capacity of floppy diskettes was no longer sufficient for data storage needs, Rimage entered the CD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable) market in 1995. A CD-R disc is a compact disc that has multiple reading and writing capabilities. Contrary to automated CD-R creation, floppy diskettes were not automatically
labeled with a paper stick-on label. To fill this demand, Rimage introduced the world’s first “laser quality,” direct-to-disc thermal printer.


The innovation continued when in 1997 Rimage introduced the first fully automated CD-R publication system that incorporated file transmission, recording, and thermal surface printing in one continuous unbroken flow.


Rimage was the first to provide support for DVD-R in 2003. It was also the first to provide complete flexibility by integrating the production of DVD-R and CD-R in a single automated system. Now, CD-R, DVD-R, and Blu-ray DiscTM recording formats are supported by all Rimage systems.


Today, Rimage is a world authority on offline, unchangeable, long-term data storage and preservation. In order to meet long-term data preservation and compliance needs, the company creates workflow-integrated data management hardware, software, and solutions that enable organizations to better manage assets, reduce costs, defend against cyberattacks, and maintain data integrity.


With extensive experience in optical technology, engineering, robotics, and software capabilities, Rimage provides bundled, customized solutions that fit into any workflow and cater to the needs of the customer. Organizations, including healthcare, government, and law enforcement, that demand the highest standards and integrity in securing data across every stage of the data lifecycle depend on Rimage’s best-in-class solutions.


Modern Solutions for Rapidly Evolving Problems


Rimage offers businesses safe offline and nearline optical storage solutions with an unrivaled 50- to 100-year shelf life. To satisfy security, change of possession, and data validation standards, data is encrypted and unchangeable. Rimage’s solutions also aid businesses in lowering their carbon footprint by using optical storage with lower power requirements than technologies such as tape, spinning disk, or solid-state disk, which demand constant power consumption. Storage on optical discs uses the least amount of electricity possible, making it an environmentally friendly option.


Rimage is also exploring the potential of new technologies for beneficial purposes, while also anticipating how they may be misused in cybersecurity. “We are only just starting to observe the effects of the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML),” says Christopher Rence, Rimage President and CEO. “As ‘technology custodians,’ we need to be able to adjust as quickly as those on both the light and dark sides of the technology world, who use data for both beneficial and malicious means. The genie is out of the bottle.”


As these technologies converge alongside augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the risks to enterprises increase exponentially — from data hacking to maliciously manipulated information. Rimage addresses these vulnerabilities and can offer enterprises an encrypted, unchangeable point-in-time data reference point that acts as a checkpoint for changes in recorded data by utilizing the technology stack.



Managing Data Throughout its Lifecycle


Rimage offers solutions to help businesses manage and save their data at every stage of the data lifecycle. Their newest products give customers greater “cradle to grave” Data Lifecycle Management solutions that improve the management of unstructured or abandoned data and provide an impervious layer of security to a customer’s security and recovery procedures.


Immutable optical technology, one of Rimage’s key differentiators in data preservation, has an unmatched shelf life of up to 50 to 100 years. They use this together with their engineering, robotics, and software skills to create bundled solutions that fit into any workflow and are adapted to any client’s needs.



Regarding the CEO


Christopher Rence, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rimage, has pioneered the major innovations that have been essential to Rimage’s recent success. As a technology executive, security expert, and author on the subject of cybersecurity, Rence also sits on the boards of directors for Cloud Compile, CionSystems, and the Minnesota Technology Association. He has also held positions at Equus Holdings, FICO, Digital River, and Accenture.





Rimage provides continuous innovation combined with a deep knowledge of the industry. The team is constantly searching for new ways to manage, safeguard, and safely destroy data to suit the needs of its clients. Together with their partners, they offer the greatest data management techniques to ensure secure data categorization, preservation, and deletion. The Rimage team is also in the process of developing higher product densities for archiving and preservation. They have a few aces up their sleeves and are developing solutions that make use of AI, ML, AR, and VR to dramatically simplify data management while also providing a layer of defense against potential vulnerabilities with permanent storage for tracking and point-in-time data validation.


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