Spotting the Robot Dog completes a remote site visit -
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Spotting the Robot Dog completes a remote site visit

Spotting the Robot Dog completes a remote site visit

BBoston Dynamics has announced the successful deployment of its robotic dog Spot in a remote construction trial in the U.K. Led by BAM Nuttall, Spot was used to collect data and create site records.


Deployed as part of a $250 million 5G program funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, the project marks the robot’s first 5G deployment in the U.K, with the stand-alone network offering remote control of Spot and its tech capabilities – including a fitted 3D laser scanner from Trimble used to collect data on its surroundings. 


By using Spot, surveying, and maintenance businesses can avoid workplace hazards and the risk of injury by replacing manual service teams with remotely-operated bots. 


“This project is exciting for us because it’s exactly the kind of application where a robot inherently makes sense and can immediately add value,” said Brian Ringley, construction product manager for Boston Dynamics. “It also shows that we can operate Spot effectively from hundreds of miles away and collect very reliable, repeatable data.”


The trial site, covering an area of 181,023.622 square feet, is SSEN Transmission Shetland’s HVDC link project at the Kergord substation site. Once completed, this link will connect Shetland to the U.K.’s national energy system and allow it to export renewable energy and secure future supply. 


Earlier this month, Boston Dynamics announced 5G capabilities for Spot, as well as upgrades to its sensors and vision, heralding increased flexibility for customers looking to use both public and private networks. 


The group’s autonomous robot Stretch was also made available for commercial deployment in industrial warehouse settings in March, with Gap, H&M, and Maersk spin-off Performance Team all early adopters of the bot.