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SyncDog: Independent Mobile Security Vendor Providing Unique Data Protection Software with the Greatest Levels of Customer Satisfaction


SyncDog: Independent Mobile Security Vendor Providing Unique Data Protection Software with the Greatest Levels of Customer Satisfaction

A After a successful startup and exit with software company Conceivium Business Solutions, founder Jonas Gyllensvaan took a role as consultant to the acquiring company Fixmo, a mobile-device infrastructure management solutions provider. Gyllensvaan noticed an increasing market need for a more straightforward, easier-to-deploy solution that safeguarded personal devices on corporate and governmental networks with the rise of BYOD in the early 2010s. SyncDog, Inc.’s secure mobile container as a service served as that solution. In order to safeguard mobile devices across the BYOD spectrum, SyncDog created a comprehensive, integrated modular solution that incorporates the following:


• Email and data encryption
• Secure containerization support for corporate data and IP across BYOD
• A robust native/hybrid app store within the
• Anti-malware/anti-phishing capabilities
• DLP/Dual persona capabilities
• Support for both iOS and Android
• Role-based access control


Following The Prevailing Trends


Coronavirus created a massive exodus from office environments to remote/hybrid work environments. The result is moving large organizations’ network perimeter security liability far beyond its traditional parameters. Sure, the reaches of previous network perimeter protection was extended but not extended for 10s of thousands of workers. The exposure to potential breaches from hybrid/remote work environments has increased at an alarming rate. The market requires a better method of safeguarding mobile access to these networks that are completely integrated with Enterprise Mobile Management solutions because so many remote workers use mobile access points into corporate and governmental networks.
One such safe option that is integrated with the top EMM technologies is SyncDog. The impact of COVID-19 was so swift and severe that IT teams had a difficult time addressing service delivery. They were also ill or working from home in a world where IT was already being challenged to accomplish more with fewer resources (people and money). Maintaining operations as usual for the provision of services while also suffering from coronavirus was a tremendous hardship for IT personnel.


Long before COVID-19, SyncDog began collaborating on EMM implementation with key actors in the ecosystem, namely Microsoft Intune. It wasn’t too disruptive for SyncDog to operate within COVID-19’s limitations because of this pre-pandemic work.



Technology Is Fundamental


Almost every organization hides their playbooks for what is in its application stack for cyberthreat prevention due to the nature of cyber threats. In the same way that you don’t hear much information about the everyday breaches that occur in commercial and government organizations, you also don’t hear much about the strategies used to combat cybercrime. It is safe to state that SyncDog’s clients excel at managing the personnel, operational procedures, and technological infrastructure required to combat cybercrime. A breach will occur, but the question is more when than if. You will have an advantage over almost all organizations in the fight against cybercrime if you have that visibility and the ability to act proactively before or soon after a breach. SyncDog provides this security blanket and visibility. Secure.Systems™ for Microsoft Intune Workspace, in conjunction with customers’ EMM systems, enables users to take preventative action against cyber threats via containerized mobile environments that protect data and IP on the device.



XaaS Of SyncDog


More businesses are implementing the Zero Trust paradigm for mobile security, according to SyncDog. This amounts to assuming that everything and everyone connecting remotely to the network is malicious. The host network constantly looks for access authorization and authentication. SyncDog’s containerized solution fits this paradigm well because of its dynamic approach to managing access point authentication. Being put into Zero Trust environments is not disruptive because the container is an integral part of the device and uses the device’s encryption and permission. Because containerization is segmented from other assets on the mobile device by nature, any sensitive IP that may be on the device is protected if an app is compromised. Since the SyncDog container is also available to the EMM platform, the container can be managed as a device within the EMM system. This enables various levels of protection for the apps, IPs, and networks connected via those apps on the device.

Additionally, SyncDog is a more responsive, client-centered mobile security vendor. They may be more aware of the market than their larger rivals, whose development and support teams may be stretched thin in a state of emergency (basically, they have more fires to put out and more internal bosses to answer to). The company is now more narrowly focused on supporting ongoing installations and addressing market gaps.

Additionally, SyncDog has a lot of support. You are able to quickly speak to a live person over the phone or via chat when you call or submit a ticket. They are more receptive to client requests because the software works as intended, and they have a good ratio of support engineers to clients. Compared to larger software companies, SyncDog’s employees tend to have longer tenures and better internal relationships because of their smaller size.


Compared to a large software company with thousands of engineers, a smaller company’s development and support teams are more likely to see the results of their labour. The crew at SyncDog sincerely cares about the products’ success in client contexts because they can be closer to the management team, and the communication from the top about customer engagement is better.


Recognizing The Needs of The Customer


IT resources are all overburdened and understaffed, and they urgently required mobile security. At a very affordable price, SyncDog was able to offer a workable container-based mobile security solution. The SaaS model from SyncDog is ideal because it offers customers a selection of options based on their budget, and there are no long-term contracts. Implementation is simple and does not use a lot of customer IT resources because SyncDog is readily installed from the cloud or the client’s EMM platform.


Any post-purchase assistance can also be managed online. The disruption caused by SyncDog to customers’ IT teams’ current workload is minor.


Because they are a smaller vendor, SyncDog is focused on providing customers with only products and services that are needed. Unlike with an enterprise giant, you aren’t sold “bloatware” that you will never use or is overly feature-ridden. SyncDog is a straightforward mobile security solution that you will use to its fullest potential.


Use Case: Syncdog’s Secure Container in Forensics


The workflow and compliance for managing crime-scene data have significantly improved thanks to SyncDog’s Trusted Mobile Workspace container. The ease of use of using mobile devices for collecting information is widely known. Still, at a crime scene, you need to secure the information so that it does not get contaminated and be unusable in a legal proceeding.

There has been a significant improvement in the procedure for transferring photos, emails, documents, and SMS text messages to a secure network data store using SyncDog’s workspace container. In essence, automation now delivers data to the secure network as soon as a picture is captured. The risk of losing data has decreased because there is no longer a requirement to move files from an SD card to a laptop, nor is the data on the device available to other apps or profiles on the device. Law enforcement photographs, emails, documents, and texts are separated from personal data and high-risk personal games/applications in the SyncDog Trusted Mobile Workspace container. The container separates the law enforcement data in a secure setting guarded by FIPS 140-2 grade encryption using the AES 256 technique.


Detectives and crime-scene technicians can concentrate more on police work and worry less about auditing and compliance while conducting investigations thanks to the streamlining of the crime-scene processing workflow and increased security.




SyncDog, despite being an independent mobile security firm, operates on a global scale. They have clients and support choices that “follow the sun,” which means there is no end to the support you will get from SyncDog and its products. Although they are modest and agile, they are also sizable enough to service even the biggest organizations after the sale. A number of small, independent software vendors can boast of having this capability. It takes specialization and experience, and that is just what you get from SyncDog.


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