Tactical Rehabilitation: Honoring the US Military by Serving the Best Treatment, Goods, And Services
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Tactical Rehabilitation: Honoring the US Military by Serving the Best Treatment, Goods, And Services

Tactical Rehabilitation: Honoring the US Military by Serving the Best Treatment, Goods, And Services

David Marr, the company’s first CEO, launched Tactical Rehabilitation. David sold his previous DME businesses and shifted his focus to offering the best treatment, goods, and service to honor those who served in the US military after doing a market survey and discovering that the military was not receiving the most excellent quality care, something they well deserved. As David expanded the firm, he hired leadership and patient care team members. Eventually, he handed over day-to-day operation management to Kevin MacRitchie, the COO at the time and now the CEO. Kevin continues David’s founding heritage at Tactical Rehabilitation alongside Karen Lyons, the company’s CFO, and every employee, as the business daily broadens its clientele and services.


Following Their Core Values

Tactical Rehabilitation concentrates on core strengths, like providing patient care, service, and equipment for biomechanical and musculoskeletal healing. This keeps Tactical Rehabilitation at the top of the list for core and expanded product solutions, including their product development methods through successful partnering, leading non-pharmaceutical pain treatment solutions, and improvements in parasomnia care.



Always Doing Beyond Their Best

Tactical Rehabilitation partners with only the best. They have handshake agreements and collaborations with businesses that uphold the quality of their solutions, products, and word. Anyone who cannot participate in this collaboration for the benefit of both parties, particularly their patients, is promptly eliminated as toxic and is never allowed to return. Although it is challenging, Tactical Rehabilitation must insist on alliances that guarantee everyone involved’s success to uphold the highest standards and care.


The team continues to invest in and will always invest in technologies that improve products, enable the team to improve and maximize their patient care time and minimize operational inefficiencies.


Tactical Rehabilitation is also accelerating its investment in and collaborations with specialty products, which employ technology to ensure that each product is made to the precise demands of the patients’ needs and uses digital technologies to speed up the process. The more information these specialists and the Tactical Rehabilitation team can supply to their patients and their doctors, the better care they can give, and the faster each service member will recover and regain their “Service Ready” designation.



Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Tactical Rehabilitation has persisted in looking for ways to improve its productivity and effectiveness. To achieve this, they have upgraded their systems and infrastructure as a crucial component of their growth in 2022. This will ensure that their team can help patients more efficiently and effectively. Nobody even knew when Tactical Rehabilitation switched over to their new system, which is something the team enjoys about all previous system implementations. People might not have known Tactical Rehabilitation had changed if they had not been required to change their logins. However, the new system architecture is much larger than anything they have ever had, enabling them to grow the services locally and globally.



The Focus-Driven Organization

The fact that Tactical Rehabilitation primarily works with active-duty soldiers, their families, and retired military personnel sets their solutions apart from those of the competitors. They have exclusive rights to the greatest items available in the market, like Sole Supports Orthotics, and emphasize healing rather than delaying the deterioration of a patient’s condition. Tactical Rehabilitation is the sole option because of its undeniably top industry ranking and recent recognition as one of the military’s top 10 solution suppliers.


As if that weren’t enough, Tactical Rehabilitation sees the majority of its patients within 48 hours, compared to the competition’s average of more than 60 days, due to its unwavering focus on civilian clients whose insurance payouts are significantly higher than those provided by the Department of Defense. For the sole reason that they are quick to respond and take care of patients when others are unable or unwilling, Tactical Rehabilitation is even recommended by insurance administration firms.


Reed Abernathy of Tactical Rehabilitation uses the example of a serviceman who could hardly walk because of foot pain and exhaustion, plantar fasciitis, and back pain to illustrate how they overcame their customers’ problems. This person resumed jogging and full rucksack training after four months. He went out of his way to thank Reed, saying that it had altered his life. Even though there are countless other stories like this one, this one is the team’s favorite.


Unlike any other provider in the sector, Tactical Rehabilitation places such a premium on patient connection and experience that the team has a senior management position dedicated explicitly to patient experience. Her sole responsibility is ensuring every patient has a phenomenal experience, if not better. This position covers everything: staff training, business marketing, goods, services, product trials, product solutions, catalogs, and all branding in print, digital, educational, and other media. Being a patient in a doctor’s office or observing patients’ reactions while looking for ways to improve them daily is a part of her job.




The Aspiration for A Better Future

The main objectives of Tactical Rehabilitation at this time are to establish and commit to muscle memory the improved business operating system to maximize the benefits of making this significant improvement and keep growing their reach until they can serve every serviceman and servicewoman in the world.


The caliber of care Tactical Rehabilitation provides to each patient and the fact that they all come from the same background—more than 50% of their staff have military experience—illustrates the company’s commitment to excellence. They adhere to the philosophy of continuous improvement through training employees, enhancing their abilities, and implementing technology whenever it might help the clients the business serves.


Lastly, Tactical Rehabilitation would like to thank the military personnel for their service and for letting the team assist them. They express gratitude for their liberties and for selecting Tactical Rehabilitation as their health advisor.


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