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Technology Should Enable Efficiency: PlumSoft

Technology Should Enable Efficiency: PlumSoft

Cloud computing continues to grow in popularity since it offers companies scalability, agility, and the ability to save resources and money. The wide range of choices forces decision-makers to answer critical questions about their goals. It’s especially true for a company going through a significant digital transformation, such as implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning software solution. Using an ERP system is the best way to tackle the competition in such a highly competitive technological landscape.



Plumsoft started with a simple philosophy that technology should enable efficiency, not stand in the way. Plumware Cloud Development platform is the result of that philosophy. The firm has combined more than 30 years of developing business applications across different technology platforms by some of the best minds to develop innovative cloud technology that is simple, robust, and flexible. The new technology has eliminated the need for customers to make large upfront investments for software, hardware, middleware, and database and not to mention the elongated implementations and complex, costly upgrades.





A fresh alternative to the traditional legacy ERP systems, the cloud-based PlumERP solution delivered as a SaaS application is a revolutionary solution for all your business needs. Traditional legacy ERP and Enterprise Applications were not built for today’s dynamic business environment. They rely on a static and aging data model that was developed more than ten years ago. They are rigid, inflexible, and built with yesterday’s technology. Customers are forced to make large upfront investments for software, hardware, middleware, database, and professional services, and then suffer through elongated implementations and complex, costly upgrades.


PlumERP eliminates all the hassles and headaches involved in traditional legacy ERP systems by enabling on-demand business solutions delivered as SaaS solutions in the cloud. PlumERP gives you the most comprehensive and integrated suite of business applications available today, with a single solution that unites all major areas of your business sales, finance, services, procurement, human resources, and operations. With data from a single comprehensive, integrated ERP system, applications, and processes can be better aligned with business strategy. As a result, you’ll be able to meet strategic goals and improve business outcomes. It’s easy to get lost in data and miss the big picture. With PlumERP, you’ll gain greater insight into your entire business. Reports, dashboards, and other analytical tools can provide you with a new perspective on managing your business with real-time information.



Path-breaking solutions offered by Plumsoft



Financial Management Module


PlumERP financials software accelerates your financial close, provides strong expense management, offers streamlined and auditable revenue management, and ensures complete real-time visibility into the entire business’s financial performance. It deals with all critical functions, including general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, comprehensive budgeting, asset accounting, cash management capabilities, and other dedicated tools. PlumERP financial management seamlessly integrates with all other modules order management, purchasing, inventory, and CRM functions to streamline critical business processes, such as quote-to-cash. Everyone works from a single source of finance, sales, and customer data.



Human Capital Management Module


PlumERP Human Capital Management solution gives you the most comprehensive set of human capital management capabilities available today, with a single solution that unites the different major areas of HCM: human resource management, payroll services, time and attendance, and performance management. Streamlining your human resource management processes reduces costs, improves employee satisfaction, and makes employees and managers and your human resources and finance teams—more productive. PlumERP provides an end-to-end solution that offers comprehensive time tracking, incentive compensation, expense reporting, and payroll tools, all built into a self-service portal that any employee can access 24×7.



Plum Analytics

Plum Analytics delivers operational, tactical, and strategic intelligence in real-time from a single record system negating the need for a sophisticated, expensive data warehouse. Plum Analytics is included in all PlumSoft software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings at no charge, delivering powerful business analysis that is easy enough for any executive, line-level manager, or individual user to leverage.



The mastermind behind the triumph of Plumsoft


Jay Sappidi is the Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Plumsoft. Mr. Jay has more than 18 years of experience in the high-tech industry with a diverse and broad-based background ranging from entrepreneurship, senior management, business development, and strategic planning to technology development. In his entrepreneurial journey, he founded Wissen Inc., based out of New Jersey, which provides IT consulting services with a focus on digital content management. He grew the company’s revenues to the US $5 million in three years and established the company as a strong player in the competitive content management market. Jay was also one of the founders of — India’s first bartering portal.

Jay also held an executive-level position at CAST as Vice President of their Research Labs. He headed their product marketing, product strategy, corporate messaging, and customer relations. Jay worked at Deloitte as a Management Consultant in their Strategy & Operations group, where he helped companies with their corporate, marketing, and operations strategies.

He earned his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, and holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.



“Given the competition in the Indian Banking sector, we needed an edge. We got more than just an edge; we got a new way to the bank.”