The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of Lisa S. Jones
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The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of Lisa S. Jones

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of Lisa S. Jones

Women across the world have proven their worth through hard work and dedication. Even after the constant underestimations, womankind has made it through and continues to shine through the darkness. The business world is constantly mesmerized by the leading woman tycoons who have inspired millions of little girls with huge aspirations.


Lisa S Jones, the Founder and Chief EyeMail Officer at EyeMail Inc. had an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age. Lisa always saw business and business ideas flourishing around her. Her curiosity towards every little thing has made her the successful businesswoman that she is now. Lisa saw her father opening his ice cream shop from the ground up, significantly impacting her life. “Why does the cash register ring each time there was a sale” questioned Lisa, which became the foundational stone for her quest with entrepreneurship. Lisa as a teenager, worked as a cashier at a McDonalds’, where she learned several fundamental business principles, including how much she loved interacting with customers. Jones also learned the importance of developing interpersonal and communication skills while serving the customer with a smile.


The Origination Of EyeMail Inc.


Lisa believes that “education is always in bloom and to remain open to learning new things and collaborating with leaders from all over the world are the best teachers ever.” Lisa currently owns a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics & Procurement, a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management, advanced certifications. After two decades, she is attending Harvard Business School because of her very same belief.


One morning, Lisa received an unfortunate call that changed her life forever. Her sister informed Lisa about her mother’s demise at home alone at the age of 61. Lisa still remembers what effect that one phone calls her in her life. It acted as a catalyst to start her own business, which honors her mother. EyeMail is focused on creating the best email engagement on the planet. Lisa’s company has developed a world-class patent-pending marketing technology that enables full HD video (up to 60 seconds) to automatically play in email and mobile to increase customer engagement and conversions. Lisa shares, “As brands, we all seek ways to stand from the inbox clutter and to inspire action, as a competitive differentiator”. EyeMail continues to innovate and has developed multiple product lines. A globally diverse team of professionals aged 21-78 years old are inspired to deliver value and innovation to their world-class clients.


Journey So Far


Lisa’s journey began with starting at NASA as a Logistics Specialist and managing technical resources. She further moved into the Telecommunications industry, where she gained in-depth knowledge. She also thoroughly learned about Supplier Diversity to support diverse and women-owned business enterprises.


Interestingly, Lisa’s journey has been an adventurous one. As an African American female in technology and from Alabama, she did not receive enough support, guidance and open-door access as her colleagues. She could not access quite a few opportunities, but Lisa kept her goals focused and kept working with a strong heart and determined mind. She knew that her journey would be an uphill battle, but she was leaving a trail for the advancement of women in the womankind field of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


EyeMail collaborates with Fortune 100 brands such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, WarnerMedia, and Porsche North America and is honored to partner with them.


Lisa always believed in dreaming big and turning it into reality. EyeMail, the brainchild of Jones, is now winning several awards, including the Stevie Award for ‘Innovator of Year’ and Delta Air Lines’ Catalyst of the Year’ award for her impact on digital email strategy, most recently 20 Innovative Companies to Know in 2021. Lisa has now proudly stepped into the category of Top  10 businesswomen to admire in 2021.


Overall, Lisa is an inspiration to women across the world. She is a digital innovator and a fearless disruptor, has built a global brand without raising outside capital, exudes tenacity, character, and vision. She is a recognized global thought leader, a trailblazer for women in technology who delivers excellence believes in paying it forward to help others etc. One of her all-time favorite quotes, is by Henry Ford, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”. Try and try again until you succeed in the perfect phrase that suits the perseverance and determination of Lisa S. Jones.


COVID 19 And EyeMail


Lisa feels that COVID 19 has severely affected the industries. Companies have incurred huge losses, pivots, uncertainty, shifts in thought processes, safety standards, and drastic changes in the standard routines.


Fortunately, the need for communication remained constant and, in fact, increased during the time of COVID when the world went under a digital era of communicating. EyeMail saw massive growth in its business model during the time of COVID. The immediate, consistent need of the employers to communicate with their consumers was now more than ever.


EyeMail also saw a rapid growth in the use and adoption of video, which could be sent via email with small file size, using the company’s marketing technology. This made messages more engaging, personalized, and impactful and, as a result, increased open rates, click-throughs, and conversions.


Words Of Wisdom


As a woman entrepreneur, Lisa has experienced her fair share of challenges. From her experiences, she believes that “Every day will not be sunshine and rainbows but stay the course and look forward to another day of the adventure, as it’s always one day away.”


She believes that the journey as an entrepreneur will get lonely at times. Still, the key is to remain positive, stay focused, keep rising, consciously remember your goals and continue to visualize your success. Practicing daily gratitude, being kind to others, and doing your best are fundamental keys to a successful life. It is important to celebrate significant achievements, but in the limelight of the big milestones, do not forget to celebrate the smaller successes as they are stepping stones for growth and substantially impact our journey.


It is okay to ask for advice, Lisa says. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength to know and seek help where you need it.


A piece of Bonus advice from Lisa S Jones,


“It is perfectly fine to be “Fabulously Successful.” If you want to wear that red lipstick or that pink dress or that cheetah heel shoe, etc., Go for It. It is your journey to writing your story and how you want to live it.”