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The Saga Of Vanessa Fukunaga In Real Estate

The Saga Of Vanessa Fukunaga In Real Estate

The Saga Of Vanessa Fukunaga Towards Creating An Ecosystem Of Trust And Credibility In The Real Estate Sector


IIn recent years, women have been overcoming the constraints of patriarchal culture to reach new heights in various fields, including real estate. One of the most significant paradigm adjustments is that the industry is now much more organized, with equal chances for everybody. Companies are increasingly focusing on creating a more inclusive working atmosphere. Many women are shattering the classic “glass barrier” in the real estate market to advance to top positions. One such woman is Vanessa Fukunaga.


Vanessa Fukunaga, the owner, president, and CEO of Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate, as well as the owner, CEO and Publisher of Ocean Blue World, has significantly raised her level of professionalism and marketing power by bringing her innovation and mastery to the luxury real estate industry. Fukunaga is at the helm, empowering change and leading with unequaled brilliance, passion and strength.



The Astounding Journey Behind The Success


After falling in love with Los Cabos and learning that the high-end luxury resort could deliver tremendous financial success, Fukunaga acquired Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate in 2012. Before this company purchase, Fukunaga spent 16 years as a senior executive with Carlson Wagonlit Travel, the number one corporate business travel company in the United States. Fukunaga’s degree of international business insight, expertise, and prowess has been enthusiastically welcomed to the real estate sector in Los Cabos and abroad.


In addition to helping establish the first Engel & Völkers in Mexico, Fukunaga has also rocketed sales, directing the team in selling over a billion dollars in real estate.


Fukunaga is leading the charge and is one of Baja California Sur’s top advisors for high-net-worth clients looking to sell or acquire ultra-luxury properties. Fukunaga is a stroke of brilliance in the industry with skills, global connections, and a unique tune into the business.


It’s simple: if you need anything done, you contact Vanessa Fukunaga.


Fukunaga’s vision and ingenuity have fashioned Ocean Blue World into the platform it is today, opening a portal to elegance and flair. The magazine, events, experiences, social media, digital, luxury toys, productions, and sponsorship are just a few of the 360-degree distinctive offerings. The exact way in which real estate and this opulent platform are combined is a genuine testament to Fukunaga’s talent, and the results to date have been fantastic.




Leaving Her Footprints


Fukunaga has put Los Cabos on the map as a passionate advocate for Mexico, making a lasting effect on many worldwide investors and clientele seeking the ideal location for a luxury lifestyle. Fukunaga’s portfolio comprises a database of clients from the United States, Canada, and the world. She is well-positioned in the community as a connecting focal point for all property holders.


Beyond business, Fukunaga is well-liked in Cabo and has established herself as a “leader who cares”. Fukunaga gladly and voluntarily gives back to those who need it the most as the founder of the #MakeItHappen charitable venture, contributing her resources, time, energy, and services while inspiring others to go on their journeys of discovery.


Fukunaga’s podcast, Mod Pod With Fukunaga, welcomes the world’s movers and shakers for epic dialogues on how they scale the luxury market and employ their skill, ability, and power to promote good change and expansion.



Celebrating 25 Years Of Real Estate Excellence


Since its foundation, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate has sold more than $3 billion in property, clearly establishing itself as the business to list and sell premium real estate. The brokerage, firmly rooted in a culture of leadership and professionalism, has an ever-expanding award-winning history. It includes a twelve-year run as the top real estate agency for sales volume in the Baja California Sur market and a fifth consecutive win for Best Real Estate Agency in Mexico from the prestigious International Property Awards.


Currently, the company dominates the Baja California Sur market, with 2021 being the brokerage’s strongest year on record, surpassing all prior sales records. Sales are roughly 25% higher in 2022 than in the first five months of 2021, and there’s no indication of them slowing down. It’s shaping to be an even better year, with deals happening like never before and sales activity at an all-time high. There has never been a better time for buyers and sellers to enter the market.


Fukunaga says, “Over the last 25 years, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate has raised the bar for premium services and the enjoyment of high-standard living for generations of families. Buyers and sellers working with Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate are working with one of the “World’s Best” property companies.”


In the brokerage’s spectacular listing inventory, which includes everything from luxury homeowner residences to exclusive developer listings, prominent trends such as space, privacy, home offices, and pleasant outdoor areas can be found. They all appeal to various buyer groups, including singles, young couples, and families with children, investors, overseas purchasers, and ultra-high net worth people. The brokerage assists purchasers in finding and matching the right property through strategic and distinctive services.


Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate is at the forefront of the market in selling and exhibiting the region’s most magnificent real estate to a worldwide clientele. The brokerage guarantees a direct route to any place in the globe by offering a variety of exclusive sales and marketing opportunities.



The Road Ahead


The company, run by Fukunaga, intends to maintain its position as Baja California Sur’s top real estate agency. They want to further their leading position in the luxury market, keep their finger on the market’s pulse, and continue to provide exceptional property services.


“Our prestigious luxury real estate services are unmatched. To succeed, we go above and beyond the norm and challenge conventional business practices. With the rising demand, we are committed to serving people discovering and investing in Los Cabos and take great delight in offering an unmatched purchase experience in every facet of the business,” Fukunaga says.





When you deal with Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate, whether buying or selling, you’re partnering with a worldwide renowned company with the resources, connections, and impact. You are guaranteed the most outstanding possible experience with purchasing and selling a house.



All in all, Fukunaga is a shining example of a high-ranking commander-in-chief dedicated to moving her businesses ahead. Her dedication to business, leadership, and giving back to the community has aided the development of this top location. She advises women entrepreneurs to be experts, continually innovating, creating, and looking for the next big idea.