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Tier44: Leading Their Way Towards Becoming Global DCIM Provider

Tier44: Leading Their Way Towards Becoming Global DCIM Provider

Tier44 Technologies, a leading developer of Data Center Management applications on the ServiceNow platform for commercial organizations and government agencies, offers visibility, intelligence, analytics, and automation solutions. It helps CIOs, IT directors, and facilities managers optimize capacity and manage service levels. Also, Tier44 facilitates power consumption reduction within and across data centers, for owners, and operators to achieve the highest level of application reliability at the lowest possible power cost through holistic management.


Clemens Pfeiffer, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Technology Officer of Tier44, started his career at Hewlett-Packard in Germany, initially as a central European support specialist and later in a more proactive consulting capacity for compiler, database, and workflow technologies. Later he co-founded Power Assure as CTO to focus on data center energy efficiency improvements. To move the technology to the ServiceNow ecosystem, he formed Tier44 Technologies in 2014, acquiring all intellectual property, patents, software, and most of Power Assure’s assets. Tier44 Technologies then built a data center management solution on the ServiceNow platform.


Through developing essential elements like rack elevation views and capacity aggregation, Tier44 was able to create some novel new graphical tools for ServiceNow. By introducing the idea of “Digital Employees,” Tier44 may now take advantage of these capabilities and add task automation to them, significantly raising the value of their offering.


Tier44: The Perfect Response


Tier44, with its exceptional work, has been recognized as one of the top 50 market innovators. Due to Clemens Pfeiffer’s extensive background in technology, research, and product development, he is constantly looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies. Clemens was confident that workflows in and around data center management could significantly improve operational efficiency and energy and water utilization because he had extensive experience working with data centers. 


As a result of all the prior research and the rise of ServiceNow as the platform of choice for many organizations, Tier44 Technologies recognized an opportunity to develop an application on ServiceNow to implement the research findings and help organizations reap the benefits.


In 2014, while the ServiceNow platform’s functionality was limited and utilization was still restricted, Clemens started using it. After eight years, Tier44 has released cutting-edge data center management solutions, and the ServiceNow platform has expanded in capabilities. This allows Tier44 to provide inherent graphical views of structures and floor designs, rack elevation views, automatically aggregating space and power, and graphical tools for designing equipment model features like front/back images and power/network connections. Only Tier44’s ServiceNow data center management program has the functionality mentioned above with a native certification. The Tier44 solution on ServiceNow benefits ServiceNow users greatly. There is no distinct user experience, synchronization, external database, or data transfer. Tier44s solution expands cutting-edge ServiceNow capability with a tailored user experience for data centers.


Future Prospects For Tier44


Tier44 is making announcements for the upcoming year and planning new features and capabilities. For their award-winning application, they are currently developing two more modules: one for quick asset scanning of equipment in a rack and the other for data collection and monitoring of power, pricing, temperature, and service levels.


The monitoring solution also combines a new Tier44 innovation called “Digital Employees”® into ServiceNow to automate the data collected from various devices within a data center. The quick-scan module is primarily intended for data center site technicians to help them with racks and rack content compliance audits and tracking of installs, moves, and decommissions of equipment.


“Digital Employees” is a registered trademark of Tier44 Technologies, Inc. – with them, operations can be automated, and digital workers can fill in for actual users in workflows. For instance, if you need to audit a rack, you can send a technician to scan the rack manually. Also, if you have one of the advanced asset management strips that can be read remotely, you can assign one of the Digital Employees to read the tags automatically. Site technicians can also take manual power readings, or you can entrust Digital Employees with the task of doing so automatically using remote access. You can send a task to one of these Digital Employees the same way you send them to a regular user since they are treated like ordinary users in ServiceNow. They will try to perform the task automatically, but if unsuccessful, they will assign it to a real person for manual completion.


This method enables continuous automation growth without requiring modifications to the fundamental workflow because the only distinction between an automated operation and a manual activity is the chosen “user.” The development cycle is shortened; as a result, case-by-case testing is made possible, the end-user workload is reduced, a quick return on investment is delivered, and incremental improvements are made possible.


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