Together, Nvidia and Ready Robotics are accelerating industrial automation -
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Together, Nvidia and Ready Robotics are accelerating industrial automation

Together, Nvidia and Ready Robotics are accelerating industrial automation

NNvidia is set to incorporate Ready Robotics’ Forge/OS universal operating system into its Omniverse Isaac Simulator, as part of a wider collaboration between the companies. 


Nvidia’s investment contributed alongside Micron Technology and SIP Global Partners, will allow Ready Robotics to continue developing its Forge/OS platform. The system creates software drivers for digital twins of robots, helping developers such as Epson, Yasawa, and Universal Robots trial and monitor units. 


“Manufacturing has been held back for decades by software silos between robot vendors,” said Ben Gibbs, CEO, and co-founder of Ready Robotics. “We’ve broken down those barriers with a standard interface that simplifies deployment for enterprises and dramatically increases the market opportunity for the automation industry.


“For factory workers, that interface is a no-code tablet which allows them to upskill to become a robot programmer within weeks,” he continued. “For software developers, it’s a standard API that unlocks data streams from over 3 million compatible robots deployed today.”


Nvidia’s Isaac Simulator is a scalable robotics and data generation application that creates virtual environments to test and manage AI-based robots. Through the partnership, Forge/OS would come in to create the software drivers for the bots being trialed.


Ready Robotics’ collaboration with Nvidia began in 2021 when Nvidia was on-boarded to help build capabilities on top of the Forge/OS platform, as well as extend the platform’s reach.

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