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Unified Office : Offering Voice-over-IP And Hybrid Cloud-Based Business Communications Services Through Innovative Service Offerings

Unified Office

Unified Office : Offering Voice-over-IP And Hybrid Cloud-Based Business Communications Services Through Innovative Service Offerings

Unified Office, Inc. provides hybrid cloud-based business communications, IoT services, and advanced data analytics for small and medium-sized businesses. Ray Pasquale founded Unified Office because he saw a shift in work habits with companies becoming increasingly nomadic and virtual. He wanted to make geographic distance irrelevant. The only way to accomplish this was to make Voice over the Internet (VoIP) work reliably without the need for expensive legacy techniques.


Unified Office created its Highest Quality Routing Protocol™ (HQRP™) platform to solve the quality and reliability problems inherent in cloud-based VoIP/UC offerings, which were not built to accommodate real-time communications such as voice. The HQRP™ transmission network ensures that companies never lose business due to missed or garbled calls. After accomplishing this, he set about the task of making VoIP go to work for their customers by helping them to increase their productivity, revenue, and profitability by creating value-added, layered applications that unearth the value of the Unified Office communications platform.


Ray has held leadership roles in telecom companies, such as Cascade Communications, Ascend Communications, Lucent Technologies, and Sonus Networks. He leverages the Unified Office leadership team’s 150 years of industry knowledge to revive a faltering VoIP market.



Innovative Market Disruption


Many VoIP/UC companies came into being in the early 2000s, largely by disrupting the pricing of the legacy PBX phone market, while adding little to no innovation. Unified Office developed its patented


Highest Quality Routing Protocol™ (HQRP™) network platform to address the quality and reliability issues in cloud-based VoIP/UC services, which were not designed for real-time voice communications. The HQRP™ communications network prevents missed or garbled calls from costing companies business.

Unified Office’s unique HQRP™ over-the-top (OTT) transmission technology calculates hundreds of diverse paths over their nationwide network in real-time to determine the optimum paths for real-time audio, video, and sensor data. This eliminates the need for expensive dedicated T1 access lines, VPNs, MPLS tunnels, and other old-fashioned quality and reliability methods.


Following the HQRPTM, Unified Office’s technical innovations are listed.



AI-Based Performance Notifications Suite


For example, Unified Office recently announced its Alexa powered AI-based Performance Notifications Suite. This new offering integrates Alexa-powered communications into Unified Office’s AI based notifications platform. It integrates the voice assistant capabilities of Alexa and links them to their industry leading set of premium business communications, AI, and IoT capabilities. Unified Office is bringing back the convenience of voice communications and integrating it with the efficiencies of data. In the hospitality industry, Hotel staff, for example, can ask for notification of how many people are checking in or checking out today, ordering room service, checking out early, and so on and Alexa will build reports and display that information on any Alexa-powered device, anywhere, instantaneously.


Managers can track nearly anything in their operational infrastructure, including employee and customer interactions, using voice commands. Unified Office has incorporated AI, IoT, and SMS messages into their services for years. This solution integrates a speech interface with these services.


Sentiment Analysis Suite (TCNIQ™)


Unified Office’s Sentiment Analysis Suite (TCNIQ™) scans thousands of recorded conversations and messages to detect callers’ happiness, exuberance, anger, sadness, and pre-determined keywords and phrases to identify customers who need extra care or employees who need more coaching. Remotely searching call recordings for emotions and keywords saves time and eliminates what would otherwise have been an impossible effort.


This product capitalizes on recent improvements in machine learning databases and algorithms. Today, AI can accurately determine caller sentiment. TCNIQ™ helps firms enhance customer service, grow sales, and discover positive and negative customer service issues faster. The whisper coaching function lets managers monitor phone interactions and coach personnel in real-time, improving customer service and staff development.



Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite™


The Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite™ (TCNOPS™) is an IoT-based offering. Use cases range from temperature sensing and analysis of refrigeration equipment in restaurants to intelligent traffic pacing and other “smart” applications such as monitoring the number of cars entering and exiting public garages within a Smart City.

TCNOPS™ integrates business-critical alerting and reporting into our industry-leading Total Connect NowSM communications platform with its Visual Performance Suite advanced analytics and cloud-based resilient service architecture. Restaurant managers can track and notify refrigerators, prep tables, oven exhaust, thermostats, air conditioners, safe doors, security and video systems, and other mission-critical operations 24/7 using TCNOPS™. TCNOPS™ ensures regulatory compliance, brand protection, and loss prevention.


High Quality, High Reliability Platform


The above solutions are based on Unified Office’s primary hybrid cloud-based business communications service, Total Connect NowSM, which runs on its HQRP™ network. Total Connect NowSM is an easy-to-use, highly configurable, managed business communications service that integrates voice and video communications, messaging, service-level monitoring, business continuity, and business analytics tools into a seamless, high-quality, reliable communications service that can be customized for any business.


Unified Office’s Visual Performance Suite™ monitors and analyzes data collected from sensors and other operational intelligence in real-time. It is predictive in nature and can proactively spot subtle underlying changes in devices under management and report on them before they suffer a potential outage. All Unified Office services integrate the company’s customer Portal which provides real-time views, alerting, and reporting for actionable intelligence for business managers and owners and for service configuration and management.



Helping Customers Stay Ahead of The Competition


Unified Office uses its innovative network platform and services to help customers achieve significant and measurable results that benefit their organizations. Unified Office has revinvented the VoIP communications business, much like Steve Jobs did with the iPod and iPhone in 2001. No other cloud or VoIP provider offers similar enterprise functionality without the use of expensive legacy technology.


All of these services are designed to help businesses provide higher levels of customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and in many cases realize increased revenues and profitability. Even while working from home, HQRP™ prevents missed calls from costing organizations business.


Looking ahead Unified Office will continue to evolve and transform the communications and SMB marketplaces helping organizations of all types adapt to the speed of market changes that occur at a pace that is historically unprecedented.


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